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  1. Acceptable: Gen X, boomers Not acceptable: muslims Hope this helps?
  2. Let it go then. As you say, 'grow up'. Or better yet as you also say 'fuck off'
  3. Yeah let's stop people from demonising Courteeners fans on here while we're at it. What it comes down to is you not liking it when someone says they think you're wrong.
  4. I didn't demonise anyone at all. Just my opinion you took offence when it wasn't intended. You generally don;t like it and get hostile when people disagree with you, e.g when you were wrongly going after a gold member earlier this year for trolling when she'd done nothing wrong or when you insisted that Noel Gallagher playing the 2019 fest could only be taken that was when it was open to interpretation.(You were wrong on both btw) You're extremely hostile, rude and arrogant at times and it needs pointed out, don't care if it's your website.
  5. It wasn't a hatful slur lol such hyperbole. You compared a cheap shot at Gen X/Boomers whatever to someone inciting hate towards Muslims. You made a dumb comparison and now you're doubling down on it cause you're too stubborn as per.
  6. Telling me to grow up lol, you've taken this all way too personally. I have no desire to express hate, was just pointing out you were wrong, which you really do not like. And you literally have said they're a group comparable to Muslims by using that as your comparison...
  7. that was your response to him talking about Gen X ? Also, dunno why you're calling out hate when based on your posts on here I've seen for the last few years you seem to hate almost everything. Your argument is so ridiculous it's laughable. Gen X/ Boomers whatever are not a group comparable to Muslims fs
  8. He was talking about generation X which I'm assuming is you? And yeah I'd defend it if he was insulting a group that needed defending lol but this isn't that
  9. You seem to let any other generalisation here pass and only take issue with it when it's aimed at you/ your generation though?
  10. It is absolutely not the same thing no matter how much you say it. It's a pretty harmless generalisation in comparison. I suppose you've never ever made a generalisation about a bigger group ever?
  11. Hate speech is a touch far do you not think. It was a stupid generalisation for sure but I thought he was taking the piss anyway? Almost all his posts are sarcastic 'jokes'.
  12. Rumour has it one of the Friday headliners is The Strokes who haven't announced anything for next Summer yet. Also, its a bit close to Christmas I think to announce more
  13. It's not 9 euros for a pint. It's 9 euros for a litre which is nearer 2 pints
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