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  1. Biffy Clyro headlining the third stage... can't imagine how bigger will the festival be this year. Royal Blood vs. Wargasm is a tough one for me, but could be worse. De Staat moved to main stage.
  2. If you are going to be in Prague, there might be someone selling before the show. Ticketswap is not working here and other sites can sell fake e-tickets. RFP has last 500 tickets btw.
  3. via an article from iDnes, he is coming without the band, so they probably cancelled last minute?
  4. RfP just added some bands... can't wait for Wet Leg!
  5. Glamping and hotels on sale this Thursday. This will be sold out quickly I believe. https://rockforpeople.cz/en/kempy/
  6. Maneskin announcing on Monday? https://www.instagram.com/p/CbQD8lnDelx/
  7. The airport express bus is only 2,5€, so I would use this option to the train station. Hotels on booking.com are sold out... so I guess, that the easiest option would be going to Decathlon and buy a tent.
  8. Rock for People has a new festival, so any of these bands could be at Sziget 🤔
  9. Of Mice & Men just canceled EU/UK tour. And it seems, that they will announce new bands soon!
  10. Well, the 2021 covid edition was in August, so maybe we will have 2 RFP's? 🤔
  11. camps and parking on sale on Monday.
  12. A mid size festival at 30k capacity can't be compared with the headliners of the big festivals like Werchter. It's a cheap country, where you have a pint for € 1,5 and food from € 4-5 😁 for €116 it's really good (and who got the tickets for € 72, it's a steal). Hella Mega in Vienna has standing tickets for € 80 (€ 110 for front of stage standing) and the stadium is like 50k cap?
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