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  1. Its been pretty good for a few years now, and the temporary base stations have been going for about that long. The only times I've seen issues in recent years is straight after the headliners.
  2. Jogging at the festival

    I always intend to go for a run but your legs get tired enough though the 5 days of walking. I'd tend to be a little faster than these guys over 5k I think. I had contemplated looking at putting on an official parkrun on site (9am sat morning) but the logistics of getting it organised for a one off event scared me
  3. Secret resales

    I work around errors like a "no response from server" by retrying, but if a page returns a 200 with the text "Processing maximum number of transactions" I've chosen not to discard them as they are legitimate changes and *could* indicate that something is happening. Similarly I've had to tweak it so that i still pay attention to content even when a 4xx or 5xx errror is returned, because See report the "Event not found" error as a 4xx, yet still give content. I still like to compare when this changes otherwise you might miss a change to an event.
  4. Secret resales

    Just looks like the servers were busy. I doubt see tickets would be that cruel. I think, however, that the chance of any resales now is zero to none
  5. Secret resales

    Only if you wanted a campervan ticket
  6. Secret resales

    That was short and sweet!
  7. Secret resales

    Looks like camper van tickets too Edit: in fact it looks like its solely camper van
  8. Secret resales

    Whilst I don't have any statistics to hand, i can confirm the volume of people asking to be added to my email system has been higher this year.
  9. Secret resales

    They will all go to the lead booker.
  10. Secret resales

    Really, if nothing happens today it's time to call it dead. I would have said that yesterday had it not been for some of the changes they made, makes a really slim chance something happens today.
  11. Secret resales

    I thought abouut it but i dont think so because of the way they allocate competition tickets. dont think they ever see seetickets
  12. Secret resales

    what a horrendous time of day for them to start doing changes..
  13. Secret resales

    massive congrats!
  14. Secret resales

    yeah could be nothing
  15. Secret resales

    yeah they've been doing something today