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  1. Gedh

    Lessons learned

    Positive Being a bit fitter more than made up for being three years older since my last festival Giving up on trying to do everything meant I saw more of my choices and felt good about them. Worthy View was a great choice Negative Knew I wouldn't enjoy the killers but went along anyway Still didn't drink enough water on the Friday
  2. Gedh

    Lessons learned

    Gave me a shock each time I saw someone order one - £2! - I mean two whole british pounds when they could just turn a tap. They weren't even chilled just taken from a stack.
  3. Gedh

    Bramble FM

    My favourite bit was Maureen's Bunny keeping her entertained in her tent (Bunny for the kids, Rabbit for the adults)
  4. Well first we blamed it on work related stress but now........?
  5. Got a new tyre put on the car, sorted out a shirt for sun coverage. Will I sleep? Hmmm
  6. Do you have to have pre-stickered yourself if coming along?
  7. Gedh

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Gold Star for that interpreter of forecasts. I hope you are going with a group so you can look at the sky and say sagely - well the GFS did say there would be ....." every morning.
  8. Gedh

    The Weather Thread 2019

    That's very west country, arrrrr
  9. Because of yesterday’s fuckwits at work had disturbed your Karma?
  10. Have you done a microclimate forecast for your tent location? ?
  11. Gedh

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Have you decided which one of you it will be?
  12. Gedh

    The Weather Thread 2019

    Because they were ashamed?
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