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  1. If they lose headliner or two, I expect of them to book new one. Primal Scream will be fine.
  2. Most of the acts have German dates during May/June and these are Primavera acts. I don't believe they will left measures, it's better for an artist to cancel German dates and change it for some other, think it's even possible now. And if you need to be negative even thou you're vaccinated, you're in risk of tested postive and in this case your festival journey is already over. That makes artists impossible to plan anything.
  3. Do bands really need get tested before every f show even if they are vaccinated? I think that technical issue is just an excuse, true reason is Omicron.
  4. I don't care about promoters if the line- up is stacked. Many acts who played Coachella in the past are now playing This Aint No Picnic without any desire to come back to Coachella.
  5. What if I have both Weekends, but separated tickets? Actually I paid more than Weekend 1+2
  6. Coachella is a trendy festival with mostly trendy people there with trendy music taste. Rock isn't so hot genre for a long time, especially nowdays, so that's the reason why are these acts are reduced. You have far better festivals around that area such as This Ain't No Picnic or Outside Lands with more indie and rock acts. Why force yourself trying to love some music that you don't like, just pick up some another festival which suits you better.
  7. Honestly, only acts that can drop are ones that we don't know nothing about their new albums except that they are doing new one like Slowdive (record session was 2 years ago), Jesus and Mary Chain (some singles are out, but what about the rest), Sky Ferreira (she told that album will be out thou), Wayes Blood (no new info about album). I don't wanna more drop outs since lineup is great.
  8. Billie, Jamie xx and Phoebe are good and ok Kayne, but he's fucked up so idk who wants to see him.
  9. Protection is only for Spanish citizen, wish I knew that before buying
  10. I hope that you are right, but all concerts in my country now are shut down and that's the reason why I'm a bit pessimistic. Unlike most of you, I like to see things as much realistic as I can and now situation is not good at all. I already changed my plane dates since we've decided to do both weekends, so in case of postponment I'll again lose my money on flights. For me the first and second day of the festival will be tough since I want to see almost all acts lol. And I have a question since I have separated Weekend 1 and 2 tickets,I don't have advantage for mid week shows right?
  11. Not in May, but artists who are now on tour in February canceled it. Edit: For US acts needs to be safe until April, you think that we,ll be totally Omicron free until that time? Edit 2: check for Bullet For My Valentine if they are still in Rock Am Ring, and they are European.
  12. Very brave act since artists are canceling European tour
  13. The problem is that during the summer situation is always better and in October he have better situation than now during the winter. Artists need to be sure that they can do entire tour without problems and at the moment they can't be sure about that and that's the reason why some of them already cancel tour. For example, one US artist needs to be sure that they can do one/two month European without getting positive. Looks like they need to test themselves even being vaccinated.
  14. Then they should shut down all the music industry. You can have online events, but there are not even close to real live music. We did what we can with vaccines really, virus will be around probably forever.
  15. Next summer? Ok, you already cancled your life. If this festival seson is canceled, I won't put hope on 2023 or 2024
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