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  1. Primavera 2018

    Today the second biggest Catalán Bank (Banco Sabadell) has moved to Alicante. Huge rumours that the biggest catalán bank (2nd Spanish Bank), Caixabank will also run away from Catalonia to Mallorca this week. Catalan biggest insurance company (Catalana Occidente) is also moving out of Catalonia. I think that Primavera will go on, but maybe they will move their financial headquarters to Madrid. All catalán big entrepaneurs are scared because maybe next monday Catalan president will declare Independece, so Catalonia can be out of EU, so the y are running away. I hope that all this shit will end asap. Another general strike is being planned for next week. Bad news for a great place with great people as Catalonia.
  2. Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    Benicassim (Castellón) doesnt belong to Catalonia. Benicassim is placed in Comunidad Valenciana (Comunidad Autónoma whose provinces are Alicante, Valencia and Castellón)
  3. Benicassim (FIB) 2018

    Mad Cool is where an acrobat died while he was performing at the fest.
  4. Mad Cool 2017

    This year it will be different. You have to pay using cash or credit card. No tokens and no wristband for paying.
  5. Mad Cool 2017

    50 euros??? There is a 30€ fixed fare from the Airport to the city center. Some taxi drivers are shit.
  6. Mad Cool 2017

    A Taxi from the Festival to Atocha should cost 10 or 12 euros. It's a better option than the bus. Taxis are not very expensive in Spain and Atocha is "close" to the festvial (1 hour walking but so fast by car) This year you can pay in cash and credit card. Last year you had to pay with the wristband, but this year they will make it easier, so you can pay using cash or your credit card.
  7. Mad Cool 2017

    There is a huge Primark in Gran Vía (a famous street in the city center)
  8. Mad Cool 2017

    There are taxi ranks at both exits of the festival. You won't have any problem getting a taxi (besides waiting maybe 15 or 20 minutes in the queue if you leave just when the headliner ends his performance)
  9. Mad Cool 2017

    This is the Spanish Ministry of Environement official weather website and it's pretty accurate: http://www.aemet.es/es/eltiempo/prediccion/municipios/madrid-id28079 You can also check this one: https://www.eltiempo.es/madrid.html It's so strange that in Spain we have rain in July, but it seems that it will rain on thursday and maybe a little bit on friday. At least the weather will be softer and not so hot I prefer a bit of rain, than 40 degrees during the day.
  10. Mad Cool 2017

    Download Festival Madrid was celebrated last weekend in Madrid in the same venue as Mad Cool Festival (La Caja Mágica). There were lot of pickpockets are hundreds of people were robbed while dancing or jumping. Lot of wallets and mobiles were taken from people pockets. Two thieves was caught by security guys with more than 60 mobiles in their backpacks. They pickpocketed them or cut the lower side of the backpacks with a little knife Here you can check the info: http://www.europapress.es/madrid/noticia-detenidos-dos-jovenes-62-moviles-robados-festival-download-20170626195500.html So try to avoid wearing things in your pockets, don't wear backpacks, buy a bum bug and be aware if you decide to be in the pogo in Green Day or Rancid. Some people say in spanish forums that police had info that more than 500 people were robbed in Download Festival.
  11. Mad Cool 2017

    Mini is a "huge glass" of beer (1 liter or so). i think that is better buying 3€ beers because they are almost 0,5 liter. The last day os festival, I brought home my last glass (it was a hard glass with all the names of the bands playing written in it), and we checked that almost 0,5 liter was its capacity.
  12. Mad Cool 2017

    Last year, these were the prices. (1 MAD = 1€) For 3€ you could get 0.5 lit. of fresh beer. It wasn't an expensive festival. (agua=water; refresco=coca cola/fanta; cerveza=beer; kalimotxo=wine+coca cola; combinado=spirits, gin tonic, rum coke, whisky...; Mini = 1 liter glass)
  13. Mad Cool 2017

    Last year it was like a huge monster pushed by some people that was moving close to the Main Stage. Like a circus thing. Nothing interesting.
  14. Primavera Sound 2017

    http://www.foroexiliados.net/t13126p150-frank-ocean#2355671 El año que viene son fijos = fixed for next year
  15. Primavera Sound 2017

    Gabi is "El Primaveras" in that forum. He has been explaining what happened with Frank Ocean, and then he gave that new: The National will be in Primavera next year.