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  1. Raincatcher

    Flops 2019

    Tbf, they're not that wrong! Everyone I spoke to was from Liverpool or London ?
  2. Ha, it's a small world. I run with Mikkeler RC and you very kindly came along a couple of months back to talk about your run across the states. Inspirational stuff, hope you're well
  3. Did a write up of food traders for a brunch booking website based on some personal experience and recommendations from this thread, linked below https://www.bruncher.com/news/a-bruncher-s-glastonbury-survival-kit/#.XRDCRv37YPA
  4. Raincatcher

    Vegan Traders

    Did a write up of food traders for a brunch booking website that covered a couple of the vegan stalls, linked below https://www.bruncher.com/news/a-bruncher-s-glastonbury-survival-kit/#.XRDCRv37YPA
  5. I just got sent this one by a friend who's helping out in the Green Futures, looks terrible
  6. Raincatcher

    2019 Crew Map

    I'm usually pretty good at a magic eye. Just hold it really close to your face and then slowly move it away while remaining unfocused
  7. V Festival had a Dominos on site 10 years ago
  8. Watched Lionel Richie on the TV and was really taken by how much fun he looked like he was having. Not a huge fan or anything but the crowd looked to absolutely bouncing and having a great time so gutted to have missed it.
  9. And if it's crowded, all the betterBecause we know we're gonna be up lateBut if you're worried about the weatherThen you picked the wrong place to stayThat's how it starts
  10. It's next to the Leftfield usually
  11. That's my wife's friends, they've been there for a few years, definitely since 2016
  12. Raincatcher


    Did they not mention they have a Cold War era radome? Can imagine that on top of the crane looking like some kind of art deco lamp with stuff being projected onto it...
  13. I think that might be the Bhangra Bus. It's owned by some of my wife's friends and has been mentioned to us by a few of our friends as being brilliant without them knowing we know the owners. Veggie and vegan menu
  14. Queensland is also the host to radio.head.gigs No nine.pablo.honey though unfortunately
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