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  1. Elbow? Not announced for anything else.
  2. They first brought this rule in two years ago. I queried it with the admin team via twitter, who just repeated that over A4 size bags weren't allowed. When we arrived, took my 30 litre (a normal sized rucksack-bigger than A4) down to the arena, and we just had to go in the "large bag" queue, not the "small or bum bag" queue. Was the same last year. Unless they have tightened up the rules for no reason this year should be fine with a normal sized bag. Otherwise I'll have to dig out the Teenage Mutant Hero Turtle bum bag I had when I was 6 - the appropriate age for anyone carrying a bum b
  3. Too early to start the annual Bjork rumour?! New album on its way.....
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