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  1. Maurice Mecca


    That was bullshit. I was on seetickets booking page for Brixton at seconds past 10, none available. the secondary sites of course are overloaded
  2. Maurice Mecca

    Janelle Monae

    yeah pretty sure at one point she stopped and did this
  3. Maurice Mecca

    Janelle Monae

    That was an amazing set, so glad I chose to see her. Her and her band totally killed it and topped off by her coming into the crowd and dancing right next to me at the end. If you watch it back I am in the bright yellow/orange hawaiian shirt. Incredible!
  4. Very excited about this. going to see them in London the week before but they are making waves so possibly last chance to see them intimately.
  5. Although I am more a lurker than an active contributor on here, I thouroughly enjoy catching-up on a daily basis so will do my best to pop along to say hi
  6. Doesn't suggest when it closes though. Perhaps it opens midnight on Wednesday and never closes...
  7. I'd suspect there will be a cost advantage to the festival by allowing EE to spin this up - which will be purely a marketing gimmick as other people have said nobody will have 5G handsets.
  8. All paid for for me and pals, cannot wait now for June!
  9. As always you are first drawn to the headliners which for me are a little dissapointing and then you scan through the rest of the bill and you see tonnes of things you are excited about and loads of acts who you would like to check out. June cannot come around quick enough now!
  10. Mine skewed also by daughter and wife. I naively thought that if you have a premium family account they could at least split it individually. Only two artists for me in the list, I'll let you work out which ones.
  11. I'd always recommend listening to an album three times before deciding unless it commpletely offends your ears. So many albums are far more rewarding long term when they grow on you, those that are immediately accessible tend to get uninteresting just as quickly.
  12. I think they'd suffer due to the sound quality on the Other stage, feel like they need a more intimate setting. But as I said they are probably too big for Park and JP
  13. And it was beautiful. The sound was phenomenal, literally spinetingling. I think @Mardy mentioned that it was rammed so get there early. Got there late, paid the price. Don't think I've seen it that busy downstairs before. The biggest diappointment for me was they only played for just over an hour, they came on at 9pm finished at approximately 10:10pm. Felt like there was so much more they could have played and was kind of expecting at least a 90 minute set. Especially when you paying north of £40 for a ticket. Most people seemed a bit gutted it was over so soon. Don't want to end on a negative note though, the new material live is phenomenal, I'd love for them to record a "live" studio album of the record. Although the stage is probably too small, can see them as the ideal John Peel or Park stage headliners next year.
  14. I'm going tonight. Having never seen Justin before I'm looking forward to this immensely, more so than any gig for a very long time.
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