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  1. Announcement later today possibly tomorrow morning
  2. The aim is at the moment is that it will, they still had another year in contract with the council so would assume that this will just roll over so it becomes 2021 and 2022
  3. No worries - just been announced on their FB https://www.facebook.com/allpointseastuk/?__tn__=kC-R&eid=ARAKNb7qX6EuMwd9SBr19UYu37A9PdvSYP_1mEEVrrDZRI6kiUXldboI_CSh5dN28_bYafAxcAS7KogO&hc_ref=ARSZMjGu0pqeSVJcRzPbfww0-ICmKtNkpwRYKJxF1pDLB1R5Bod4WwgSc2QsTtHmMEM&fref=nf&__xts__[0]=68.ARDBJyvMSaLohClmkVnqK5tCN9VV2-_KBNkNmxsZeS_3FUOpnYJpXo-kS6yzrh7GoDdRpHUT3moB6mPRot1Yi_rmC_39dWS3dOrPR_6I8X-2dCJJWg8uw6yNWrTmMoIxhxiLM0zZV9-GIM3IL_eb35fmajaYfUbRJt-hD9R40IiVrk6EqZ4GWAwFALI4TFc_JPEI3vt2HPQx11vEMut9ZEadZbNJhctycdbbA0d1uhD0qvuCcZLxk4ABvIJ1X0icVxcAdUfbrTK1PnwnT1vE-xl6fSMdUMqyAPbuKhufJc
  4. You're missing Bombay Bicycle Club and there's no way Foo Fighters would do this
  5. Depends if it's just them or a double headliner...
  6. Hearing just 6 with the final one being sunday 12th
  7. Do you know who the 6th is though...
  8. Before anyone asks it's unlikely there'll be anything on the friday
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