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  1. I proposed in 2013 at Glastonbury - I told her that I wanted to visit Glastonbury Tor, we got a pass out on the Wednesday and got the shuttle bus into Glastonbury Town. When at the top - I sat her on this sundial thing and then did the whole down on one knee bit! She was completely surprised and (I was relieved that the ring fit her!) We went back to the Town bought a bottle of Champagne in a bar - drank it and rang our families to share the news Went back to the site and I basically told every person I saw all weekend we had just got engaged - everyone was lovely, people gave us drinks, shots, offered us drugs, hash cakes etc but mostly congratulations - It took forever to get across the site and I met up with the rest of our group in The Park and we had a big party. When we got back to the Campervan that night our mates had covered the whole area with bunting and flags - it was great. 4 days of celebrating including The Rolling Stones - it was epic!!! We had the intimacy and relative privacy of the iconic Tor - and the benefit of celebrating with our mates for 4 days - some engagement party
  2. Thanks for the above - Can anyone explain what its like getting in - in Caravans we normally arrive on the Tuesday with little in the way of traffic and queuing getting on site - Whats it like on the Wednesday getting into WV?
  3. First time doing the festival in Worthy View - previously taken a campervan or caravan What are people's recommendations - for shopping / packing Power? Beds? Keeping beers cool? etc
  4. RT @Reverend_Makers: LIVERPOOL Gotta up ur game. Manc acoustic gig is sold out and yours isn't . Come on eh

  5. @timotierney @esquire what do you think? @blackyh ?

  6. @LFCHistoryShow 1989? you sure lads?

  7. Is right @asda - I'm withdrawing my custom with @Tesco, @sainsburys @Morrisons unless they follow suit https://t.co/Fw6m9jjP76

  8. @newbalance absolutely nailing the club training / travelling wear https://t.co/HeC4z2syOC

  9. @OdelayDay is that Manweb?

  10. @PaulSenior1 58% remain after 3 - how many constituencies?

  11. RT @MrHurdsfield: Twenty four hours later and I've still got #DanielKitson show engraved on my frontal lobe. How wonderful it was! @LivEver…

  12. @PhilBlundell yes lad at last a kindred spirit

  13. Good luck on Saturday lads.... https://t.co/KiyFe5Z9PP

  14. YES KEITH! https://t.co/7DMhmcNPfh

  15. @TheCenci me either - another @RamAlbumClub @RamFilmClub spin off?

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