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  1. Lindsey Buckingham can do things with a guitar that with respect, Finn & Campbell can’t. He’s a massive loss to the live show but I’d still go and see them if they headlined. I presume that the younger Fleetwood Mac fans who are in their late 20s and early 30s for example would mainly be there to see Stevie and sing along to the pop hits of Christine; Little Lies, Everywhere etc. I do think that they’d draw a bigger crowd than McCartney because you’d have more youngsters going to see them who possibly weren’t interested by McCartney. I wouldn’t put it past them to get Buckingham back involved for one last hurrah. Especially after his own tour is due to finish before then.
  2. chrislfc

    Worthy (re)view

    I saw a lot of women walking out of the showers at Sticklinch in flip flops and just with towels around themselves, whereas men were coming out fully clothed. So maybe the delay for the men was drying off and getting dressed inside the changies.
  3. Stayed in a 2 person yurt with the wife. Think it cost £475 between us. We stayed on Worthy View in 2019 and found it to be good but you wouldn’t want that hill in bad weather so when Sticklinch got announced we decided to move over there instead. Also I found the showers in WV to be very long queues in 2019, it was explained by the fact that the water couldn’t be pumped quick enough up the hill in 2019 and it was so hot they had to ration the water on site apparently. So that’s why we chose Sticklinch this year. I’ve stayed in there previously when it was West Campervans so I was familiar with the walk to the stages and in good weather it’s not a problem, getting to the Other Stage in less than 20 mins is fine. They could defo do with another food outlet but it’s not a priority for me as there’s plenty of options on the main site 20 mins away. The healthy food stall seemed a lot busier than the greasy spoon breaky gaff. Suppose it depends what you’re after. I can’t say I was concerned with the queues for the showers, I walked straight in at 8am on Friday morning and waited maybe half an hour on Saturday and Sunday around midday. The toilets were great, nice and clean, constantly being monitored by staff and to my knowledge only failed to flush once when the lorry was connected to them in order to suck all the shite out. 🤨 The car park is so so close also. Very much a priority for me when considering location and the need to carry gear to the tent.
  4. Surprised The Lathums aren’t on the line up. Hopefully they’ll pop up somewhere. They’ve been touring non stop for months now.
  5. chrislfc


    Doesn’t it come down to promoters struggling to get insurance which determines if big shows are viable or not for bands? I can understand if Aerosmith saw a risk in committing to their own tour in case of Covid cancelling some shows and hence the need for insurance. But if we assume that festivals look after their own insurance then it does seem a bit weird for bands to be cancelling festivals, unless they’re worried about catching it and then having to quarantine for a few days when they could be elsewhere. Or maybe they’re just getting on a bit and can’t be bothered with the travel for a couple of festival gigs. It’s a real shame anyway, was looking forward to seeing them after a 34 year gap since I last saw them.
  6. A man of McCartney's age should be wrapped in cotton wool I reckon. Maybe throw Young Capaldi up there to headline instead.
  7. chrislfc


    Tyler to join McCartney for a rendition of 'I'm Down' I reckon. Aerosmith covered it on Permanent Vacation but then again they've covered a few Beatles songs over the years I suppose.
  8. chrislfc


    What era bangers may I ask? Are we talking 70s, 80s or 90s?
  9. chrislfc


    Buzzing with this news. Always good to get another guitar heavy booking. I haven't been this excited since ZZTop announced their Glasto debut the other year. Big Ten Inch would be a laugh.
  10. Only scout tents and BCT Bell Tents in WV then? Tipi tents, Yurts and Podpads etc being moved from WV to Sticklinch. Interesting. Personally I think the 2 man Yurts are the best value if you don't mind paying over £400 for the privilege. Looks like the 2 man Bellepads have been removed all together.
  11. chrislfc

    2020 headliners

    Just seen Aerosmith are being quoted at 13/8 for a Pyramid headlining slot. I think they're long overdue a set at the festival like but it makes you wonder why now? Is it because they formed 50 years ago perhaps? They'd be great for what's left of the older Glastonbury crowd these days.
  12. chrislfc

    2020 headliners

    Haven't read the whole thread; but where is the Aerosmith chat coming from? It interests me greatly I might add.
  13. chrislfc

    Diana Ross

    Glad she's not a 'mimer' although I hope she doesn't do that many costume changes in an hour and 15 minutes.
  14. chrislfc


    Stayed in Worthy View this year after the tractor trials in 2016, waiting to get dragged out of the campervan fields wasn't great I must admit. We've only ever stayed in West Campers but might go back to motorhomes next year. Some people say East Campers is better, location-wise than West. West is a hike at the start and the end of the day but is a lot quieter overall I believe. So my question is; if people have done both East and West, which one do they prefer?
  15. chrislfc

    2020 wishlists

    Loads of arl fellas playing guitar and other legends maybe on a rolling one on/one off basis. A bit like Live Aid. Mark Knopfler or Dire Straits. Roger Hodgson or Supertramp. Bob Dylan Dave Gilmour or Roger Waters, preferably both. Van Morrison Peter Gabriel or Genesis, preferably both. David Byrne or Talking Heads Aerosmith Steve Perry or Journey, preferably both. Neil Young Paul McCartney Paul Simon Jeff Lynne Led Zep oh and finally. Mick Head or Shack, preferably both.
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