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  1. Secret resales

    Indeed. I've cleared out a couple now
  2. Secret glasto

    You guys did a great job in previous years. Hope someone takes it on.
  3. Secret resales

    a few years back they had some "green police".. running around blowing whistles at people peeing in the river. it was quite amusing!
  4. Secret resales

    There was a bunch of stuff yesterday with them changing the tour page from "sold out" to "on sale weds 22nd". They also pulled the story about the silver hayes line-up, i think because they want to promote the "dont pee logo" campaign
  5. Hi Siblin

    Would be really grateful if you could add me to your email notification list.  I've set up everything I can think of - I'm looking for a ticket for my lovely cousin Jo, who's had a really shit year and who really deserves to go, but she messed up her registration and didn't get it in in time.  She is now registered so the secret sale is our only chance.  Friends in the group of us that always goes have been lucky with it in the past, so I've got everything crossed!  Thank you!

  6. Secret resales

    Im sure it'll go on here pretty quick, but by the time people read the forums the resale is normally over
  7. Secret resales

    Are you using AQL or some other provider? Their web gateway is pretty easy, just needs a wget request.
  8. Secret resales

    indeed - i up the power after the refund deadline which seems to have worked in previous years. Could be caught out of course! The other things ive had to contend with (im sure you've already spotted) is some of the weird periodic changes see tickets do to the pages, changing serial numbers and whitespace etc, so i've filtered those out before the diff. I also use some perl modules (CutyCapt and ImageMagik) to render the page into an image and compare the difference, though as yet i havent found a way to reliably check that the page has visibly changed. I experimented with SMS's with AQL's SMS gateway, which works great but costs a me a bomb so i dont use it. You might have better buying power with them instead of paying them 10p a pop.
  9. Secret resales

    yeah thats an issue - on resale week it needs to fork and use more processor power, so i move it to an amazon instance.
  10. Secret resales

    Not at all dude. The whatsapp group was great as it helped people who might not have had instant email access, and also allowed people to get help from others in the group.
  11. Secret resales

    Thats a bit of a dig My system will email a few hundred users (that just needs a simple fork to remove the delay) and has a resolution of 30 seconds (when ramped up during resale week - at the moment its set to a minute). The limitation there is email, so the users need push notifications or IMAP idle. I can get it to SMS but that costs money, and I could get it to tweet but that kinda removes the personal nature of it.
  12. Secret resales

    But most of the people in the what's app groups already have such notifications systems setup (not just my own, but app based ones)
  13. Secret resales

    Bit of competition eh Neil?
  14. Secret resales

    False alarm this morning. See tickets have some busy servers!
  15. Secret resales

    You also need a disposable registration number for such a thing. Let's just say its possible