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  1. There is no question that you should ADOPT THE PUPPY. How many will you have in total?
  2. Skoo


    Would love to see the map this month, sounds like there have been a few changes this year!
  3. Oh please let this happen.
  5. Skoo

    Ticket Balance Payments

    DONE. I feel all a-quiver.
  6. Good sleuthing. Getting very excited for the map. Although no doubt people will say it's the worst map in 10 years.
  7. I wonder if Sharon will be there.
  8. This is very exciting. Wonder where it'll go?
  9. I had no idea this was a thing. You have just blown my tiny little mind. YES. A thousand times YES.
  10. As long as they don't play that hash pipe monstrosity I will allow those two tracks in my fantasy curated setlist.
  11. In an ideal world they'd play the entirety of Pinkerton from start to finish, with a few tracks off the Blue album thrown in.
  12. The lack of Weezer is a bit gutting.
  13. No idea. I just remember reading a bunch of stuff online after 2017 from people being upset at having missed out, along with a load of glowing reviews about how great it was, from the people who had managed to get a decent spot. So I can see why the organisers might think, fuck it, let's get them on to headline given how well they seemed to go down. Appreciate there are other acts they could have booked instead but I can still see the rationale.
  14. I can see the reasoning for booking The Killers again. It was a secret set last time and it was rammed, loads of people missed out.
  15. What a bunch of negative nancies, Glastonbury is about so much more than the headliners. Looks like a lot of tickets going back in the pot, which is good news for those waiting for the resale. Good luck to everyone trying!
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