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  1. Might get a ticket for LG day if a group of us go but won’t bother if it would just be me and the missus. A few pals have spoke about wanting to see Liam and I’d love to see Gerry Cinnamon and Fontaines DC again and then I can take in Ghetts, Cancer Bats, Aitch and Rex Orange County. Disappointed overall with it to be honest though.
  2. Because he’s sold out his past two UK tours, the last of which was mainly arenas and has sold out his own stadium show this year. And this is all from one independent album. The man is money regardless of your personal taste.
  3. Soooooooooooo... Hyped for you all getting Rage, it’s an incredible booking buuuuuuuuuuuuuut... ...does this mean no Bring Me The Biffy? We thinking it will be a rap headliner 3rd? I wanted Bring Me The Horizon. If they ain’t there then I’ve been told by the boss (girlfriend) that if they aren’t there then we are going to some festival in London with Groove Armada instead to hang with her pals 😞
  4. It’s her round, it’s my birthday. Well, yesterday but she should still spoil me
  5. I’m out with the missus and can’t read through, what have I missed with regards to BMTH? Is this a leak?
  6. “Best” rock songs? Do you mean ‘most streamed’?
  7. We don’t? Oh I’m in the wrong place then.
  8. I will buy that ticket now, gimme gimme gimme!
  9. Muse aren’t Coldplay level big in the US but they headline all the festivals there and tour amphitheater’s, between arenas and stadium, as well as arenas. They are big over there, not as big as the rest of the world though I agree.
  10. Woah WOAH STOP Uh uh. We were just becoming friends after our Jay & Silent Bob exchange. Don’t start spouting crazy talk like that and make me angry.
  11. If memory serves they were added to the bill late as they’d announced their impending split and wanted to play one last time.
  12. You know that McCartney is confirmed right?
  13. LOVE Funeral For A Friend! Id watch them over Maiden as I know Maiden will still tour again.
  14. Does anyone think Funeral For A Friend might be likely? Playing Download after years away but don’t think they are back proper so maybe just that and Reading and Leeds as a one off?
  15. Please tell me that was a nod to...
  16. 🤣 you’ve actually become one of my fave posters on here lol. If I was going to Reading I’d buy you a beer but I’m a Leeds boy
  17. Again, if I had any upvotes left 😂
  18. “Girl” I’d like to show ya 😉
  19. No, a nod to all the folks who dinnae need glasses.
  20. Can I sell you some punctuation? 😛
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