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  1. If taking kids walkie talkies tend to work ok, also make sure they have the kids wristband with your number on it. Carfest are used to kids wandering off so they should generally be pretty safe. Stuff to take - take less than you think you need otherwise you're lugging it all around. A quick search on the glasto forums will give you a long list of hints and tips
  2. They posted it as a new event on their Facebook page yesterday evening for Sunday 26th may - same night as christine. Seemed odd to post it specifically
  3. Any ideas what the James Blake announcement is all about?
  4. I couldn't find it on the online version but if you Google stevie wonder hyde park from the last 24 hours other websites have it
  5. Hearing that the final announcement is planned for sometime in the next 10 days
  6. At least 3 different people on here have said the same place - they could all be wrong obviously. Guess until its officially announced nothing is certain
  7. Middlesborough apparently
  8. We already know the location so just 6 names to guess
  9. VIP does have quite a lot of seating but as the guys say, if that's all you're after then probably not worth the extra dosh. Maybe worth emailing the organisers and seeing about trying to get onto the accessibility platform which will have chairs
  10. Cause it's not been announced yet.
  11. It's not a recent booking - they've been in the picture for a while - hence mentioned on here ages ok
  12. I'd bet on slightly further south than that
  13. As far as I'm aware it was a rumour and won't be happening
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