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  1. Won't be them, they are playing London a week or so after
  2. Wikipedia says he's irish? Is that wrong? Cause the clue says British
  3. I assume he means just generally cause they just announced a load of UK dates in May/June so they're about.
  4. Doubt Foals will do it with those London dates on their tour
  5. They're one of the worst live bands i have ever seen. Also barely play any of their hits.
  6. There's a huge middle ground there you're ignoring
  7. Did they release names like this last year? Still think before tickets go on sale there needs to be a few more big names not a drip feed of a smaller name every day
  8. Absolutely mental, fair play to the guy tho
  9. The Scottish Greens support independence, however if you read the manifesto there is no explicit support for indy ref 2 in this parliamentary term. The voting system makes majorities hard, which is why I'm saying in 2021 if the greens and snp both have a second indy ref in their manifesto and they get a majority of seats again then there should be indyref2. I don't think that's unreasonable. I stand by the fact that a general election means fuck all in terms of SNP citing a mandate for a second ref.
  10. A second ref wasn't in the Green Party manifesto and they make up the pro-indy majority in parliament. There is no mandate. Even if SNP win every scottish seat next month it means fuck all in regards to a mandate for another ref.
  11. No you're not. It's an easy mistake to make when it's in a different language.
  12. Is she? Not seen that- although was obv she would be a headliner. Foals I don't think will be tho.
  13. It's not them today for sure, it's a solo artist today
  14. I don't think they've officially mentioned anyone as headliners yet.
  15. Please not RHCP, they're a dreadful live band imo
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