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  1. Really want to see DIIV, but idk how it will work for Beach House. I have to be in first rows and centered during Beach House set and DIIV kind a ruin things a bit. Idk how long takes to get from Plentitude to Binance? Is it the best option to skip DIIV (damn) for Beach House?
  2. Thx for reminder, almost forget about this album.
  3. Vocals are not live here. I've watched a tons of their videos, but Victoria will sing live on Primavera ofc.
  4. Ok one a bit weird question: is Parc full of mosquitoes since it's on seaside?
  5. Will miss Big Thief cuz of Slowdive aaaaaaa
  6. Idk if it's possible to be at festival from 5 pm till 4/5 am...
  7. Try to catch Little Simz a la Ciutat
  8. Site crashed down! We are trying to make Drive for lineup
  9. I'm affraid of Lorde- Smile clash. I'm more for seeing Smile than Lorde, but the rest of the crew doesn't feel the same 😞
  10. Ok thx, I have claim from Dice option. I really wanted to see Japanese Breakfast, but she was so upset about Covid, so I assume that she maybe dropped out cuz of Primavera is no longer asking for Covid pass.
  11. Guys, shou I click reclaim ticket on Access App?
  12. Not that war I expected, it's warmer in my place right now. Will rethink about taking long trousers and even a light jacket for the evening.
  13. Horrible lost 😞 😞 And lost of another headliner
  14. Still lucky that only MA is the act that I wanted to see and dropped out, I'm sorry for ou guys who have more like this acts 😞
  15. Someone really thinks that Beach House and Caroline Polachek will be in clash? I don't think so. They are good outside of stage and have a pretty similar fanbase.
  16. Then no shorts and tops on fest
  17. What if I have separated tickets (both weekends)? I asked Dice for 1+2 wristband, but looks like it's not the option. I hope that you can negotiate with them at the entrance.
  18. It's a sold out event, so no replacements which is guts. Still think we need at least MA replacement.
  19. I've heard that Airbnb in Barcelona is only available for a one month rent.
  20. Slowdive put a couple of IG stories/posts about recording a new album which dates back in 2020. There were rumours that album was supposed to be out last year somewhere in fall.
  21. Still in doubt for Sky since her album is not out yet. The same for Slowdive.
  22. My last concert will be at May 6th and I've already recovered and still affraid of, so I'll skip it.
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