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  1. Yo just thought, imagine if BMTH are subbing Liam which is why they liked his tweet?
  2. To hear ‘On Melancholy Hill’ drift out over the field in the dark towards the end of their set after a few beers, a good undercard earlier in the day and being with my missus would just be magical.
  3. No idea, I think they’d do ok though. Reading and Leeds is hardly Parklife or something aimed overtly at the student/young crowd. Still a good mix I feel so I’m sure they’d be fine. They’re undeniable headliners in their own right in my opinion.
  4. I saw Rage last time they played so unless there’s a strong undercard and the headliners are Eminem/LG/Rage then I doubt I’ll go. Completely respect Rage headlining and it’s a great booking but money’s tight this year so I’d skip out seeing as I’ve seen them and my missus probs wouldn’t be that arsed for them. In the minority but I’m holding out for a 1st time headline set for BMTH to get my cash. Or Gorillaz as never seen them.
  5. If that happens I’m going into hiding with the shit I gave @Gerard the Fab 🤣
  6. I thought I’d have a look at BMTH Twitter and they haven’t liked Reading & Leeds post like they did when Liam announced 🤔😩
  7. Oww Oww Oww!!! What day? What day do we think? If it’s an announcement for the announcement at a later date then top level bull shiting 🤣
  8. Well that fine buddy, you believe what you want as will I. My two cents though is that it was a speculative comment about the festival rather than the band he had just played.
  9. I think he means maybe they’ve (the festival) announced (who’s playing) by the time you hear this, not that Rage are to be announced, because he knows everyone on social media is clamouring for the announcement when the official social media accounts post anything.
  10. Eh, gunnae get it right up ye? Talkin pure pish pal. Del Amitri is the greatest Scottish band of all time...closely followed by the Bay City Rollers and Belle & Sebastian. Bawbag 😜
  11. I’m starting to hear BMTH might be the red herring Dan has fed us. His first headline trio didn’t feature them and didn’t someone else come in and say they’d turned down a slot which Dan then agreed is what he heard?
  12. Bad news folks, just listened to a podcast and Matt from Busted has said they have no shows lined up for this year, the dream is dead.
  13. Can I have Gerry on BMTH day please? I’m only getting a day ticket, ta.
  14. I’d be buzzing if it was BMTH/Biffy with Gerry as sub. Love BMTH and Gerry and the missus loves Biffy so would be win win for me so we don’t fight over which day to go. Buuuuuuuuuuuuuut...think it’s a troll.
  15. Don’t need to convince me, saw him 3 times last year and love the fella
  16. I think you’re misunderstanding his point, he means he was already drawing huge crowds (like in the video) before he even went on tour with The Courteeners. He was already able to sell out Hampden or any large Scottish gigs before he did the tour with them.
  17. I don’t see why they would turn down a headline slot, they’ve been clamouring for that position for years to legitimise themselves as one of the big boys on the UK scene. If it is Eminem/LG/AM then count me out. Boring as fuck. I’d rather have Cardi B. At least that would be something new and exciting rather than three artists from fucking 20 years ago Jesus.
  18. I enjoyed his YouTube channel and admire what he’s accomplished but somebody buying a festival ticket FOR HIM is baffling. He’s a novelty act musically surely? And yes, I have heard his tracks and stand by that assumption lol.
  19. What The Flip ? Reeeeeeeeeeeeeally? You’re buying a festival ticket purely to see KSI?!?! That blows my mind. How old are you may I ask? I always skip his tracks with JME and the like if they pop up on my Spotify shuffle. Do not rate him at all. Proper shocked by that post.
  20. “Too old for Reading”? And what, in your opinion, is “too old”?
  21. Yeah I do NOT want 2 hours of Blink. On the flip side of that though is if BMTH were to play before Blink then I’d be able to leave early and avoid the queues so, silver lining and all that.
  22. I’d actually love to see Skepta and BMTH co headline, don’t see it happening though but would be epic.
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