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  1. To be clear - v2 was actually released last friday
  2. Tipis were sold on a seperate link to the sticklinch/wv accomodation, and never showed up on the main glastonbury.seetickets.com landing page. I wasnt monitoring the Tipi page directly. My tracker was monitoring the alternative "Tour" page, which often gives insights over the normal see tickets landing page: Glastonbury 2022 Tickets and Dates 2022 (seetickets.com) And it picked up on and pinged the addition of a link: Glastonbury 2022 - Tipi Village (seetickets.com) This link has since been removed and is no longer valid.
  3. yeah and the "coach" ones say a deposit needs to have been paid.
  4. Gave him one of mine. Thats pretty cool
  5. yeah same here, though i'm consoling myself that its cheaper, and easier for car access at Sticklinch.
  6. Yep - Glastonbury 2022 - Tipi Village (seetickets.com)
  7. I believe you're broadly right. It might not be as many as 5 or 6, but they have a few. You sometimes see them up on cherry-pickers. Fun-fact, the glastonbury site has been used for some EE 5G trials a few years ago. My company were involved but sadly I wasn't able to ingratiate myself into the project.
  8. They've removed camplight and added some water posts
  9. they actually just snuck out a V2. Not sure what the difference is yet
  10. I believe the same Cider bus was at EOTR last year and I was paying by card.
  11. Mik Artistik confirms his stage time at the glade dome
  12. Apparently Hillage isnt part of the permanent lineup these days, but it seems likely he'll take part.
  13. Sneaky stage time leak from the Lead musician in Gong and member of The Utopia Strong, with information for those desperate to see Steve Davis. Looks like Gong are essentially the Friday night headline/after headline slot.
  14. Gotta say the Glade Dome has some good, fun alternative acts on. Will be there for Mik Artistic and The Egg i reckon (always enjoyed the Egg at glastonbury). Also will have to see Gong at the glade stage as I have loose familial ties. Won't be the same without Daevid Allen and Gilli Smith though 😞
  15. I thought they were rumoured for silver hayes?
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