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  1. Carl Cox does seem to have a Glastonbury shaped hole in his schedule...
  2. Beat me to it
  3. https://www.netweather.tv/forum/topic/87677-glastonbury-2017-21-25-june/?page=3#comment-3591916 Here you go
  4. Having been on the end of a dubious EE decision in the past, that will defo be an employee's daughter.
  5. I entered an EE competition in 2014 where they were giving away 20 pairs of tickets. You had to think of a useful glasto invention then create a drawing, vine or video of it. Mine was one of only 10 entries retweeted by the official EE twitter account so I thought I was in with a shout. Came to the winners announcements and a load of people with twitter accounts with tens of thousands of followers or who work for websites such as the Poke and YouTube vloggers won. Oh and there were only 19 winners. I'm not bitter though, honestly
  6. Of course, will find one and and donate, will post back here to let you know.
  7. Hi Joe, I live in Liverpool and would love the opportunity to go with my girlfriend. If I could take them off your hands that would be brilliant!
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