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  1. Ok what's the bar called on the opposite site to brothers bar? I always thought it was called that, but point being bar name not right at mo
  2. Fantastic effort - just noticed in the West Holts field an error on the bar name - Rock the Kasbar would normally be the bar at the opposite side near Glasto Latino stage and the bar you have marked as Rock the Kasbar will be the Brothers bar - unless they are changing it round this year?
  3. Yeah I never eat enough at festivals, basically 1 meal a day which zaps the energy levels as drink way too much Eat food people, it always helps
  4. shoptildrop

    2019 Map

    Camp split between public and crew in Dairy ground has changed On V2 it looked like there was a pathway alongside Glasto Latino to get to Avalon - now removed It's interesting they have took the late night entry sign off, wonder if they are changing that? I'm still guttered not got tickets as all these changes to the areas look really good
  5. Sad that I didn't get tickets Gojira and Idles are the stand outs along with the Keith Flint tribute hour (that will be rammed) Is the Earache tube train back again this year?
  6. Jason is in the country at the moment as well... plus think either the Jason or the Robbie ones will have the better nostalgic singalongs. Can't see that with Nick even if he is fab I'd want Robbie as love the song kids
  7. We're coming down from Manchester too, looking to leave mid-morning around 11am to get there around 1ish... hopefully not as much queuing on the roads this time (due to something stuck under a bridge I believe)
  8. I've literally just bought tickets for Bearded ? see you there.. We're doing Bluedot end of July as well, as love that festival and local to us so win win!!
  9. Oh god remember that, we could be a**ed to leave the tent as still chilling with a beer, defo could hear the groans in Paines ground and the familiar sounds of sh**e!! We all agreed we made the right choice staying at the tent lol
  10. I think I'm going to go back to Bearded Theory as nice sized festival and quite chilled out
  11. Like many here I got through to the reg page and then it just stated "all tickets allocated" to "event not found" - obviously not meant to be.... ?
  12. Hope not as that sounds really low, they will be gone in minutes if that's the case
  13. shoptildrop


    Lots of action going on in the Greenpeace field
  14. It was indeed!!! I know the touring bassist that was with them and he did say Lias was going hardcore the night before, hence the spew city on stage ? He also said they decided not to film them either (maybe thought he would do something bad lol)
  15. Booo loved this place, spent many a time talking to randoms here ..... this is so sad
  16. How long did it take to sell out this time? I'm trying Sunday too, so best of luck for everyone trying
  17. Decent walking boots and waterproof socks for the win!! Last time I wore wellies in 2008 they destroyed my feet, never again!!
  18. I'd say Williams fields would be the closest section of campervan east to gate C these days
  19. I bet camping in the West Holts area was busy!!
  20. It was just skol or pepsi max, never saw Carling once from the Friday - was it about on the Thursday then? Skol was just lager flavoured water at 2% so I went for the Pepsi instead lol
  21. I don't know how anyone can drink this pisswater tbh!! I accidentally bought one to drink on the shuttle bus to Leeds festival thinking it was like corona or something, one sip and spat it out - disgusting ?
  22. shoptildrop

    Billie Eilish

    Her Coachella set was fantastic!! Such stage presence for someone so young and crowd was going nuts.. I can get behind on the hype on this one
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