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  1. Just put it on myself, wot n absolute privilege 2 be there. There's bands n then there's Radiohead
  2. Haha. I call bollocks on that. Ffs.
  3. So r the strokes definitely not playing. Bought a strokes t shirt n everything
  4. 1995. That was reading was special. Alternative 2 Glastonbury etc. Now there all the same. Rage 08 highlight
  5. Hopefully the my chemical romance rumour isn't true as well for what's its worth
  6. Yeah fella. Absolutely class. Thought it was plucked from nowhere.
  7. Kol r shocking these days. Fully agree. R arcade fire a genuine possibility?
  8. Yes I've got the confirmation email from festicket. Fingers crossed 4 the strokes
  9. Get a ticket on sunday if I was u. Taylor swift mob snapping them up
  10. fronts84

    Thom Yorke

    ? 4 the cool story
  11. Billy e n Taylor swift n coldplay isn't it? Went this yr n they had personal favs the national, cure and chemical brothers n tickets didn't sell great so going commercial this yr prob. Shame as good time
  12. fronts84

    2020 headliners

    Billy foal is all your getting. Makes sense with Elton.
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