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  1. Depends if it's just them or a double headliner...
  2. Hearing just 6 with the final one being sunday 12th
  3. Do you know who the 6th is though...
  4. Before anyone asks it's unlikely there'll be anything on the friday
  5. Yep, definitely not headlining this festival
  6. I'd heard London which made me think they wouldn't do APE as well but as with all of these things may not come to fruition.
  7. Think they're doing a one off thing instead so not sure they'll do this as well
  8. If they're booked into other events then wireless may not have a choice
  9. Why do you say that about Printworks - thought it was going great guns so why would they want to close it?
  10. That'll be cause the ex-organiser of Field Day now runs that
  11. If taking kids walkie talkies tend to work ok, also make sure they have the kids wristband with your number on it. Carfest are used to kids wandering off so they should generally be pretty safe. Stuff to take - take less than you think you need otherwise you're lugging it all around. A quick search on the glasto forums will give you a long list of hints and tips
  12. They posted it as a new event on their Facebook page yesterday evening for Sunday 26th may - same night as christine. Seemed odd to post it specifically
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