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  1. Chaos.

      Ignoring the lack of park and ride facilities, they are quite different audiences however.    One of the reasons I can possibly see is that it would be DF's expense to hire and put on all the shuttle buses from the P&R sites to the venue and I don't think thats a cost they fancy baring.
  2. Chaos.

      Having been to every T at Balado bar one the only year I remember real traffic chaos was the first year it opened on a Friday.    The difference with Balado was that it sat about 10 mins off the motorway, not in the middle of nowhere. From the reports of Strathallan, the traffic chaos was worse as you just couldn't get the volume of traffic needed to the site in good enough time to get people away from the site again quickly. Campers waiting 7 and 8 hours for buses on Monday sums it up for me. That would never have happened at Balado.
  3. Chaos.

    The difference between entry to arena on Saturday & Sunday was like night and day. Saturday was anarchy, mob rule. Stewarding was non existent practically. Sunday they had 2 lanes at bottom of the field, loads of crush barriers, well controlled, visually you could see them moving 1 section of approx 200 people to the next area of entrance and once those had moved on they would alternate that with the other lane. People saw movement and, generally, were happy to wait their turn as things were moving well. It also helped that there both seemed to be a lot more control/supervisory staff and, more importantly, they seem to have drafted in the biggest gnarliest set of security I've seen there! Contrasting that with the young lad trying to control a vital part of the entrance process on Saturday who looked quite terrified as the mob in front of him grew and grew and got more restless. You shouldn't need big f**kers to make security work but the combo of them and good organisation worked well.
  4. Here we f***** go!

    I was down front left for Noel last night when a young lad started it up. I tapped him on the shoulder and said "Mate, honestly, no need, we are all going to go here without having to shout we are". Fair play to him he took it in good spirits. Slam on Saturday afternoon, Lil Louis's set was puntucated about every 3-4 mins with HWFG's and the equally annoying "Wooomp there it is".
  5. How to rescue TITP

    Strathallan is what will make or break TITPs future. If it stays there thousands, who were used to the relative smoothness of accessing a site such as Balado, will not go back. That was 18 Ts for me but definitely my last if that venue remains. It doesn't have the infrastructure or location to cope with a crowd half the size of TITP never mind how many were there at weekend. The site was far far smaller than Balado. I know there was a bit mucking about closer to the time with the Ospreys and they lost a bit of ground due to that but even with what looked to be the extra ground behind the fencing in use then I don't think it would have made a massive difference. One of my biggest gripes with the site being smaller was that they still managed to sell at least 10 areas to fairground rides. And these were LARGE areas of an already small site taken away. The result being less useable space for punters and sound interference, especially at Tuts from the f**king waltzers! I can see the big wheel as being a bit iconic and worth remaining but who seriously comes away from a TITP and says "F me I'm gutted I didn't get a chance to go on a ghost train/dodgems"?!
  6. Chaos.

    Been up both days.   Friday arrived about 12.30ish, 20 mins to get in.    Getting out however.....our bus driver had been sitting static in a queue of traffic about 2 1/2 miles from East pick up for 50 mins when I spoke to him. I eventually rounded up all our bus and we had to walk to him at about 1am, including one young lass with a broken toe, as he was never getting to us. The entire walk to him was traffic waiting to get to pick up point. He managed to u turn and thankfully (thankfully!) we were home by 3.15 latest - Dunfermline/Dalgety Bay.      Saturday arrived about 11.30ish, had a drink outside for 30 mins and then trying to get in can only be described as anarchy. A queue that was going nowhere developed into a scrum as more day buses arrived and people just exited from them onto the first block of people we saw. Felt sorry for the stewards as they were undermanned and there was basically no control or organisation. Barriers pulled down, at one point seen someone holding a crash barrier over their head. It just developed into, well anarchy, surges, crushs, lots of very scared kids. Not proud to admit but I cut a few "corners" at the "queue", everyone was trying, and we eventually got in at about 1.45. If we had't done that I reckon it was a 3pm for getting in. No announcements, no control, nothing. Ohh and checking was like airport security. At one point, while waiting and going nowhere, I was very close to jumping on a bus and leaving as it was soul destroying. A mate felt the same but thankfully we persevered and got in.     Leaving Saturday night - thankfully my bus driver was on the ball, was at bottom of East pick up/drop off by 11pm. Rounded up the bus and we were out on our way by 12.30, home 2.15. By FB posts, we were very lucky.     Going today, almost certainly for the last time ever if T remains at Strathallan. 18 T's, won't be back as this site cannot cope with the numbers, both inside and especially outside. The lack of access, staff, planning etc in this site is staggering.
  7. T in The Park 2015

    Had a few reports from people onsite in arena tonight saying it seems VERY small. Seen a pic of Main fenced off but taken from outside Slam and it's very close.
  8. T in The Park 2015

        And everyone who is getting off a bus car today is camping and has camping gear with them, plus all their other stuff, which has to be unloaded from buses.   Majority of people tomorrow and weekend will be non-campers who will just roll off buses quickly.
  9. Anyone got a lanyard yet?

        My mate sent me a link to the Clashfinder and while it was probably in correct running order, it had Main, Radio 1 and Tuts set times all start and finishing exact same times on Saturday. I showed him last years Saturday times and had to explain that these stages are never synchronised to that level. 
  10. Weather

        The rain forecast on Friday in the 10am-1pm and 1pm-4pm period is really minimal, 1 and 2mm in 3 hour time period. There is a good chance that doesn't actually amount to any rain at all. Its dregs of a pint level of wetness.   1-4 Friday morning and Sunday morning are about the only notable periods of rain, also possibly the 7-10am period Friday morning. Anything outside those times could be completely dry.
  11. T in The Park 2015

      Its just to the right of Introducing Tent, next to East day entrance.
  12. Weather

      Thats good for everyone obviously bar Thursday campers.
  13. Weather

    With so much social media availability nowadays it would be impossible to cover up.
  14. Weather

    More accurate than BBC!
  15. T in The Park 2015

    Last year on the Saturday the day entrance security was mad. We were queued quite a bit back and then we were all herded into what I can only describe as "holding pens" prior to actually getting to the turnstyles. From there the checking was quite heavy, always remember what looked like a middle aged husband and wife arguing with the security as they took a tube of Pringles off him. I reckon we were queued for a good 30 odd mins at least waiting to get in, the worst I have seen it to get in since the old days when they queue used to snake halfway across the car park.   By contrast the Sunday was a breeze, they seemed to have removed the holding area and people just breezed through with minimal checks.