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  1. Pendulum Live are playing very exclusively and haven't played that much since their comeback. Would be a good name for Sziget, but also can't see them headling. Big names, who never perfomed in Budapest - Måneskin, The Kid Laroi, Olivia Rodrigo, 24kgoldn,...?
  2. Well, didn't expect, that their official instagram will be that "professional" 😀
  3. InMusic is in late June and you wanted July/August. If June is ok too, then this.
  4. From RFP 21: Beer from £1,5 - £2/pint Cider - £1,7 Jack Daniel's, Jäger, Vodka, Beefeater - £2,3/ 40ml Skinny Bitch £2,5 Gin&Tonic/Cuba Libre/Jack Coke £3 Mojito £4 Long Island £5
  5. I just saw Maneskin last weekend at Rock for People festival in the Czech Republic. They got huge really fast and definitely the a band for gen z, so they could easily replace MGK. Half of the setlist were covers, their hit song was played 3 times (normal, Iggy Pop version and as encore)... the kids loved it (actually not sure, if they know the original songs except Harry Styles or billie eilish covers)... nothing special about the band. Good thing is, that many kids came to the festival to see them and left with better bands to listen.
  6. RFP without Fixa wouldn't be RFP, right? 😀
  7. The only thing, that I know from the line-up is Jelen beer 😀
  8. We can't fly to the UK without a quarantine, so I am looking for other options.
  9. Will be interesting what countries will be next? Where are some festivals left? UK, Germany, Denmark or Poland?
  10. Well, the overseas bands are taking only guitars, if needed, the rest they will have from backline rentals or the festival will provide to them. They can have local/EU crew working for them... having UK crew nowadays is complicated due to Brexit. The merchandise is made in the EU, so they don't have to bring it with them. DJ's are travelling only with USB stick and maybe a back-up USB stick nowadays 😀 the CD players are always provided from the festival. During these days, nobody expects you to come with a fire spitting dragon on the stage and a flying piano.
  11. Well, it's easier to get US artist to Europe because they are on a green list of many EU countries. In many countries, UK artists has to go to the quarantine first and then get tested and they will have to do the same on the way back... and also there is a chance, that they will be on the black list of many countries due to the delta.
  12. Only JC Stewart is from UK, so they are playing it safe.
  13. The question is, how many of the artist will get canceled later?
  14. Rock for People in the Czech Republic did this, but I can't see The Hives or Maneskin headlining Pukkelpop.
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