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  1. Limp Bizkit have just cancelled (postponed?) their UK tour. Gutted
  2. Henrik

    Blink 182

    Why is Travis a c**t? What did I miss? I struggle to keep up with all the hatred on here.
  3. Surely!! Would be rad.
  4. That would be great if you could! Thanks.
  5. Not holding out much hope for Pearl Jam on Saturday after the comments on here. Anyone find a good spot outside of the golden circle? Be nice to at least hear the band FFS
  6. Henrik

    2022 New Music

    Just starting to appreciate the new Alexisonfire album. It's taken a few listens, but it is damn good!
  7. I highly recommend the mushrooms from the stone circle.
  8. We should probably shut the forum down for a week after Glastonbury until everyone's serotonin levels have been restored. 😆
  9. Cheers Belette, sounds like this is really good advice.
  10. Tyler, the creator Weezer Yeah Yeah Yeahs Pixies Protomartyr Young Fathers Iceage Bright Eyes
  11. Never been to BST before but I will be there next week for Pearl Jam. Gotta say I hate the sound of this Golden Circle. How close to the stage will I be able to get on a regular ticket? Do I have any hope of seeing the band without watching on a screen?
  12. My group all have it now. I'm the only one who didn't catch it but I'm guessing that's because I caught it at Slamdunk a few weeks ago.
  13. I did too but wasn't going to even mention it as I was clearly in the minority there.
  14. Turnstile!!! Was sure I would be there but couldn't miss Jack White once that was announced.
  15. They were great!! Very nearly made my top 3. I wasn't expecting them to be that good either.
  16. Hope not. They need to at least double that - it would still be great value. 25k fewer tickets but £695 a pop should resolve all the issues.
  17. Honestly no idea what the BBC are up to but I'm going with it.
  18. Literally 3 days earlier and it would have been glorious.
  19. 2016 was fine apart from the obvious. The overhead conditions were not bad at all. I only remember it raining on the Sunday during ELO
  20. The weekend could well be. If it does turn out to be that cold, wet and windy then I think it will go down as one of the worst ever.
  21. BBC will catch up shortly
  22. At least the first two days look great. And the weekend is not yet in the reliable. There is still time to save this.
  23. If it's windy too we are in trouble. That will feel awful outside.
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