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  1. I have called into work on Monday.  As I am volunteering I am heading to Bristol Monday night so I will going into the office in London fully laden with rucksack, tent, chair, bed, booze the works.  Definitely not how I planned it!

  2. working with shelter this year. First time volunteering am excited to do the festival in a different way. Anyway got a question, how strict are they in crew camping about the size of your tent?  Lots of comments in the online training and also in the newsletter about not bringing a 6 man tent for two people. Spending 6 nights in a tent I don’t want to be squeezed in a small tent or willing to go and buy another tent to make this work.  Would a 3/4 man tent for one be acceptable?  Where do they draw the line or do they even check?

    Also does crew camping get very crowded too due to limited space?


  3. 52 minutes ago, Quark said:

    Did you tell them they have a small but enthusiastic efests following? 😄

    Ha! Not directly no. Lafayette in London was sold out (great venue by the way) and crowd very much up for it. 

  4. On 3/19/2022 at 10:46 AM, Simpo said:

    Yumi Zouma, how nice is that?! Saturday or Sunday afternoon on The Park please.

    So went to see them last week and met with my cousin who is in the band. They are not on any festival bills except Rock Werchter at the moment but will be in Europe this summer so I expect to see them appearing on some uk festivals. 

  5. 5 minutes ago, squirrelarmy said:

    I’m doing something similar but have more of a top gear style cool wall spreadsheet arrangement where I can move artists anywhere on the chart from “unmissable” to “avoid “and vice versa. Will make sorting out potential clashes easier once the full line up is out. 

    someone needs to create like an old Shoot! magazine league ladder table for bands and stages like this...



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  6. What’s peoples experience of twickets?  Generally it’s been pretty good for me but been trying to get a Sam Fender ticket for my daughter for past few weeks and no matter how fast I am to the alert I always seem to miss out. I think the touts have some kind of automated sniping system in place.  Very frustrating. 

  7. Busy-ish week for me too.

    Saw Maximo Park at Earth in Hackney on Saturday night, have been there before to see Black Midi a couple of years ago but they seem to have two halls.  The one I saw BM in was a flat taditional concert venue but for MP we were in like a lecture theatre.  Not ideally suited to a band like Maximo Park.  They were, as always, great and support band Peaness were pretty decent too.

    Then last night saw The Howl & The Hum at Islington Assembley Hall.  Band were great, lead singer has a fantastic voice although his dancing leaves a lot to be desired.  They were supported by Tommy Lefroy who were a female duo, shades of Evermore era Taylor Swift, they were OK but songs were all a bit samey.

    Finally off to see The Reytons in Camden tomorrow night before I too have a little rest from live music.  But it is wonderful to be back!

  8. I can see Emily wanting to have an all female headliner festival in the very near future, with some of the names touted that could well be in 2024.  It always feels at the moment that there is a token female headliner to back up two male artists/bands.  

  9. On 9/7/2021 at 11:33 AM, Quark said:

    Yumi Zouma are back with a new tune.  Bit more uptempo than their previous stuff, keeping that same vocal but with a little bit more oomph.  Not lots of oomph, just a bit. Like this a lot.


    Glad to hear they have some fans here.  I am proud to say the drummer is my cousin.  If you haven't seen them in concert they are great live, the songs come alive, (shameless plug) touring in the UK in Spring next year.

  10. Although I have done a couple of festivals and Biffy in Margate last night was my first indoor gig, The Wildhearts at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.  Must admit to feeling anxious about being inside with so many people beforehand but we got in there earlier and let the crowds build up around me.  Like @Tartan_Glasto there were times were it was playing on my mind but the times were the sheer joy of jumping around to my favourites tunes and seeing so many happy faces outnumbered it easily.  So great to be back.  It was great also to see so many people enjoying the support acts too and not just talking over them.  Everyone appriecates what we have a little more I think.

  11. 11 hours ago, crazyfool1 said:

    yeah ive had 3 negative lfts  ... but ordered the PCR as a backup ... ive got a sore throat but not sure thats not psychological or just a festival standard illness 

    Same here a bit of a sore throat but then every festival I come back from I feel crap for a week or so.  LFT coming back negative for me and all my group so far.

  12. 4 minutes ago, Skelts said:


    We weren't too far from them either!  We walked past the group with the firepit each night to get to our tent.  Sounds like we were a bit further up the hill than you, almost under the massive tree at the top.  Good ear plugs are a must!

    Yep thats exactly where we were just to the right of that group with the firepit and guitar.  Basically kept most of the north camping field awake by the sounds of it.

  13. My first Beautiful Days festival, had such a great time (i'll skip the toilet situation that has been discussed enough).  Thought the main arena was a great space, loved that everything wasn't that far and that there was generally never a queue for anything.  I thought the food selection was excellent and as someone said good selection of beers at a good price.

    Stand out acts for me were Frank Turner, Skindred, Pattern Pushers (who I stumbled upon and misheard and thought they were called Pat Butcher), Funke & The Two Tone Baby, Lottery Winners, Levellers (Acoustic), Amy Montgomery, Bar Stewards sons..., James and Gentlemans Dub Club.  I thought From The Jam were pretty disppointing.

    Loved actually sitting watching most bands and not rushing between stages and loved the Tiny Tea Tent (best toilets up there).

    Campsite and showers were generally awesome except we had some inconsiderate dicks near us who insisted on having their own festival until 5am each night.

    Overall I enjoyed it, some more diversity in the music overall would be good but I guess they were hampered somewhat.

  14. We had our last ticket arrived today (all the tickets arrived earlier in the week apart from this second car park ticket).  Seems like they are finishing up with the dispatch!  Hope to meet a few of you next week 🙂

  15. 55 minutes ago, Chrisp1986 said:

    I return to live music tomorrow with Beans On Toast in Huddersfield. Can't bloody wait!

    We saw Beans at ValleyFest and he was joyous to watch following on from the crap we've dealt with this past year and a bit.  You are gonna have a brilliant time!

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