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  1. Tour Announcements & Upcoming Gigs

    Probably depends on your opinion of Royal Blood, but At the Drive In are touring with them for about £38 quid (£8 quid cheaper than their March tour) in November - some tickets still available on some of the dates.
  2. Acts you don't "get"

    Arcade fire and elbow for me. Arcade fire even more so because they get such high praise and acclaim while I just find them a bit boring
  3. The Kasabian Thread

    Last I checked there were still tickets available not sure if there will be now tho
  4. The Kasabian Thread

    Just got tickets for Kasabian for a mates 30th. 54 fucking quid!
  5. Boomtown?

    Thanks both for the reasoned responses @incident and @eFestivals and that does make a lot of sense. I was in a bit of a ratty mood at the time of my original post! haha.
  6. Boomtown?

    I think the think the worse about these obscene queing times is that there is often no explanation for them at all. Dread to think how people with anxiety and other health conditions deal with it. Although i imagine the organisers to some of these festivals pay lip service to that kind of thing I've read somewhere that the queues were due to the site being in such as state they didnt want to risk peoples safety but surely this can't be true as being in a queue for 8 hours in the heat with all your heavy stuff is a greater risk to people's health than mud? Surely if they knew anything about the British summer time the likihood of a muddy festival site is high and put in the relevant precautions? Apologies for venting but really bugs some of stories coming out of the festivals this year!
  7. Festival cancelled due to mud

    Spot on
  8. Festival cancelled due to mud

    Find it genuinley depressing how it appears so many companies are profiteering on the "festival experience" at the moment. Just trying to make a quick buck and doing nothing for the punter. Seems like something that come about very recently too (despite the popularity of festivals now for a decade or so) which is a bit odd. Not music related but there was a Rum festival in southampton that had made so many promises about what the festival would entail, which sounded a lot of fun and it ended up being so turgid the promoters deleted the facebook page for the event as they were getting so many negative comments! Does makes you appreciate Glastonbury even more though despite its own flaws!
  9. Mr C telling a few porkies ??

    Very succinctly put
  10. West Holts 2019

    Doubt it would ever happen but i'd love to see Cliff Martinez bang out some the soundtracks from Drive/neon demon/only god forgives. Would love that with a light show late evening.
  11. Chester Bennington

    Nu-metal was utterly derided in most quarters when it came to critics back then. Still is. Think an element of snobbery comes into it
  12. Chester Bennington

    It perhaps depends on what your point of view is on whats ground breaking. I definitely see your point - but in my view they made extremeley popular something that already existed, which in my view isn't groundbreaking. They did put their own original twist into nu-metal with some of their songs like Breaking the Habit, but without Chester's talent and passion I think they would've been pretty *whispers* generic
  13. Lana Del Rey - still a possibility?

    Really enjoyed Lana del rey in 2014 would love to see her on the line up in 2019 again. Havent heard new album yet so will have to give that a listen. Also have a very large school boy crush on her not going to lie!
  14. Chester Bennington

    Hardly a ground-breaking band but I did (and still do to be fair) love their first two albums. Chester was no doubt a very talented man and also seemed like a very decent, down to earth bloke. All in all very sad news, particuarly due to the natue of his death.
  15. The Beauty of the Glastonbury Organisers

    Bitter sweet story in many ways but amazing response from the Glastonbury staff - and its great to hear she had an amazing time despite having to take some precuations during the festival