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  1. Professional and statesmanlike but 97 and 03 that was not
  2. Ed209

    Neil Young

    Thanks fella. Will be sporadic, but glasto is approaching. Wasn't the best of the setlists last night, think Leeds got that, but his snarling and grungy rendition of Revolution Blues was exceptional. Seemed like he threw it into the setlist at the last moment as well as he had to take time out to have a short chat with the band just before they started it.
  3. Ed209

    Neil Young

    2 words: Revolution Blues Exceptional gig. To see shakey and his old black tear it up like he was at the end was an absolute joy
  4. Ed209


    I got the impression it was much more an "anyone but Cowboys" vibe than it being specifically a jag fanbase.
  5. Ed209


    I might have a little bit of sympathy with woy if it wasn't for the fact that the NFL is outselling the England national team at the moment http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/29946883
  6. Ed209


    Is that the first time they've held a divisional game at Wembley? Another ramping up in London's role by the NFL. You have to hand to the NFL, they are playing the long game very well
  7. Ed209


    *cough* Wiziwig dot tv *cough*
  8. Ed209


    How about dem Cowboys!?! Rather smugly picked that result in my picks league too They're running the ball like a team possessed right not, Murray is in MVP form. Who would have thought the two best records in the NFL at week 6 would both be in the NFC East. Also going to the 'boys jags game at Wembley. Although I'm going to be cheering for the cowboys I don't want a blowout. Saying that - a decent rule for Cowboys games over the last 4 or 5 years is if on paper they should win it they'll probably lose it, and if on paper they should lose it then they'll go win it
  9. Ed209


    If Cowboys have a losing record by week 8 I think Garrett could be for the chop. Romo is a running joke. He actually throws up very good stats, but never gets the job done when its needed. Would also think this has to be Romo's last go at getting to the playoffs. But then people have been thinking that for a little while.
  10. Ed209


    How about dem cowboys?! Enjoyed that Romo masterclass on sunday evening
  11. Ed209


    Have last nights game on record. Haven't watched it yet and don't know the score, so will look forward to that later this afternoon. To purely gloat - I'm going to visit the University of Alabama in a couple of weeks and I've managed to time things very well. Just bought my tickets for Alabama vs Florida at the Bryant-Denny stadium. Pretty bloody excited
  12. Yeah, they really were excellent. They were on great form. They all seemed in really high spirits and looked like they were just having a lot of fun. Makes a big difference.
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