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  1. Can't see Tame Impala back as outright headliner or co-headliner that soon, given they were there in 2016. Same with Foals and Pixies. If The Cure or Radiohead are touring I could definitely see one of those being booked again since they've been absent from BBK since 2012. Would also love to see The National at the top of the bill if they've not wrapped up touring the latest album by then.
  2. Face value for standing tickets was 55, I believe. So once you've added booking fee and delivery, you're talking around 65.
  3. This would be an absolute dream. So naturally I'm assuming it won't happen! It'll take something really special for them to top the line-up from 2016, in fairness!
  4. Just bagged myself two tickets to the Edinburgh gig. Score! There still appear to be more available via See for anyone local or who can manage the trek at such short notice!
  5. Just booked the day after off work! Now I just need to pray to the ticketing gods that I'm successful tomorrow. Going from having no Glastonbury tickets and no gigs booked up for the year at the start of last month to being successful in the resale and getting tickets for two of my favourite bands would be quite the turnaround. Almost too good to realistically happen...
  6. Bit late to the party but I managed to get tickets for the Saturday in Manchester! Now at least if a swarm of disinterested Foo Fighters fans put a downer on their Glastonbury set, it won't be my only memory of them this year!
  7. Lord Rooster

    Taylor Swift

    Seems someone has uploaded the individual tracks to Youtube. The rest are available on the same channel. On the off-chance that Swift and her management don't allow them to be made available on iPlayer it could be a decent idea to get your fill of these before they're taken down. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=quBfuZD7n-0 Edit: Beaten to it with a better source. It also seems that Bad Blood and Blank Space aren't currently up on that channel. My bad.
  8. For anyone that wants to check out the performance: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQOM2peRAe8 Edit: Clearly I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to embedding on here.
  9. Lord Rooster

    Taylor Swift

    Loving the inclusion of New Romantics on that set-list. Figured with it being a bonus track it would never feature in a live set. As much as I love 1989 though, there really should be a few more from the other albums. Especially surprised at there only being two tracks from Red on there!
  10. Lord Rooster

    Taylor Swift

    I was totally aware of the reference. Just saw the two lines together and (rightly or wrongly) decided to make a bit of a joke with it. I'd totally forgotten that the mention of fringe spaffing had been brought up earlier in the thread, actually.
  11. Lord Rooster

    Taylor Swift

    In your bed? I certainly doubt it. If I'm wrong, you could certainly ask if she'll be at the festival, though...
  12. Good to see that the initial Facebook announcement is still receiving such intelligent, rational responses. This is one of my absolute favourites from today: 'I thought Emily Eavis's comments in the Guardian were utter rubbish.This is them pressured by the BBC to try and change the racial demographic of the festival it is currently majority white middle class, this does not suit the PC BBC who have far too much influence. I think the televising of the event should be taken off them. I have tickets but will not be at the Pyramid stage on the Sat evening. It's s total waste of the slot.' Really, I can't believe we've all been so deluded in thinking acts are booked based on artistic merit, popularity, etc. This changes my whole perspective...
  13. Lord Rooster

    Taylor Swift

    I'm currently trying my very best not to get caught up in all this excitement through fear that there'll turn out to be no solid foundation to the information. Rather difficult while listening to 1989 and imagining how perfect so many of these songs would be on the pyramid.
  14. Well, that was as close to a perfect first-time set-list as I could ever possibly have hoped for. Loved absolutely every moment of it! Agree that some of the crowd didn't seem all that enthusiastic but that certainly didn't detract from my own enjoyment. And the sound was absolutely spot on where I was standing.
  15. Cheers for the advice! Still waiting on hearing back from my mate's about what their plans are prior to the show. As for what I want to hear, with it being my first time I'm not massively picky. Outside of what seems to be the norm I wouldn't mind hearing either Secret Meeting, Guestroom or All The Wine, though.
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