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  1. chrislfc


    Stayed in Worthy View this year after the tractor trials in 2016, waiting to get dragged out of the campervan fields wasn't great I must admit. We've only ever stayed in West Campers but might go back to motorhomes next year. Some people say East Campers is better, location-wise than West. West is a hike at the start and the end of the day but is a lot quieter overall I believe. So my question is; if people have done both East and West, which one do they prefer?
  2. chrislfc

    2020 wishlists

    Loads of arl fellas playing guitar and other legends maybe on a rolling one on/one off basis. A bit like Live Aid. Mark Knopfler or Dire Straits. Roger Hodgson or Supertramp. Bob Dylan Dave Gilmour or Roger Waters, preferably both. Van Morrison Peter Gabriel or Genesis, preferably both. David Byrne or Talking Heads Aerosmith Steve Perry or Journey, preferably both. Neil Young Paul McCartney Paul Simon Jeff Lynne Led Zep oh and finally. Mick Head or Shack, preferably both.
  3. chrislfc

    The Cure

    Easily my highlight of the weekend and I'm no Cure fanatic by any stretch. Some of our gang went the Streets and some of us watched The Cure, I'm so glad I chose this one. The good thing about the Pyramid is that generally the sound is the best of the festival on that stage depending upon where you can stand of course. But that sound was unbelievable. John Robb has done a good review of the set on his blog. https://louderthanwar.com/10-reasons-why-the-cure-glastonbury-20129/
  4. Am I correct in assuming the Yurts are at the bottom left of the WV map there?
  5. Is this not a possible route then? Am I better off going back towards Glastonbury from Butleigh?
  6. Home Bargains have these in my local store for £3.99 for 4 small cans. Very nice they are too. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Most-Wanted-Pinot-Grigio-200ml/dp/B07FQBCS2G/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=most+wanted+fizz+wine&qid=1560868611&s=gateway&sr=8-2
  7. chrislfc

    Fleetwood Mac 2020

    I wouldn't expect him to do the full show but rather he than Mike Campbell for the bluesy stuff. It would be a perfect way to end the Fleetwood Mac live story. They are playing some of his tunes after all.
  8. chrislfc

    Fleetwood Mac 2020

    If Lindsey isn't well enough to perform or is still out the band they should get Peter Green involved. That would be the real deal.
  9. chrislfc

    Fleetwood Mac 2020

    Emily said they were 99% sorted with a booking nobody had mentioned yet. Wouldn't that exclude Fleetwood Mac seens as they get mentioned every year?
  10. Ended up booking a little place in Butleigh for the Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully it looks like Position A for the way into WV.
  11. *packs 6 tins of Aldi beans and sausages.
  12. Is it true we get waitress service in the Yurts?
  13. Solid advice this, thanks a lot.
  14. Coming from Liverpool but might stay on the other side of the festival site on the Tuesday night if the traffic is easier from the South West and if there's an entrance to WV from the SW. That post above suggests there is. We normally stay in the West Campervan fields so get in early on the Tuesday through Street and Glastonbury town centre. Not sure I want to go that route on the Wednesday though. It can be bumper to bumper Wednesday morning going that way in.
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