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  1. sry forgot to quote, post it above
  2. Deezer is a streaming platform like Spotify, doubt that they would lie about it, but who knows who is editing this cuz link on Deezer now appears broken, when I posted it you were able to enter in event: it could be fake or strong leak
  3. Just found out on Deezer that PJ is confirmed for Werchter
  4. Ok, idk the procedure, just asking, so they will be back if not next year in 2022
  5. Then they are paying a huge penalty right?
  6. SOAD are in fight all the time, doubt that concert will be good
  7. We can expect some of the names
  8. Was looking for this year's headlines but didn't notice them, so ok, they are just travelling a lot, hope that they''ll all festivals confirm
  9. Strokes confirmed yesterday officially Outside Lands on their IG, festival that they weren't suppose to do this year and which is at Sziget time they suppose to perform, it looks like they decided to change tour a lot, probably similar situation like PJ cuz they have a bunch of indoors in US
  10. Again no PJ, no Strokes Placebo is safe, they'll reschedule tour at the end of the year
  11. Hope so, it would be ridiculous to be out of all scheduled headlining
  12. Ok, they are playing in Spain frequently, my fault for Primavera, but it's weird that they added one new fest and didn't confirm exsisting ones except BKS
  13. About The Strokes: Primavera doesn't mean anything since they are playing it frequently, Best Kept Secret is around Primavera so they confirmed i, but they didn't confirm any other fest (Garorock, Roskilde, all around Werchter) + they added Outland Festival which is exactly during the time of Sziget (they supposed to headline Sziget to). They supposed to have a bunch of US shows at the beginning of the year and probably they don't believe it would be possible to do at that time next year, so they are thinking doing it later, probably during the summer? They did some EU shows before corona occurred, so maybe it's not primary for them to do European tour the next year?
  14. Do you have more info? They didn't confirm Garorock and waiting for Werchter Still think they are cash depended band, so they'll confirm if they got enough money
  15. I'm so sad cuz of Tame Impala, I want to see them badly Checking about The Strokes concert history and last year and they performed in Toronto on 20th May and after that on 25th they were on All East Points in London and they come back in the US on Governors Ball, 2nd of June. Even in 2016 they did Australia and after 2 or 3 days LA show, it looks like it depends on how much money they'll get per show, if Sziget payed them properly they'll perform But again they are performing on the last in san Francisco and just 3 days more till the end of Sziget if the last day will be 11th of August, maybe Sziget will be a bit later next year? But no later than Scandinavian shows? Don't know if artist have some contract obligation for the next year
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