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  1. I think the success of this depends entire on the choice of festival. avoid the old school rootsy (good) ones, and it might be a winner.
  2. a good move mate. The only festival I'd buy a ticket for now before a band is announced. They have just got everything right. Its a lovely festival.
  3. Found it. It was the boomtown motion equinox party with gdc, skints, Zion train, Babylon circus .... got pretty much all my lineup wrong, but I knew what I was talking about ?
  4. Thank you mr flow. um. Yeah. Nothing that correlates at all with my hazy memory. Maybe there were two. Never mind. Rasta 4 eyes were good, at something, I remember
  5. Los albertos, possibly... maybe Babyhead. Was completlely mashed that night . Surprised to recall much at all ?
  6. We were chatting about that the other day.... four decent ska (ish) bands.... gdc, but we couldn’t remember any of the others - any ideas?
  7. I've no idea how wide spread this sort of thing is at boomtown, but it does make me not want to give it another go.... If only I could see those lineups somewhere else, without all that BS
  8. that sounds very dodgy to me. Were they legit security? can't believe they were acting within the remit given to them by the festival.
  9. They shouldn't be peeved should they? we cant have too much fire, can we? btw - The mixing on the pirate ship was bobbins the few times I was there. (not that anyone seemed to notice, or care)
  10. This is really exciting news. Had some good times in Magical sounds (not into all of it by any means - but over the weekend there's usually something for everyone) over the years - but who doesn't want to see some more fire on a festival evening?
  11. I thought they said they'd nailed some big acts for 2020 as early as before 2019 one happened - so maybe there will be an earlier than usual even annoucnement this time
  12. I'd be all over this if it was still in the south west. I think this is part of their problem, you need to build up a bit of a loyal following in one place - give people a great weekend, and then hold on to them.
  13. Cheers people. - it looks really good
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