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  1. Gedh

    Glastonbury Virgin

    Two pairs of socks is the key. Thinner inner ones and thick outers. Change the inners daily, the outers only when so mud encrusted they stand up by themselves.
  2. Gedh

    Glastonbury Virgin

    Lovely to confirm you are real and not just a Glastonbury dream!
  3. Gedh

    Glastonbury Virgin

    Lock Ups for all the stuff, now you are on site, you realise you really didn't need to bring. Lock Ups to stash your evening gear nearer to where you might be without carrying it all day. Lock ups - get your receipt - take a photo of the receipt. Wander about - go make something in the green crafts area - lie in a tent while someone hits a gong... Let the kids stay awake longer than advisable and meet the sweet weirdos that only come out at night. We were having a lovely chat with a guy who said words to the effect of "oh well better get on with the job" - this seemed to consist of putting a live coal fired stove on his head and wandering off into the night. Glastonbury!! And read Tort's guide every week until you go - there is so much in there you need to. Rip up any plans on entering and go with your flow...
  4. Gedh

    Can't access Glastonbury website?

    I am in the UK and can't access from my work laptop but can from my phones. I get an error on my laptop "Precondition Failed The precondition on the request for the URL / evaluated to false."
  5. Gedh


    They are communal but separate sections for male/female. Free showers but you do have to queue.
  6. What goodies have been requested or bought to keep the Glastonbury anticipation going over Christmas? If Santa decides I have been nice rather than naughty then I can sleep off the Christmas dinner excess in my new sleeping bag....then offer to charge guest's phones with my power bank. Dull but practical - hmmm sounds like me and the presents.
  7. Gedh

    Festival Website

    Simplify it and I will use it but Glastonbury is info only, the ticketing/person info is on a different site so a lot of the questions don't apply.
  8. Gedh

    Block 9 expanding

    Some things don't change Laughing Parties The summer of 1799 saw a new fixation in British society – the inhalation of laughing gas. Nitrous oxide had been discovered by chemist Joseph Priestley in 1772 after introducing iron filings to nitric acid – the resulting gas gave Priestley a painless and giddy feeling – and was synthesised later that year by his pupil Humphry Davy. Davy was delighted by the euphoric effects of the gas, which he had tested on himself at the Pneumatic Institution in Bristol. It induced an elated state which motivated Davy to set about supervising the construction of a machine that could reliably produce large quantities of the gas with a property that he described as ‘the thrilling’. Nitrous Oxide Party. In the late 18th century and early 19th century, nitrous oxide was inhaled for entertainment and amusement. Davy soon issued invitations to people in his circle to sample the wondrous gas and experienced 'the thrilling' for themselves. They met at an upstairs drawing room at the Pneumatic Institution in a series of gatherings over the summer. The guests inhaled nitrous oxide from portable bags made of oiled green silk and happily stumbled about in wild merriment, before drifting into a dreamy sedated state. News of the nitrous oxide capers travelled and came to be repeated at ‘laughing parties’ held all over the country. Davy held nitrous sessions with poets Coleridge and Southey, the potter Josiah Wedgwood and the thesaurist Peter Roget. Dr Syntax and his wife making an experiment in Pneumatics. People could not get enough of a gas that allowed “uneasiness [to be]”, as Davy put it, “for a few minutes swallowed up in pleasure.”
  9. That's a definite balance. The more alcohol you take the less you need the thicker mat....
  10. Gedh

    Block 9 expanding

    It's obviously never stuck in my head. When I looked it up on Google one of your Efests replies is no 4 in the results!!! 🙂 Ping pong balls now...
  11. Gedh

    Block 9 expanding

    TBH no reaction to the post - just fascinated by the origin/brazenness of the User Name 🙂
  12. If you feel the cold, mats like this aren't as good as the self inflating type as you bleed more heat into them as they don't have any insulating foam. Just something to be aware of.
  13. Hobnobs in tea, croissant in coffee. You have to keep to certain civilised conventions.
  14. Phew. My hobnobs thank you.
  15. @semmtexx never mind all of that. I can't concentrate, stop freaking me out with your rebel spelling in your Interests. dunKable - to dunK. Phew, now I can move on.... 😀 🍪☕