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  1. Helephantelope

    Overheard funnies

    Walking past the rabbit hole, heard a lass behind me say "Wow, look - there's a playboy tent!"
  2. Helephantelope

    Successful drunk clothing purchase?? Please tell...

    Guilty! I woke up the day after attending a beer festival to find I'd ordered a Marty McFly hat in the taxi back home. It's beautiful and multicoloured and shimmery and I regret nothing!
  3. Helephantelope

    alcohol infusions

    Thanks so much for the responses After an unexpectedly heavy weekend I didn't get round to doing anything with my infusions until last night so I've only tasted one so far. One thing I probably should have mentioned is I'm hoping to use them as a sort of concentrated cocktail mix to add a mixer to rather than drinking them straight. Similar to some stories mentioned above, my mis-spent youth involving park benches and cheap vodka means I can no longer stomach neat spirits! I decided to start with the Cherry Tangfastic Vodka which had some white gloopy stuff that had risen to the top of the bottle. Apparently this is normal with jelly-like sweets, so I strained the mixture a couple of times (using an old but clean pair of tights as we didn't have any coffee filters) and this did the trick. The strained mixture now has more of a syrupy texture but tastes amazing with a bit of lemonade. I'm calling that a success! I just used cheap white rum and vodka for the infusions (from LIDL) as it's my first time trying anything like this and I figured since I'm adding flavours and mixers I won't be able to tell the difference anyway. I started them off mid-January, can't remember exactly. I have some dark rum I want to try infusing with ginger and lime next... I put 5 pieces of dried mango in the bottle then topped up with white rum. Will let you know how it tastes. I couldn't get the now-much-expanded mango bits out of the bottle when I strained them so I've topped it up with peach schnapps to see what happens... I will test out one of the rums tonight but I strained them both last night and they smell great, especially the mojito one. Fingers crossed!
  4. Helephantelope

    alcohol infusions

    Me too Untz! I was a bit concerned when the sweets just soaked up all the vodka after a few days and expanded inside the bottle, but then I remembered seeing that heat can help the process. Left the bottle standing in a sink of hot water for half an hour and they all melted, although the mixture seems very gloopy now when I shake it. Hopefully it just needs diluting with a bit more vodka or mixer...
  5. Helephantelope

    alcohol infusions

    Fellow drinkers... I hope you don't mind if I hijack this thread for a moment, I have a quick favour to ask of the cider and wine drinkers among you. My friends are in a cider start-up - they're thinking of developing a dessert cider but would like some feedback on the idea. There’s a quick 10 question survey that they'd be really grateful if you could spare a moment to fill in and you’ll have the chance win a £20 Amazon voucher - https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/C53JV6G As a thank you, and to revive the thread in earnest, here's a photo of the infusions I made in January and hope to christen this weekend. You lot inspired me to give it a go and see what happens... I will feed back next week (if I've not been banished for posting a survey that is! ) L-R: Cranberry vodka, Lime & mint rum, Mango rum, Cherry tangfastics vodka, Sloe & raspberry gin
  6. Helephantelope

    Glasto stuff

  7. Helephantelope

    lindisfarne festival

    Heading there for the first time this year, really looking forward to it! I wonder if you can help clarify something if you went last year - it says on the website 'strictly no fire marks on the ground' so does this mean no fires at all in the campsite or would we be ok taking a small fire pit / chimenea do you think? I see photos of people using BBQs on stands so would assume that would be ok, did you see people with small campsite fires last year at all?
  8. Poundland - http://www.poundland.co.uk/water-carrier-10-litre
  9. That looks the same size as our poundland one, though I hope for the sake of your height it's actually a bit bigger! I saw some in Aldi the other day that looked to have legs about 50% longer than those in case it does end up being too small for you.
  10. B&M bargains have them on 2 for £9 - http://www.bmstores.co.uk/products/classic-folding-armchair-with-cup-holder-254004
  11. Tesco also have £15 off when you spend £60 online, could get some great combo discounts here! New customers only but if you already have an account just set one up with a new email address. http://www.hotukdeals.com/vouchers/15-off-when-spend-60-for-new-low-users-using-ecoupon-tesco-groceries-1909410
  12. Lots of bundle offers at Halfords at the moment, including 2 man tent and gas stove for £20. More info here - http://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/aventura-2-man-dome-tent-15-aventura-2-man-dome-tent-with-porch-20-loads-more-half-1922165
  13. I usually take a bar of Lush godiva shampoo in the small tin in case I absolutely have to wash my hair. I've only ever used Batiste dry shampoo which works ok but not great so I think I might try some of the Lush stuff instead, cheers!
  14. Damn fine idea that! I used frozen bottles of water last year but will replace them with juice boxes this year, they'll be easier to fit in between other bits and bobs so will be a more efficient use of the space I would imagine. Thanks!