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  1. For some people, perhaps. We can't all afford to pay top whack every time. For me, it doesn't really work like that unless it's something I really really want, and I'm only buying for myself. But often it's a case of canvassing several friends to see who else might want to go. In which case we want to know the options in advance, so that the person trying to book knows what to go for. This is especially important for seated events, as obviously you want seats together. All too often if I can't see the prices ahead of time, it goes out of my head and I don't book at all.
  2. Thanks, @cdm22 I guess you have to qualify for the pre-sale. I just don't get why they hide the info until the last minute. It means you can't discuss options with friends ahead of the sale. We like to have time to weigh it all up and consider what to go for.
  3. Fine, but there's no need to keep on and on repeating it.
  4. Where are you seeing the prices? This is a major gripe I have, the way ticket prices are seldom announced before they go on sale.
  5. This has probably been posted elsewhere on here, but Guardian has a piece on the festival dilemma. https://www.theguardian.com/music/2020/mar/09/its-a-case-of-holding-your-nerve-festivals-face-coronavirus-insurance-disaster
  6. OTOH it's the grubby buggers who probably have the fittest immune systems.
  7. Joni Mitchell's in poor health, I don't see her performing live again. Elton John (2016) and Rod Stewart (2015) have both headlined the BBC Radio 2 Live in Hyde Park festival in recent years. Not saying that rules them out, far from it, just that they have played HP recently.
  8. As somebody else said, don't know why they needed to separate them anyway. Last time I went to HP was for Tom Petty and they had separate queues then. There was no segregation at Blackheath last weekend, and at other festivals I've been to it's all been unisex.
  9. Women take a little longer, it's a proven fact. Sitting vs standing. It just does.
  10. I only went to see Grace, she was sensational and I had managed to get to the front so didn't really care about anything else. Enjoyed Rag'n'Bone Man while waiting for Grace, and UB40 earlier were OK but would rather they'd played more of their early stuff. Disappointing that Aswad were on in the second stage tent before UB40 had finished, lot of people wanted to see both so that was crap scheduling. I didn't have a problem with toilets, there were indeed big queues at the loos by the second stage tent but I walked on down past the food stalls and there were loads more loos there and no queues at all. I wasn't drinking as I had to drive, so not inconvenienced there either. Thanks @Fishman for the travel advice, spot on and we actually had acres of time, ending up on the last train that would have got us nearer home after all! But to be on the safe side we travelled from Reading as there are later trains. Just meant a longer drive home but worth it for peace of mind. The whole business of no readmission plus the restrictions on bag size didn't affect us, but must have inconvenienced people with children especially. One annoying thing was that some people had brought those inflatable sofa things into the main stage area, and they took up masses of room. If they're not allowing people to bring chairs in, those things should be banned too. Send some stewards round with pins on long sticks ?
  11. Very often I have to do some driving at the end of the day, so I'm used to not having a drink. Anyway I don't see the point of paying £££ to see a band and then being too pissed to appreciate or remember it. Good shout about the hat, I've got a nice straw cloche-type hat that I bought long ago at a festival, and it's served me very well since at sunny outdoor events. On the bag/pocket front, if you can get hold of a fisherman's vest they are good to wear if you don't want to bother with a bag. They have LOADS of pockets. Nightmare for the people who have to do the searching ? but you'll have room for anything you might need!
  12. That sounds all too likely. I don't want to miss any of Grace's set, nor do I want it to be marred by worrying about missing the last train. So I've decided to play safe and drive to Reading as there are plenty of later trains back to Reading, so we can saunter back to Paddington without any pressure. It's a PITA, but it's a solution.
  13. I've been to a couple of HP gigs on my own, and actually enjoyed them more for it. It's quite liberating. You can please yourself and wander around as the fancy takes you. People are generally friendly and it's easy to fall into conversation if you're feeling sociable. If you find yourself near loudmouthed twats or drunks, you can just move away.
  14. At the infamous 2012 Springsteen gig, when they pulled the plug on Bruce & Paul, the sound seemed to be getting turned lower and lower as time went on. To the point where my mate did not even realise that they had cut the power!
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