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  1. You wanna find yourself a Muslim taxi driver, he'll probably buy your beer too just make sure he's not about when it's all gone or your fucked
  2. Glastonbezza

    Will they show the fight

    Best take a coat
  3. Glastonbezza

    Will they show the fight

  4. Glastonbezza

    Will they show the fight

    Nice 1 where did you here this info , I can't see it on the schedule
  5. Glastonbezza

    New bands added for Thursday

    But one stage on Sunday has turned red for some reason , would be gutted if the view got cancelled
  6. Glastonbezza

    Set Downloads 2015

  7. Glastonbezza

    Set Downloads 2015

    Phone jobby looks like a friend of the band took it because it starts backstage , I'll have a look for it 2mins
  8. Glastonbezza

    Set Downloads 2015

    Shame was quality set , there's a version on YouTube but quality is awful . Thanks anyway
  9. Glastonbezza

    Set Downloads 2015

    Hi don't suppose any one has a copy of cribs from other stage Friday morning 2015 , thanks
  10. Glastonbezza

    Will they show the fight

    Soooo are they gunna show Mc Gregor mayweather somewhere???