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  1. What sort of capacity is it? Impressive to sell out so quick.
  2. I just registered for tickets for the first time which is exciting. Now to pray for good luck in October.
  3. How would Neymar even fit in at Man U? Admittedly there seems to be no strategy to their signings of late but doesn't he predominately play on the left where they already have Martial, Sanchez (lol) and that new Welsh kid? Still can't believe Man U haven't bought a right mid and 2 centre mids when they lost Herrera and Fellaini.
  4. After a few years of lurking on here, I'll be actually trying to get tickets this year. Can only imagine it'll be stressful but hoping with 6 of us trying plus hopefully a couple more family members should have a decent chance. Is there any strategy or just on and refresh and hope for the best? (sorry this has probs been asked a million times before.
  5. Brentford I quite like but not aware of what Reading have done in the off season? Championship seems very weak to me this year.
  6. Anyone got any betting tips for the upcoming season in any league? Doing mine atm and there's always value to be had over the course of a season imo
  7. No way tame impala are headlining trnsmt. They’re pretty big yeah but common sense shows they’re not gonna shift enough tickets for this festival and that’s before u even consider its not a trnsmt type booking at all.
  8. Can’t see them doing KG, but maybe swg3 same as foals this year. Think LG will do trnsmt again next year or if not, a show at Glasgow green around that time.
  9. https://www.scotsman.com/arts-and-culture/music/trnsmt-organiser-confirms-that-t-in-the-park-will-never-return-1-4963829 Not shocked as trnsmt must be much less hassle, but gutted it's gone.
  10. Every year for the last few it's been 'there is defo going to be a female headliner' etc etc and it hasn't materialised (apart from Adele). They didn't even give Florence the headline slot when she probs deserved it. Don't think a female headliner is a foregone conclusion. That said, I'm all for some T Swift-would be a great set I'm sure she's got tonnes of hits.
  11. probs not in the latter years, 2017 trnsmt defo seemed a bit of a shift with the Radiohead booking imo. Yeah I miss T too it was great at the time but they fucked it themselves and aren't gonna go back with trnsmt selling so well.
  12. In fairness, Radiohead headlining is a bit of an anomaly compared to every other headliner. Kingclawler also makes a good point - with GSS and Kelvingrove and SWG3 you have a wide range of places in Glasgow u can see bands you want which are more to your tastes. Makes sense leaving trnsmt for a younger more pop audience.
  13. It's not a good lineup for me personally but I'd probs have gone one of the days if i was here. My main point was I didn't think it would be a disaster in terms of sales like most did.
  14. Since I've been going in 2013 T has never claimed a sell out, before that I'm pretty sure it genuinely was a sell out.
  15. T and Trnsmt have both never claimed to sell out without having done so. If they are struggling to sell tix they do 2 for 1 offers etc. Clearly their best selling year so far and people just in denial cause they don't like the lineup.
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