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  1. First time doing the festival in Worthy View - previously taken a campervan or caravan What are people's recommendations - for shopping / packing Power? Beds? Keeping beers cool? etc
  2. RT @Reverend_Makers: LIVERPOOL Gotta up ur game. Manc acoustic gig is sold out and yours isn't . Come on eh

  3. @timotierney @esquire what do you think? @blackyh ?

  4. @LFCHistoryShow 1989? you sure lads?

  5. Is right @asda - I'm withdrawing my custom with @Tesco, @sainsburys @Morrisons unless they follow suit https://t.co/Fw6m9jjP76

  6. @newbalance absolutely nailing the club training / travelling wear https://t.co/HeC4z2syOC

  7. @OdelayDay is that Manweb?

  8. @PaulSenior1 58% remain after 3 - how many constituencies?

  9. RT @MrHurdsfield: Twenty four hours later and I've still got #DanielKitson show engraved on my frontal lobe. How wonderful it was! @LivEver…

  10. @PhilBlundell yes lad at last a kindred spirit

  11. Good luck on Saturday lads.... https://t.co/KiyFe5Z9PP

  12. YES KEITH! https://t.co/7DMhmcNPfh

  13. @TheCenci me either - another @RamAlbumClub @RamFilmClub spin off?

  14. Pardew about to defend the award of that penalty https://t.co/UyEX4BnNI1

  15. @TheCenci come to Camden https://t.co/q0hOuQCcBG

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