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  1. What are the views on selling a ticket on here? A member of my party has been taken into hospital and is no longer able to go. Obviously devastated, and didn't insure the ticket. He’s happy for me to attempt to sell it on so he can at least make some of his money back, and give someone unable to go at least a chance of getting in. But i don't want to do it if its going to break any forum rules/etiquette
  2. Paul_w

    Pop ups

    Seems ok now 👍
  3. Paul_w

    Pop ups

    Just re-enabled JavaScript after clearing all history, website data and cookies. Still getting it https://flic.kr/p/2giA4KQ
  4. Paul_w

    Pop ups

    Still happening to me, on iPhone X and safari. Seems to be wifi related as it knows who my broadband is with
  5. Paul_w

    Pop ups

    Same here, i made a donation rather than go gold as normally ad’s don't bother me, but since yesterday its just been unusable. Only way i can use the website is to disable javascript.
  6. Paul_w

    Acoustic Stage

    Yes, but they literally line up on the perimeter of the tent, creating a wall
  7. Paul_w

    Glasto hacks 2.0

    If its muddy (which it won’t be) a butter knife is great for scraping mud off wellies & boots
  8. Paul_w

    The "Metal" Slot

    I’d put them on a sunday, might help flush out some of the picnic crowd.
  9. crayfish bob is going to be back on williams green
  10. Black Star Riders, not sure they’re big enough for a pyramid slot though
  11. I seem to recall the PP capacity being 4000 since it moved from the village to worthy farm. May have changed though, not been for the last 2 or 3 years
  12. Paul_w

    Foo Fighters

    What about the randomers outside who got let in? Reckon they saved some space for us or it was just because of no-shows?
  13. Paul_w

    Dolly Parton MIming?

    I watched 9 - 5 on youtube (video since removed) and it doesn't seem mimed at all to me, although you can hear she is getting a LOT of help from the backing singers
  14. Paul_w

    Dolly Parton MIming?

  15. That is an astonishing conclusion to come too, if that were my girlfriend i would be fuming and it would likely cause an arguement, but to say that the relationship is abusive based on two posts is majorly jumping to conclusions
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