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  1. Mad Cool has Live Nation backing, they pull almost every act touring Europe in July, like a vacuum cleaner. Sziget will never beat it, lineup wise (even though MC had very meh heads last year, the second, third and etc. tier is always very strong). But Sziget is better organized and its advantages are very well known. 5-6 decent acts a day and I’m good to go, personally.
  2. https://l.instagram.com/?u=https%3A%2F%2Flnk.bio%2F5ikT&e=ATMhz2HYZqw38oLDMxG2rnPcglmUNLW-VUGPhlI5UQ7u_new6zGUjm1_altDBPOZN-a1bVE_qXOcUTCI&s=1 Day-by-day arrived
  3. He did a string of EU shows in 2018, including festivals. I’m betting on the same thing here. But let’s just wait, we got a lot already.
  4. Catfish and Yungblud were last year. I’d take Sum 41
  5. I hope he’s not even a sub. Third on the main is high enough a spot for him
  6. After all heads are announced, I`d guess. You can figure it out by looking at artists` site and socials, one by one, if you can be arsed.
  7. Not mind-blowing, but very decent. Already see around 35 artists I`d definitely go to - and that`s virtually without heads and subs.
  8. Easily. Too many people are in the loop. Local media in different countries and such.
  9. Probably, scandinavian festivals, they`re wealthy enough - Way Out West, Øya Festival and such.
  10. A hint from a leaker a couple of pages ago. Doesn’t necessarily should be tied-in with anything, because Eminem comes on later, as it appears.
  11. Is it at 3 PM english time?
  12. Those lineup works for me, anyway. Very nicely curated
  13. Yeah, I think they may very well be. They’re Sziget favorites, after all. I’d give them a sub slot before EDM headliner
  14. Doubt it. There was no warning and there should be one.
  15. I doubt Cage will drag on their EU summer into August, sadly. As for War on drugs - isn’t it too soon to come back after 2018? Should hope so, they’re not the biggest pull.
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