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  1. Wow-wys-buzzing

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Radio that head
  2. Wow-wys-buzzing


    yes yes yes
  3. Wow-wys-buzzing

    Hidden Glastonbury

    Haha that's what Hamish told me (guy who runs the Rabbit Hole), probably is true, it is at Glastonbury and hey only one way to find out
  4. Wow-wys-buzzing


    Bun socks, flip flop it always!!!
  5. Wow-wys-buzzing


    ah jus had a little peak, makes me very excited!!!
  6. Wow-wys-buzzing

    2016 Secret Resales - Whatsapp Group

    How do we know when we have been added?
  7. Wow-wys-buzzing

    Reusable pint glasses

    They have solid plastic ones at rugby games now, they work really well, although it is only a £1 deposit and £5, most likely down the material. I think this is a really good idea, but you may someone dickheads (even at Glastonbury) stealing them for the money, maybe you only be allowed to return one or two to stop this happening? Don't know how you could regulate this, or if it would be worth it Edit: Also, does anyone know if you keep the same cup and it keeps getting refilled, or if you hand it in and get a washed one (that is how it is at rugby games) otherwise the cup could get quite dirty
  8. Wow-wys-buzzing

    2016 Secret Resales - Whatsapp Group

    I know it is hard to tell, but how many (roughly) tickets are on for the secret resale? Like couple of hundred????
  9. Yo, T - Mouse 

    Charlie here, would really appreciate being added to the whatsapp group!! my number is 07429518252

    This is a top idea, hats off and wish everyone luck come the day. I'm on my laptop nearly all day, so hopefully should be able to help out :) 


  10. Wow-wys-buzzing

    2016 Secret Resales - Whatsapp Group

    Ah great stuff man!! have pm ed you, literally so desperate at this point haha
  11. Wow-wys-buzzing

    Secret resales

    Is there any news on what date the main release is yet?? cheers
  12. Wow-wys-buzzing


    She'll put on an unreal performance, defo be better than Kanye
  13. Wow-wys-buzzing

    Glastonbury food with pictures

    I think it was over near West Holts, but really not sure
  14. Wow-wys-buzzing

    Glastonbury food with pictures

    I'll be sure to get there early then!
  15. Wow-wys-buzzing

    Glastonbury food with pictures

    on this for next year