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  1. Actually that might be the flash mob
  2. There's some "surprise" guest on thegateway at 4 (though they are running late). No idea who though
  3. We need to talk about maths seriously though thanks again for this. Last year it was spot on for the ones we looked at
  4. We arrived at the 9am "peak" and only had a 10 min wait. We've gone back to the car and sailed through re-entry
  5. Saw yours on the side of the welfare tent last year, good work!
  6. Yeah they even have a slot in the middle of the day at the glade! I managed to catch one of their 2am slots last year but was half asleep by the time they came on stage, so the more sociable hour is appreciated As a synth fan/player myself there are lots of good electronic options this year. Goldfrapp and Justice should be very good
  7. I'm thinking it's promising. Nowhere near last year. Perhaps the occasional sprinkle to remind you it's glastonbury
  8. they're sub-headlining the greenpeace stage before "Weak and Wobbly"
  9. You might be right there Given they are now shipping tickets I think its fair to say there will not be a secret resale like there has been in previous years. I think the great line-up and being the last before a fallow year means next to nobody has gotten refunds.
  10. *sigh* - full inbox again. have cleared it!
  11. DM me i'll give you a link
  12. Your grammar is bad, yet this was supposedly a reply from them in which the grammar was bad.... you insinuate you authored this.
  13. oh well that sorts that out.. see you all next year everyone... ... except there has been a secret sale every year since at least 2013. As someone else has pointed out if they said "there has been in previous years but wont be this year due to a low number of refunded tickets" i'd take it more seriously.
  14. my system is on a timed session and below the session, so if something happens its because something has changed. that said it could just be see tickets busy doing something else... but it has been 2pm today and yesterday.