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  1. This has hit me for six. I’m speechless
  2. just re-subscribed. Thanks @Neil and to everyone on this forum thanks for keeping it alive and a joyful place to visit.
  3. Ha! Not directly no. Lafayette in London was sold out (great venue by the way) and crowd very much up for it.
  4. So went to see them last week and met with my cousin who is in the band. They are not on any festival bills except Rock Werchter at the moment but will be in Europe this summer so I expect to see them appearing on some uk festivals.
  5. someone needs to create like an old Shoot! magazine league ladder table for bands and stages like this...
  6. I have physical tickets for the London shows. Hope that helps.
  7. Thanks. Will keep persevering and hope something comes up.
  8. Maurice Mecca


    What’s peoples experience of twickets? Generally it’s been pretty good for me but been trying to get a Sam Fender ticket for my daughter for past few weeks and no matter how fast I am to the alert I always seem to miss out. I think the touts have some kind of automated sniping system in place. Very frustrating.
  9. You were right. They were bloody special. Honestly cannot believe they are still playing such a small venue.
  10. Busy-ish week for me too. Saw Maximo Park at Earth in Hackney on Saturday night, have been there before to see Black Midi a couple of years ago but they seem to have two halls. The one I saw BM in was a flat taditional concert venue but for MP we were in like a lecture theatre. Not ideally suited to a band like Maximo Park. They were, as always, great and support band Peaness were pretty decent too. Then last night saw The Howl & The Hum at Islington Assembley Hall. Band were great, lead singer has a fantastic voice although his dancing leaves a lot to be desired. They were supported by Tommy Lefroy who were a female duo, shades of Evermore era Taylor Swift, they were OK but songs were all a bit samey. Finally off to see The Reytons in Camden tomorrow night before I too have a little rest from live music. But it is wonderful to be back!
  11. I can see Emily wanting to have an all female headliner festival in the very near future, with some of the names touted that could well be in 2024. It always feels at the moment that there is a token female headliner to back up two male artists/bands.
  12. I'd suggest the same thought process though, go for single of the year. Might be more challenging as I am not sure how many 7" singles get pressed these days.
  13. Yep. Fan here too. Going to see them in London in a couple of weeks.
  14. Excellent news Neil. Onwards and upwards now.
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