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  1. 19 hours ago, Chavmeisterdeluxe said:

    According to Josh the pre sale is selling extremely well.

    Great to hear. Got my ticket straight away as the line-up is already enough for me. 

    Hyped that there is so much more to come. Any idea when we might see some more names? 

  2. 1 hour ago, FloorFiller said:

    You’re a month late with this one 😋 but yeah this is a great album.

    Oh really?? 

    Metacritic had it down for today. I've been looking forward to it all week...haha

  3. There was a real problem with the sound on the main stage during the Friday morning. They sorted it pretty quickly and after that there were no problems all weekend from what I saw - all the stages sounded great.

    Has to go down as a very successful year I would say. It was extremely busy so I assume ticket sales were good. There was a great atmosphere on-site and everything seemed to be running smoothly. I really hope the festival can move on from here now and we can start to see some decent line-ups again. The line-ups have been poor for years but everything else about the festival is now fantastic. 

  4. On 8/10/2021 at 2:58 PM, Henrik said:

    Something has come up and unfortunately I can no longer make this. 

    Selling my two weekend tickets if anyone is interested - £200 for the pair. That's about £100 cheaper than if you were to go on-line and buy them now. 


    I've still not sold these so looks like I'm going to have to practically give them away. 

    Will take £125 for the pair if anyone on here wants them. 

  5. 36 minutes ago, bamber said:

    Kanye = Gifted but TRUMP lovin' ill mother fucker


    11 minutes ago, kalifire said:


    Have we all decided to forget / ignore all the homophobic content that went on in Tyler’s back catalogue?

    Do we pretend like that didn't happen?

    Relax guys

    This shit is so boring to read

    No one cares

  6. Pretty sure Ashcroft said he won't play where people are discriminated against for not having the vaccine. You don't need to have had the vaccine to get into Victorious so can't see why he would have a problem. 

    So hyped that this is going ahead. Not seen a live band since Slipknot in January 2020. 

    This will be my return and I am ready! 

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  7. Do we have any Say Anything fans on here? 

    Graduating Life have released a new album today and it's great.

    Sounds like an early Say Anything album. Very good. 

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