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  1. T in the Park 2016

    I've seen a lot of sets with a great crowd atmosphere at T and Travis set in Tuts was up there, as was there first appearance at Balado in Tuts about 98. The easy winner for the Saturday night headliner IMO.
  2. T in the Park 2016

    Same person.
  3. T in the Park 2016

    I've been told this afternoon New Order will be playing so would imagine they will be Tuts Sunday. Thank Goodness!
  4. T in the Park 2016

    I have dropped mines an email to see if there any update but I was told, albeit a few weeks ago, that they were one of the 3 headliners. I suppose we will all be put out of our misery by 5pm!
  5. T in the Park 2016

    I've not been told anything else bar the 3 headliners and LCD/Chvrches on NME Saturday. If I hear anything else before 25th will post and if info is incorrect will ask what changed but it was passed to me in good faith and posted in the same manner.
  6. New On site Team...

    Another part I would argue with would be the point there were making about punters walking on the roads being the cause of the traffic issues. I would say that it was actually the other way round. The roads were gridlocked around the site so people had to walk to their lifts, We came out on Friday evening, waited in bus park for 30-40 mins, got a call from my bus driver who said he had been sitting stationery for an hour plus, 2+ miles away, trying to get to bus park. We then had to walk to him because if we hadn't, well as the report says, it was 3am before traffic started moving again. The roads were gridlocked before Friday evening finished, not after because of punters coming out and then walking to the roads.. Punters walking on the roads were only a symptom of them being gridlocked.
  7. New On site Team...

    The figures surprised me but surely they can't lie to P&K Council over tickets sold? I would imagine the entire basis of the review was based on numbers attending. The only things that make me doubt those numbers - aerial shots of the Main Stage didn't look busy in comparison to Balado busy, even at headline sets. And within that report there is a council comment that in the final couple of weeks before the festival costs seemed to become more of an issue to organisers. That would suggest they didn't have the ticket sales to match the outlay on security and such like. In defence of the numbers, there were normally approx 260 private coaches at Balado each year, Strathallan had 300. From personal experience the coach I run was in more demand for Strathallan than it was in the previous few years at Balado, I had to turn folks away for a seat, first time in a few years thats happened.
  8. T in the Park 2016

    Welcome to tabloid journalism!
  9. T in the Park 2016

    Chemical Brothers announced for 7th July at NOS Alive. New Order are at Bilbao BBK that weekend but not sure which day yet but would have to be 7th or 8th if they are doing Castlefield on the 9th.
  10. New On site Team...

    IMO the Tennents Bar was the closest we have had to B Bar, music wise, since B Bar went. My other gripe with the "cocktail" bar in comparison to B Bar is that the cocktails are all ready made pish in comparison to mojitos being made for you, there and then, at old B Bar.
  11. New On site Team... Page 7.
  12. T in the Park 2016

    LCD are headlining Radio 1 on Saturday night.
  13. New On site Team...

    Thursday 40,000 Friday 73,200 Saturday 83,800 Sunday 80,400 The Tennents Bar was one of the only successes last year IMO. Good music, definitely not what you had in Slam, a decent crowd but never too busy, quite chilled actually and could always get a seat and 100x better than the pish drink/pish EDM music of the "cocktail" bar.
  14. T in the Park 2016

    RHCP are headlining Sunday.
  15. T in the Park 2016

    Its reliable.