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  1. CajunMoon

    Shameless Rip-offs

    Listen at about 1min 50 onwards which is where I hear it most. I guess a 'shameless rip-off' it isn't but it still sounds similar to me.
  2. CajunMoon

    Shameless Rip-offs

    It's the baseline and the beat. I clearly hear something different to everyone else because nobody has ever agreed with me. 😂
  3. CajunMoon

    Shameless Rip-offs

    Every time 'China Girl' comes on the (relatively quiet) radio in work I immediately think of 'Made of Stone' from the Roses. Roses lending this from Bowie/Iggy doesn't appear to be 'a thing' from what google tells me but I think the similarities are uncanny.
  4. Whilst I certainly take no joy in other people suffering it is equally nice to know that you're not on your own! I wasn't successful with tickets this year but my back has been a problem for me in festivals gone by. My pain is lower back and I really start to feel the deep ache after standing still watching a band etc for more than 20 mins. I find it helps to either sit on a chair or lay flat on my back and bring one knee to my chest and hold for 5 – 10 seconds, then the same for the other knee, then both together*. This doesn't fix the pain entirely but offers a pretty instant release/loosener. *I'm no medical professional just sharing what works for me!
  5. I've obviously missed the point regarding tents as there definitely seems less, I'm talking more about the leave no trace aspect – apologies if it came across as negative, really wasn't the intention I was just surprised by that stat. I'm all for the improvement.
  6. It's also nothing like the picture Emily posted either though to be fair.
  7. A quick look at the webcam this morning sadly says otherwise. Perhaps Emily's message is more an effort to plant the seed that it's now become more the norm to 'leave no trace,' making those that didn't feel a little shame into feeling they were a minority. Clever
  8. Brilliant to read these comments thanks – I'm really pleased the set I saw wasn't just a one off great show. His energy is immense!
  9. Did anyone watch him this year? Would love to read some feedback. After seeing him at Blackdeer Festival a couple of weeks ago (whilst aware of only a couple of songs) I was absolutely blown away by how great he was live. I saw that he was headlining Leftfield on Sunday night after an early Saturday afternoon Other stage slot and was expecting/hoping to read a lot of chat on here about him being a surprise act of Glasto19.
  10. is Chris Martin...actually John Terry?
  11. CajunMoon

    2020 headliners

    Chris Martin became Glastonbury's very own John Terry this weekend.
  12. Just back from Black Deer Festival and the stand out highlight was Fantastic Negrito. I'd go as far as to say its one of the best and most energetic live performances I've ever seen. HIGHLY recommend. I would possibly opt for the left field performance than the other to get the full effect as I fear the show might be diluted on his Other stage daytime slot.
  13. Fair play to you putting the tickets back in the pot! I'd be sticking the lotto on with that luck! 😂
  14. I don't think it can be as I haven't had my call yet 🤔
  15. Hope it's nothing serious.
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