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  1. Haha can’t disagree with the picnic blankets comment ? Definitely certain demographics of punters have no shame! They were so abundant I actually started to feel bad standing around them. Also- It was first come first served, they gave out those purple wristbands for free at the beginning of the day, and opened it to everyone for the last half hour of Florence
  2. Just thought I’d say thanks to you, @Damsonzand @shoebox I will definitely feel confident to do festivals on my own again now. And true about the complete lack of shade! Un/luckily I forgot to bring a lighter so I Made some friends, got them very stoned, then made them whitey? (oops)
  3. Why people feel the need to get so intoxicated is beyond me! Did Primavera entirely sober but I guess that just demonstrates the quality of the event...
  4. Cheers for this, all noted! Very important tip off for the lack of shade, a hat and sunblock will be essential! I hope water isn’t ridiculously over priced. Do they even have water points ?
  5. Any tips for attending this festival solo? Never been to a festival on my own before ! Cheers
  6. Fantastic, correction we are staying in a motorhome! Will be with a few of my nans festival pals, I’m certain they would welcome you in too! Will look out for your grumpyhack poster
  7. Anyone on here attending this in ten days I’m going with my Nanu (grandmother) (and her cats, not joking) Staying in a caravan & we’d like to make friends!
  8. Copped a pre-earlybird ticket on the 3rd. Was so worth getting an overdraft ?
  9. I would just take offers. Okay. I didnt want it to get missed haha, sorry
  10. I get what you’re saying but I can’t go any more, so I need to sell it.
  11. I have one spare ticket for the florence day, if you need one, message me :) (selling for no more than face value of course)
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