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  1. Early bird is pretty expensive, hmmm I'm not brave enough to buy it without lineup (partrial). I don't think it's worth try to do Ciutat shows with Barcelona+ madrid tickets, so I'll probably there only for Forum part.
  2. Beach House were really loud at the beginning and they moderated their sound, but again they were lound. They are always loud live. Binance is with Cupra probably my favourite stage. Sound was clear and great every time.
  3. Great, need that from central/SE Europe as well, not fan of plans, especially while having cold.
  4. Beach House was too quite? Man, I was in front and I almost puked once with earplugs how loud they were lol. They had way better sound than Slowdive in Razzmatazz, Slowdive was more proper for Cupra stage than Razzmatazz.
  5. Definitely would like to do just Barcelona. Madrid is in the middle of nowhere and I don't like heatwave.
  6. I've noticed that! I gave them a cup for refill and they gave me the cup from another person who was ordering with me! I was always asking for a new cup just to escape using my old dirty one, but looks like it was a mistake. I ended up with some sort of cold, my flight went terrible cuz of that, I didn't take a test and I'm working from home now. My friend developed the same symptoms at the same time! We still think that it was maybe cuz of Razzmatazz, but maybe cups, who knows. I've seen dirty cups in Razzmatazz as well, just washed by pure water. However, if I'm doing Primavera next year, I'll do just Barcelona. Two weeks is def too long for someone who is hitting 30 soon. It was a great time, maybe I'll write a review about the artists I've seen.
  7. Sorry to tell, but drink service is awful and I've watched Charlie set from queing... I've glad that I've made my safe exit from Tame Impala, it was horrible.
  8. Noo, Nick Valensi of The Strokes. I was like wtf happened to his family now. Strokes are one of the a have to see acts, so hopefully they will perform 2nd weekend.
  9. Westing, weird choice I know JAMC- Honey's Dead Beach House- Thank Your Lucky Stars Looks like I'm gonna miss JAMC cuz of The Strokes, looks like they will only play the 2nd weekend EDIT: it's rumour that Nick is positive, which means that maybe the rest of them end positive as well 😞
  10. My plan is to spend whole Wednesday there, I hope it will be possible. About Beach House, I really prefer a way more 7 tour, but I'm gonna see them for the 1st time and happy about it. About Disclousure, friend is up to them, I don't really mind and won't be for running after excellent BH show.
  11. What's the capacity of Poble Espanyol? I accidently quoted myself
  12. They don't play one of my fav albums at all. The same problems with JAMC, Beach House and bunch of other artists.
  13. So lockers are just far away on another peninsula?
  14. Really want to see DIIV, but idk how it will work for Beach House. I have to be in first rows and centered during Beach House set and DIIV kind a ruin things a bit. Idk how long takes to get from Plentitude to Binance? Is it the best option to skip DIIV (damn) for Beach House?
  15. Thx for reminder, almost forget about this album.
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