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  1. I'm being uber conscious of eating my 5-a-day for the past few weeks and jacking up on multi-vitamins.  However I would have no idea if I was ill cos of the monstrous levels of hay fever I'm currently experiencing.

  2. On 2017-5-12 at 1:37 PM, Maurice Mecca said:

    Cheers peeps, Alligator downloaded, will listen and report back

    So far listened to Alligator, Trouble Will Find Me, High Violet and The National.

    How the hell have I missed this band before?  Liked everything I have heard so far.  Right in my sweet spot.  Cheers all.


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  3. 32 minutes ago, ___S_o_m_a__ said:

    But when you pay for parking in town you're not also paying £200 to go to the town.


    Depends if you go shopping with my wife

  4. £45 seems steep, but when you think it's £9 a day for the 5 days it doesn't seem unreasonable, compared to council run and NCP parking in cities and towns around the country.

    Over time it will drive more people to car share where possible but I don't see it being replaced by coaches/trains etc. as the convenience of driving and getting all your stuff door to door far outweighs the alternative.


  5. 1 hour ago, Havors said:

    Pro Tip.... just buy a portable charger for £25 and charge your phone over 5 times from 0% 

    Pay a bit more for newer ones that charge even more 

    This. Last year was first time I took a decent phone with a charger pack, worked perfectly

  6. I'm pretty sure there is (or was) a field at the bottom of the family camping that catered for families with older children / tennagers.  As for being bored no chance, no need for you both to be in each others pockets the whole weekend.  Glastonbury is a damn safe place to explore alone.

  7. Daydreaming was a great great opening track, think that's how they are going to start all the shows IMO.  But agree with what someone else said earlier that for Glastonbury it needs to be followed with an old classic to get the crowd involved.

  8. Another thing, even though it was a fantastic concert there was SO much they didn't play for me, Nothing at all from HTTT (Would have loved There, There and 2+2=5), would have loved Codex from TKOL, no Paranoid Android or Karma Police or Street Spirit.

  9. The concert was amazing tonight.  Great venue for an arena gig, bit like the o2 but half as big.  Loads of tracks from In Rainbows and quite a few from OK Computer too.  Not a lot of talk from Thom throughout the gig but the band seemed up for it and appreciative of a very vocal crowd.  First time I've heard TKOL and AMSP stuff live, Identikit, Daydreaming and Lotus Flower were amazing.  Wasn't overly keen on the Burn the Witch arrangement but it still went down a storm.  I absolutely adore all of the In Rainbows stuff live so hope they keep that in for Glastonbury.  Fake Plastic Trees was a pleasant surprise and got the biggest reaction from the crowd.

    Some american dude standing next to me asked me before the encore whether they would play Karma Police or Creep?!?

    Anyway here are a couple of pictures...






  10. My first Glastonbury in 1997 cost I think £65. Twenty years later we are at £245.  The problem is they have upped the prices a tenner a year without fail for the past few years.  when you take into consideration car parking, travel, food, drink etc.. you are already looking upwards of £500 for the weekend.

    But then you look at the prices of gigs now.  £30 is norm for a Brixton Academy gig, Standing for Metallica at the O2 at the end of the year was £97.50!!  Tickets for theatre in London can set you back north of £100, and premier league football isn't much cheaper (at least in London).

    Every form of entertainment has risen exponentially the past fifteen / twenty years, there will come a break point.  Just don't know when that'll be.  As for Glastonbury, £250ish for the ticket gets you 5 days of some amazing entertainment and memories and is why I come back year on year.  For what you get I still think its value for money ... just

  11. Lost Flowers is my current non album track which I'd love to hear them play.  But would take Bangers & Mash or The Daily Mail too.  And Reckoner is a top tune.  Gearing up for seeing them next week in Miami (7 days and counting!) been listening through the albums, TKOL continues to grow on me.  Codex is such a beautiful song.

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