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  1. I'd be all over this if it was still in the south west. I think this is part of their problem, you need to build up a bit of a loyal following in one place - give people a great weekend, and then hold on to them.
  2. Cheers people. - it looks really good
  3. Come in peace.... genuine question.... for someone in the know. what are they doing at the controls?They’re very busy, but I don’t get how much of it is “live”. do they just turn nobs because they feel they should? Where is the pre-recorded / live line with a show like this. Don’t get me wrong , I’d be as happy as the next guy to get completlry bollocksed and enjoy the show for a couple of hours... but I don’t get how it works
  4. Watched on tv. Not my thing at all, but I enjoyed it. waaaay better than the Kanye car crash
  5. This is the best thread I've read on here in ages. It's all so inevitable, and depressing - I just hope they stay with the mainstream bull$hit festivals, and leave those (better ) ones I attend well alone.
  6. good review - I enjoyed reading that.... but yeah, almost zero overlap with stuff I saw and enjoyed... a sign of a great little festival I reckon though
  7. Can anyone tell me what the kids area is like, ideally compared to bearded theory, which we’ve just come back from and thoroughly enjoyed , please? is it all free as well? Cheers
  8. beans has quoted 6 on his facebook feed. bit earlier than I'd have liked...
  9. I find a 'puddlesuit' is a really good idea.
  10. agree. He's doing an excellent job
  11. Does it, though? Perhaps it's just my twitter feed, but I hadn't seen it many times. I know there have been one or two over the last few seasons, but wasn't aware of it being that common. As excellent as liverpool were, I'm just looking for an explanation as to why Barca were slightly off the pace.
  12. I wonder how much of last nights result is down to the Liverpool fans setting off numerous sets of fireworks outside the Barcelona hotel throughout the previous night, and the Barcelona players being affected by broken / non existent sleep. small margins, and all that..... and, if so, how ok is that? Is it about as ok as when the Man City bus was attacked before another 'famous european night at anfield'. I'm surprised the msm haven't gone near it.
  13. +1 for the flip flop I've found all of the food at beardy to be pretty decent although had a disappointing Burrito once, near Maui Waui. True Story.
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