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  1. First time going to NOS Alive (and Lisbon..) this year. Any tips or anything I should be watching out for?
  2. Rocinante

    Alcohol Thread

    What and how much alcohol is everyone taking with them this year? I normally do a Tesco run to stock up, but not this year. So I was just wondering what you are taking for comparison.
  3. Must be. They had cans of still water at Kendal Calling last year. Freaked me out.
  4. Any info on the two TBAs on Thursday on William's Green?
  5. Near Green Fields? That was amazing.
  6. Mr. Attenborough would like this ?
  7. Rocinante

    TBAs 2019

    The Black Keys have a new album out in a couple of weeks. Could be a shout for for one of the slots.
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