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  1. Glad it wound you up that much lol. To be fair I didn't realise it was a running joke or whatever, just knew as soon as I saw a thread called Snow Patrol and someone asking where they'd play there'd be a comment from you in there giving a sarcastic answer.
  2. If I got it wrong then I apologise just semeemd like you were wrongfully attacking a paying member but clearly you know something we don’t. Hope you can see why it appeared to be bad from some of our perspective tho
  3. Would it not have been easier for all of yesterday you just said you reacted that way because of X as opposed to just being cryptic? also, it seems mental a paying user of the site would try harm it in anyway but hey ho there’s some strange people out there as the whole fake accounts thing shows
  4. If what you said is true about that pheonix girl not being involved then still doesn't explain why Neil refused to apologise for being a dick to her
  5. You've got way too much time on your hands mate.
  6. Ok fair enough, perhaps naively I thought no one would go to such efforts.
  7. Also, clearly Neil knows stuff we don't but my (and i think most others) issue was with the way he spoke to someone who it seemed hadn't done anything wrong.
  8. You complain about people trolling & ruining the forum and then call a paying member a w*nker for a wee joke at your expense, is your ego really that fragile. Maybe it's you that isn't as smart as they think 🙂
  9. Any chance you've ever been wrong about anything ever? Also, you ignored my point of if they've done something worthy of a ban then ban them.
  10. If people have broken rules then ban them? I'm smart enough to know you've over reacted to someone who did nothing wrong and won't apologise, not much more to it than that.
  11. what does wee fuds like Gucci Piggy trolling have to do with that one person making that comment? It's clear you didn't like it cause it was taking the piss out of you and your ego couldn't handle it so you over reacted.
  12. If he just apologised for his initial comment there'd be no issue?
  13. Were you joking in your initial comment and are you going to apologise though?
  14. That's not a smiley face, don't think he was joking.
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