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  1. I live about 20 mins drive from Balado. I attended every T bar 1 year there and never camped. All I can say is that getting your own (warm and dry) bed at night, a decent nights sleep, getting a warm shower in the morning, fresh and dry clothes if needed, food that doesn't cost £8.40 for a sausage on a roll, use of a normal toilet etc saw me through some very nasty hangovers and attendance most days over that period. Its not very "rock n roll" but its practical as fvck!
  2. They are live now on FB video, potential announcement coming.
  3. Numbers and letters on the left hand side, there is a 1, 8 and 2 so thats obviously Blink 182. And there is a spare A and 1 there to so thats A1 booked. Who are playing PKD Festival a week later so ties in. The 88 traditionally represents HH/Heil Hitler so possibly a Skrewdriver tribute act in the line up?
  4. I tend to go because it's the most convenient one for me, in theory, now, 1 hour tops from my house so I can get home each night, decent sleep, clean and dry for next again day. It's also the one most of my mates will go to. And I find that even amongst all the pop and DJs I have wide enough enjoyment to find a few acts each day I want to see. I've usually been one of Ts biggest defenders but even given all the positives above, it is finally losing its appeal for me.
  5. Yep we did same walk despite having non-camping tickets. As you said, it was busy but seemed good natured but that was 12.30 lunchtime. Your points about kids age and not getting served onsite, as well as actual costs, also very relevant. We have seen in this forum the amount of times questions asked about U18s getting drink in. You can add to that point in regards to kids at that age will a. have less tolerance to alcohol and not know when to slow down when feeling pished and b. seem to want to get wrecked in as quick as possible with whatever is cheapest and most alcoholic added in many taking whatever level of shit they take nowadays, stuff I wouldn't use to put a rat down, and it's just a deadly cocktail. I'm all for kids having a good time and don't want to sound like the old fart I am but there should always be a balance between the music and drink. Then again peer pressure huge for many of them, especially in these social media heavy days.
  6. IMO you put thousands of teens together in a confined space, fill all of them full of drink and a lot of them full of drugs and you are always going to get some level of bother, whether it's TITP, Glasgow, Edinburgh or whatever. The crowd is also predominantly teens and early 20s which is also a big factor. Other festivals will probably have a wider, more varied age range which dilutes the chance of radgey teens being camped next to each other.
  7. They have improved the arena layout loads since last year. Definitely well spaced out. Yes it's a hike from Main to Tuts but that's better than them being in each other's pockets. The weather is outwith their control and it looks like they have tried to compensate today by putting hay and wood chip down. From a few friends comments they have improved the bus parking and transport a lot. 90 mins from getting on bus to getting in house were good going even if it's only West Fife considering the roads roundabout the site. However part of the reason they have made buses work is by totally penalising cars/taxis. We arrived at PUDO on Friday and were aware it was "about a 30 min walk" to site. What we didn't expect was it was 30 mins along a boggy muddy path. Anyone heading with camping gear was in a world of trouble. So 30 mins along a muddy path to site but not that "site" means campsite entrance and then had to go through that and then a further campers security check to actually enter arena. So well over an hour to enter arena from PUDO. I could forgive the extra security given Thursday nights tragic events but it wasn't really that instrusive, just time consuming. Why there was no separate day ticket/non camping entrance direct into arena without having to go via campsite I have no idea? Coming out was equally as bad. To start with all non campers again had to head into campsite with a massive influx of campers as well. That was slow due to sheer weight of numbers heading in same direction. Path back to PUDO was ok Friday evening due to sun and wind drying it out a fair but was still a trek. However PUDO point was a disaster. It just seemed to be a massive tailback. Contrast 8 of us getting a taxi to friends mentioned above on bus. They were home 2 hours after Stone Roses went off stage, we were 3 1/2. That was mainly due to both the hour walk and hour wait for taxi to get into PUDO. I didn't make it yesterday but from friends who did, the walk back along path at night to PUDO involved wading through 6-10" deep mud, waiting even longer for taxi and getting home 4 hours after last act finished. Needless to say I am typing this from my house today as no one was going back 6 hours after getting in from yesterday's. I saw reports of 2 hour delays at PUDO. Tonight will be even worse as a lot of people traditionally head home via pick up rather than stay the extra night. So fair play to them for sorting arena and also bus transport problems by sounds of it. But for GE to do a video post yesterday saying ALL transport problems had been alleviated is wrong. I know they want to drive more people to buses but it's not always possible for people to get buses and those unable to shouldn't be penalised as much as this T has done so.
  8. Would agree with that. Unless T has had a completely dry week and has no rain at all forecast I would never go with trainers now, always wellies. Just been watching Geoff Ellis driving round whole site on a golf buggy on Facebook. First thoughts are layout looks far bigger than last year and hopefully that helps ground as everyone not trudging the same paths repeatedly.
  9. Yep fair point on the build up to 2012. I've got some pics from Friday 2012 earlier in day and ground is a wee bit churned although weather dry. The constant rain from Friday evening then destroyed what was left of any grass! 2011 was brutal. Again I've got pics of me and mates in sunshine early Sunday afternoon. I actually remember rain came as we were on way to main to watch Blondi, we stood for a bit but had to leave and ended up sheltering in a breast cancer awareness stall with a woman dressed in a giant breast suit! That was a first! The only year I went home early, left about 7 soaked through as hadn't been prepared for such heavy rain.
  10. I would probably disagree with that Angela. The Friday in 2012 was mainly fine from my memory and rain didn't really come until I was going to see New Order in Tuts towards the end of the night. However it did p down from then onwards and was p'ing down when I arrived back on the Saturday morning. I remember sitting in Transmissions Tent waiting for Jake Bugg to come on and watching the water run into the tent as it was on a slight slope. From there on it was absolute carnage, I was in tents most of afternoon and by time went to see Vaccines on main stage it was biblical mud indeed. Shows how quickly that even just a fair bit of rain and plenty footfall on the ground can churn things up. Superforecast on Windfinder has a bit of rain this evening (just started raining in Edinburgh but thats a fair way away) but, more importantly, dry and decent sun all day Thursday and Friday.
  11. 11pm according to this
  12. It was indeed. Arrived about 11am, had a drink for 30 mins outside, got in about 1pm. Absolute carnage outside with no organisation. To be fair to them, the Sunday was like night and day in comparison. If they did one thing well last year it was organising entry on the Sunday in a controlled manner in comparison to Saturdays anarchy. They are saying the arena opens at 9am this year on Saturday, pretty certain its been 11am last few years so you would hope that there will not be the build up of people like last years. That and them staggering bus arrival times means it should be easier. Should be....
  13. I probably wouldn't class it in the "pissing down" category. 1mm of rain in a 3 hour period isn't much if anything at all. You will get wetter with the splashback from the urinals probably. I think at those levels its almost more moisture in the air and a potential of some light rain but may come to nothing. Thats a decent site and has been pretty much accurate with a number of events I have been to over the last couple of years in UK and overseas. As we get closer to weekend the upcoming 3 days appear in the "Superforecast" tab which gives an hour by hour breakdown. It should be more accurate than the normal daily. . The superforecast actually has Thursday, at the moment, as being no rain at all from 2 in the morning and a steady 17 most of the day, good for those arriving to camp.
  14. Looks like today is dry-ish but overnight Wed - Thurs has a bit of rain.
  15. Can't really compare this year and last year due to them changing the PUDO point to further away from site this year But if you are only going for the day and therefore don't have much stuff to carry it won't be as much of an issue.