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  1. Gotta love google image search
  2. hehe you mean "Flashbacks"?
  3. Hide a bag of wine (from a box) in your clothes with the nozzle poking out of your fly. Enjoy the look of horror from the crowds as you fill up your clear plastic cup with wine (red or white has equal amusement factor) from your lower abdomen and take a large gulp.
  4. I think its a good bit of feedback, and would seem to make sense.
  5. Cool - we're in the 2 person yurts (Squirts) which are similar. Even the scout tents with guy ropes in Worthy view tend to be spaced out so less drunk people falling on your head as you sleep I would guess.
  6. oh and not getting your guy ropes periodically is a bonus too!
  7. with you both on this. I stayed there last year and returning this year. It's much quieter than the main festival and found myself feeling much less shattered by the weekend. I usually book the Tuesday off work to recover, but last year found I really didn't need to and was left at home pottering about. The drive home on monday was much safer too!
  8. I urge you to spoil your ballot as an alternative. The message of "You're all cretins" is better than "I can't be bothered"
  9. .. Or for those people to stay at home. The Greens were the 2nd party in 2015 after all. I'm not saying it's the most likely outcome, just not beyond the realms of possiblity. Thats a really interesting constituency and probably a 4 horse race. It could go any way but the greens are 2nd or 3rd most likely in that list, with probably a >25% chance. I'm just saying i wouldn't offer my £50
  10. I hope so, and i think so too. Playing with the model, assuming labour popularity cannot go higher than 30%, the only chance of avoiding a huge tory majority is a dip in their support (to <37%) and a massive upturn in the liberal fortunes to the tune of about 30 seats. As a northern labour supporter, I'm placing a lot of my hope in southern liberals!
  11. To emphasise this is UKpollingreports swingometer. Its not without its problems as its based on a national swing rather than per-consituency swing, but at polling levels similar to what they are today it predicts a 3 way contest, with greens more than possible to get the seat. Admittedly i've gone for a pretty low support for labour, but its more than possible at a constituency level. Worryingly at these figures this Green seat would be the only non-tory voice in England anywhere south of birmingham and west of oxford :/
  12. or it just needs a moderate drop in Labour support. What we've already seen since 2015 would be more than enough
  13. I often have a similar issue when it comes to taming my Balls.
  14. And what the polls got wrong was the scottish SNP white-wash (or yellow-wash). The percentage vote share was more or less accurate. Brexit polls were out by a small but crucial ~4%. Trump polls were broadly accurate but didn't predict the swing-state massacre which was more or less considered impossible (and indication of something very unusual happening). Labour under Corbyn is 20% down according to polls. Lets be generous and say thats 5% out (unlikely - the inaccuracy usually swings to the right because of shy tories/conservatives/racists/nationalists who are embarrassed to state in public how they vote) it still amounts to 15% down in polls and decimation for Labour If Labour gain any seats it'll be due to some outstanding local candidate, or perhaps in Scotland where they have nothing to lose and might pick up some anti-referendum votes. They will lose plenty of seats its just a matter of how many. Lib dems I think stand to make gains in London due to being the only anti-brexit/soft-brexit campaigners. This would be interesting as that's not been a traditional stronghold for them. It could also amount to Labour losing london seats if they dont come up with a good european policy sharpish (right now its a confused "accept the will of the people" message). Lib dems in the south west is a complete unknown. There will be less of the anti-clegg protest of 2015, but the pro-europe message may not go down well. My suspicion is they wont make many gains in the south west.