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  1. Skoo

    Shameless Rip-offs

    Feel it still by Portugal the man is such a rip off of Please Mr Postman! Annoys me every time I hear it:
  2. I was like a kid at Christmas, was so pleased I'd actually made it for once! Plus Wednesday excitement. I do recall a particularly cringe-worthy moment telling Neil I thought he'd be more like Gandalf. I promise to be much more cool and reserved next year if the ticket gods are kind.
  3. Skoo


    Anyone catch Bicep at Pangea on Friday? Thought it was bloody epic, then Carl and Jamie, although didn't feel like that set landed quite as well.
  4. The night terrors are the worst. On the Sunday this year, I barely drank any alcohol and zero drugs. Had an earlyish night after the cure and had the most horrific terrifying lucid dreams - was aware I was in a dream but had no control over what was happening. Dreamy I was at the festival being chased and harrassed by horrible men, who were poking me and I could actually FEEL IT. Was shouting at myself to wake up in my head. Had the same again to a lesser extent on Monday night, very lucid dreams, but horrifying in their content.
  5. This is so bloody true! I wish I could do it all again...
  6. I didn't hit it anywhere near as hard as usual this year but Monday and Tuesday I was having dizzy spells, nausea, and felt generally absolute shite, along with a constant feeling of wanting to burst into tears at it being over. It's made me swear off drugs completely. I've said it a few times before, but I clearly just can't handle it any more, even in very modest amounts, especially combined with the general depression of Glasto being over. My real problem is that I start getting depressed on the Sunday. I know loads of people go huge on the last day/night, but because I know it's the last day I just have a black cloud hanging over me, and get super quiet and tearful! Had a right bawl during the Cure and a bit of a tiff with my other half because he thought I was being annoyed because of something HE'D done, not realising it was general Glaso-ending despair taking over. I definitely plough a lot of my emotion and anticipation into Glasto each year and have a slightly unhealthy obsession with the place.
  7. Skoo

    Pangea.... Thoughts

    I loved it! Ay first I was a bit like everyone else thinking it's just a big crane. But lit up at night it was impressive and I found it a lot less menacing and dark than the spider was - I used to find it a bit bleak before, but found the area more cheerful than in previous years. Also thought the sound was great and lineup was bloody brill too. Spent loads of time there this year.
  8. Love Song - The Cure. Can't listen to it without getting a lump in my throat since Sunday!
  9. Skoo

    Favourite 2019 Flag?

    the yellow Orgy Here flag made me chuckle and I remember seeing it loads during 2017 as well as this year.
  10. Skoo


    I loved IICON, was great not being completely rammed in. Went to the flying bus to watch Richy Ahmed and was essentially pressed into someone's armpit, not fun at all, so left half way through. Definitely up for more big spacious dance areas like IICON. Does anyone else get completely confused and lost in the SE corner after dark? The one way system and different areas really mess with my sense of direction and because it's so crowded in there, it makes wandering around and discovering stuff really not pleasant at all. I do kinda wish they'd just bin the lot apart from one or two big stages like IICON, all the crowd crushes and queues make me just not want to bother with the area at all, even though there are DJs I really want to see - just can't face being all hemmed in with a load of spangled teenagers on ket. I remember the days of being able to just walk around Glasto at night and not constantly end up in a crowd crush, or find yourself trying to walk in the opposite direction to a mass of traffic going the other way. Those were the days!
  11. Skoo

    Instagram Comments

    Loling at references to “stone hedge” and “mayo culture”
  12. Skoo

    Is It Too Hot?

    Wednesday and Thursday and Sunday were perfect weather Friday watching Bjorn Again I was sweating buckets and had to go back to the CV afterwards to change my clothes which was a faff but my own fault. Saturday my hangover coupled with the heat was brutal although it did get lovely and cool in the evening thankfully.
  13. Skoo

    drugs - stay safe

    Bought 4 tabs of acid at stone circle yesterday, completely bunk. Very annoyed with myself!
  14. Skoo


    Enjoyed Carl cox last night, sound was great. Crane is a bit weird but didn’t stop me from taking loads of photos of it anyway!
  15. Skoo


    Lovely stuff
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