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  1. If only I had known about this in time really. I'll be looking at doing that next year. In the mean time looks like im hunting for torrents like everyone else.
  2. Hello - Siblin

    Hopefully you will receive this and it not get lost in the myriad of other stuff.

    I'm a Glasto veteran from the 90s but I have a really bad feeling that tickets will be even harder to come buy his coming October.

    Please can I ask to be added to your Script community.

    Email address is






  3. Arrrgh! We're all gonna get shot!
  4. We have the rest of today to watch the sets from this years Glastonbury on iplayer, before they're removed never to be seen again. Does anyone have any more, err, permanent solutions? I wish I'd recorded the gigs I wanted to save from TV when I had the chance.
  5. Bottled them into 5 pint plastic jugs and plastic bottles for the day I have two batches and sadly neither batch is perfect. The first one is more like an amber ale, and the second one could do with a couple more weeks conditioning
  6. I'm bringing some home brew pale ale.. Bit young but should be tasty there are the odd bar that sells cans of IPA but I'd probably take some with you
  7. Webcam has gone from sunny to overcast today. I'm cautiously optimistic, or at least recovered from yesterday's shock. flooding has never been as bad since they improved the drainage and started putting wood chippings down.
  8. Indeed - there are people who'll pay 5 times face value for a ticket. Unscrupulous types would get a spare to pay for their own trip.
  9. So boiling it down. Remain: Workers rights, the economy, regional and global stability, individual freedom, political strength etc. Leave:
  10. That sort of works but its a tweaked version of what we have now with the resales. It opens up a can of worms on "who is top of the list"? is it fastest finger first after the main sale to get yourself on the waiting list? what happens to groups? Is it a slippery slope to tickets becoming a lottery system. It doesnt solve what people want which is to be able to transfer it to a friend or someone else in your group. I don't really see a practical way of doing this.
  11. Apparently i do! thanks for that Edit: oh wait no i dont, google lied to me
  12. exactly. You couldn't prevent someone saying "give me £1000 and i'll transfer you my ticket at face value on the transfer system"
  13. If only that was how the whole country saw it
  14. I tried to find the original thread to re-open when my change notifier pointed it out to me, but the search feature wasn't working, and not enough had changed to make a new thread on it.
  15. Yeah I agree and it looks great as it is. I could see it taking off though, after all TFL have about 5 different maps! Trying to figure out if i can get a t-shirt printed and delivered before the festival