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  1. CajunMoon

    Your Glastonbury Festival pictures

    A few favourites from 2017
  2. CajunMoon

    Visiting the site for a dog walk

    I realise you will have already visited the site by now KirstieBinnie88 but leaving this here for anyone who is reading the thread for advice on the subject as I've just recently been on the site myself... I parked at Pilton working mens club and Post Office car park which was empty and as far as I could see had no restrictions to do so. TOP TIP: If you still have the EE Glastonbury app use it as the Map still works and gives you a better idea of where you are on-site – I found it really difficult to get my bearings with just fields and cows! I contacted the festival office and received a nice email welcoming a visit as long as all country codes etc are adhered too – don't be a tit basically! Below is the 1:25 000 scale section of the O.S Map you need to see the public rights of way, along with the obligatory shot in front of the Pyramid stage.
  3. CajunMoon

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    I have to fess up - I'm no Radiohead fan so other than their tunes that are obvious to the masses I couldn't tell you. If it helps I didn't recognise any so that might be a good thing?!
  4. CajunMoon

    Radiohead Headlining 2017

    Haven't got tickets myself but enjoying the soundcheck whilst I work, beats the usual Radio 2 tosh!
  5. CajunMoon

    Your top Glastonbury sets ever

    Of the 3 I've been: 1. Arcade Fire (07) – Other 2. Lionel Richie (15) – Pyramid 3. Foo Fighters (17) – Pyramid 4. Songs of Nick Drake, Keith James (07) – Acoustic 5. Future Islands (17) – John Peel 6. The Who (07) – Pyramid 7. London Grammar (17) – John Peel 8. Justice (17) – West Holts 9. Marley Brothers Present The 30th Anniversary Of Exodus (07) – Pyramid 10. Killers (17) – John Peel
  6. CajunMoon

    Post your favourite picture from this year

    West Holts Yorkston, Thorne and Khan.
  7. CajunMoon

    Weather 2017

  8. CajunMoon

    The National

    Having never seen The National live or heard much about them before they are now a must see band for me. From a quick glance through at everyone's set list predictions can I assume 'Humiliation' almost definitely won't be played? One of my favourites at the moment (which is changing daily).
  9. CajunMoon

    "Really big secret"

    Right in the middle! Home of Doves and the erm (looks around to see no one can hear) 1975. You nearby too?
  10. CajunMoon

    "Really big secret"

    I'm forever seeing a 'Lord of the Pies' van out and about near me - tickles me everytime.
  11. CajunMoon


    Does anyone know when the fence build is due to be completed? I'm down camping near Pilton in just over a week and was hoping to catch some glimpses of the site by cycling some of the roads around the perimeter.
  12. CajunMoon

    "Really big secret"

    Would be a right lead balloon.
  13. CajunMoon

    "Really big secret"

    I'm loving this Prodigy shout... I last saw them way back in 96 in Manchester when they were supported by an up and coming band called 'Foo Fighters'. Written in the stars surely?!
  14. CajunMoon

    "Really big secret"

    I'd have to agree, are we realistically expecting anything other than deflation upon announcement though?
  15. CajunMoon

    "Really big secret"

    Perhaps this new Ben Howard venture 'Blaze of Feather'? That whole thing has been a secret until last couple of weeks. They were down on the latitude poster without anyone knowing who they were... Not sure this can be classed as 'big' though? The dream is Led Zeppelin or Daft Punk but they aren't happening, so trying to be more realistic with EE's idea of 'big secret'.