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  1. They first brought this rule in two years ago. I queried it with the admin team via twitter, who just repeated that over A4 size bags weren't allowed. When we arrived, took my 30 litre (a normal sized rucksack-bigger than A4) down to the arena, and we just had to go in the "large bag" queue, not the "small or bum bag" queue. Was the same last year. Unless they have tightened up the rules for no reason this year should be fine with a normal sized bag. Otherwise I'll have to dig out the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle bum bag I had when I was 6 - the appropriate age for anyone carrying a bum bag!
  2. About to book for the Bjork day but had a thought...Is Beck definitely on before Bjork and not headlining a second stage and then clashing? Do the headliners at these one-day London fests (BST ect) tend to be the only act on at that time, with second stage just for more choice during the day time?
  3. ...Elbow are my favourite band. All seven albums are sublime and incredibly important to me. In my opinion Guy is the greatest lyricist, most consistent, of my musical listening life. I had a little cry when they played Latitude 2008, and that year hit the big time, with a huge crowd singing along to the band I'd loved for years. Seen them 13 times and every time is like a huge joyous hug. They have a very large loyal following, who would stand in a field and listen to Guy belt out the phone book. But that's my opinion, each to their own and all that, some people insist they enjoy Ed Sheeran. Wouldn't be fussed either way if they did headline, I'll be getting my 2018 fix of them in March, but would be a good send off on the Sunday. ps. Talking of joy...after seeing Gorillaz last night, that incredible show needs to come to Latitude in the summer!
  4. With V Festival on the way out could this mean a much more pop orientated feel to Victorious?
  5. Throwing Christine and the Queens into the mix. If new album out will be high up on main stage. Highlight of 2016.
  6. Playlist has been added to Spotify by chief booker of the music stages, Lucy. Nice to know some of the names above are also on her current listening.
  7. Ooo Beck! Good shout. Sigur Ros possible for a return I reckon. Everything Everything as possible sub or BBC Music headliner. Catfish?? Are they that popular with the kids to headline? The 1975 weren't for me (still baffled after watching them) but could see they were both popular and had some critical acclaim behind them to headline.
  8. Would have said that Arcade Fire were too big, but we've had Mumfords a few years after a Glasto headline slot and with no Glastonbury next year, is possible.
  9. Too early to start the annual Bjork rumour?! New album on its way.....
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