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  1. The Music's Facebook page posted a few cryptic new posts yesterday which has created a LOT of excitement in my house! One of the best bands I've ever seen live so will be over the moon if they're getting back together. Is anyone else a fan, and has anyone heard any rumblings about any new music?
  2. Superorganism aren't playing this year unfortunately (I'm friends with one of the band). Fingers crossed for Confidence Man though!
  3. Apologies if this has been discussed already or I'm being a div but I've been trying to find the original instagram post that seems to have started the Stormzy rumour but can only find a few articles with screenshots rather than links? Also as far as I can tell Stormzy's official verified Instagram name is just 'stormzy' not 'stormzy official'... so are we sure this is genuine? Did anyone see the actual post on the day if it's been deleted since?
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