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  1. Hello - Siblin

    Hopefully you will receive this and it not get lost in the myriad of other stuff.

    I'm a Glasto veteran from the 90s but I have a really bad feeling that tickets will be even harder to come buy his coming October.

    Please can I ask to be added to your Script community.

    Email address is tomjwood@hotmail.com






  2. Hey I don't know if am doing the right thing? But if u are adding people on to secret resale could u give me a shout :-) 


    thanks X

  3. Sorry for seeming to jump on the Glastonbury secret sale waggon relatively late... I've been using follow that page for my updates but it doesn't seem like they are coming through properly. A mate of mine has recommended I ask you to sign me up for updates? As yours seem to be much better.

    My email is 


    if you could that would be a massive help.

    thanks in advance! 

  4. Hi Siblin, any chance you could add me to the emailer please?:)

  5. Hi,

    Would it be possible to add me to your email notifications list for the Glastonbury resale tickets please?


    Appreciate immensely how much your helping everybody!



  6. Hi, sorry I tried to DM you but could't.

    I know how much work you're putting into this for everyone and I really appreciate everything. I'm so desperate to get a ticket this year. 

    Please could you add me to your email notification system, I would be so grateful. My email is olliemarsh1@gmail.com

    Thank you, Ollie

  7. your email system is dynamite. the email appeared about 5 minutes before my webchecker detected the change. Great stuff

  8. Hi, 

    Would it be possible to add me and my boyfriend to your notification list please?

    Our emails are

    mawgaenfarrell@hotmail.co.uk and thomaspburgess@outlook.com



    1. thomasburgess


      Logged in on the wrong account haha thought I was on Mawgaen's, 

      Still the same emails though.



  9. Hi, I don't know if it's too late to be added to your email notification list but I would be really really grateful if you could. My email is olliemarsh1@gmail.com

    Thank you

  10. Hi Siblin

    Would be really grateful if you could add me to your email notification list.  I've set up everything I can think of - I'm looking for a ticket for my lovely cousin Jo, who's had a really shit year and who really deserves to go, but she messed up her registration and didn't get it in in time.  She is now registered so the secret sale is our only chance.  Friends in the group of us that always goes have been lucky with it in the past, so I've got everything crossed!  Thank you! tessa@myfreeola.com

  11. Morning - were you able to add me to your mailing list re. secret sales?

    kind regards

  12. Good afternoon.

    I am trying to get my girlfriend a ticket in the resale. I would be forever in your debt if you could possibly include my email in your monitoring service. Sorry to be a complete pain but would it be possible to add both my work and home email?

    my work email is matthew.ettle@capita.co.uk and my home email is dj_matt_james@yahoo.co.uk

    thank you for your time.

    kind regards


  13. Madeleinebeckettdesign@gmail.com 

    Pleeeease help with page monitors! 

  14. Hi Siblin,

    Sorry I am another one contacting you about Glastonbury tickets...I am desperate to get tickets! 

    I know you must get loads of messages, but I would really appreciate it if you could possibly include my email in your monitoring service? My email is staceyls@hotmail.co.uk

    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks :)