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  1. Day splits are on the website 🤠
  2. Kevin Parker is literally a Music Jesus. I've been listening to his music for a few years now and I've been waiting for so long to see him live and finally this year I'm seeing Tame Impala at both Primavera Sound and Sziget festival. I watched so many videos from his concerts and can't believe I'm finally gonna see everything in person. I'm sure it will be out of body experience 😆 Sorry everyone, I'm just a little too hyped 😬
  3. I am so fucking happy with Tame Impala, I will see him twice this year and I can't wait!!! He will be on August 14th
  4. I'll do the same, Glass Animals, Foals, Calvin Harris, Mabel, zhu, Maneskin, fever 333, denzel curry,... (Wolf Alice, Wallows, Tame Impala, beach house, cage the elephant...?)
  5. SAME, I've seen Guetta at Exit festival in 2016, 2018 and 2021. And I don't need to see him for the 4th time at Sziget 💀💀💀
  6. Well... Calvin Harris was announced for EXIT festival (July 7-10) in Novi Sad, Serbia, and knowing exit and their budget... I would assume that Calvin Harris is not THAT expensive 😅😬🤷‍♂️ I can see him at Sziget too, it wouldn't be the first time they share some artists, maybe ZHU also, I remember seeing ZHU at EXIT in 2018 and than at Sziget also
  7. Did Sziget drop Little Simz from the lineup? I can't find her at their website but on her website says that she will be at Sziget on August 10th 🙃
  8. I honestly wouldn't mind seeing him again at Sziget, I had a best time at his concert and I really enjoyed every part of it 🥰
  9. I think Gorillaz is ruled out few months ago. And that would be Sziget 2018 all over again with Dula Peep, Arctic Monkeys and Gorillaz 🤷🏼‍♂️
  10. As far as I remember Alt-j have a concert in Budapest this year at the end of July 🙃
  11. It would be weird if they added Kygo to the lineup cause it would look like lineup from 2018 with Dula Peep and Arctic Monkeys... + Kygo 🤷🏼‍♂️. At this point I'm just hoping it's not David Guetta 🙃
  12. Here are first names for Balaton Sound. There is still hope thst we are getting Calvin Harris at Sziget 🤠
  13. I just remembered that DojaCat is on tour too and she is at Lollapalooza this year in Europe and I think she hasn't been to Hungary before.... 🤠
  14. And she's one of the headliners at Primavera Sound in Barcelona which is I assume bigger than Parklife 😶
  15. Add Glass Animals to the lineup and we'll have Tokyo Drifting live 🤩
  16. The only thing I can see on the website it that they have 13 concerts in the Netherlands, nothing else 🥴
  17. I'm not sure when we'll get another announcement, probably in early March. Sziget leaks told us that both Volt and Balaton Sound will announce their first names in December, so far we only got an announcement from Volt, and Balaton Sound is pretty quiet. 😶
  18. I'm not a fan of rap music either, but there is some rappers that I can listen to 🤷‍♂️
  19. Reading and Leeds announced their lineup like 2 weeks ago. What do yall think, what artists could we get? We are already sharing Arctic Monkeys, Bastille, Little Simz and Fontaines D.C. What we can't get is RATM and RTJ as they are touring in the US during Sziget and BMTH are announced for VOLT feestival. I'm hoping for Glass Animals and I think we could get Megan Thee Stallion (she's in Europe from early June until late August), Wolf Alice, Fever 333, Maneskin (they are all over the Europe) and I would love to see Halsey.
  20. Major Lazer is quite unlikely, they weren't announced for Mad Cool 2022 but they were announced both for Sziget and Mad Cool in 2020. And in 2020 Sziget and Mad Cool shared some artists like, Glass Animals, Kings Of Leon, Major Lazer, Khalid, Diplo, Foals, Sigird, so I think we are getting Glass Animals and Foals in next announcement.
  21. A few posts? We are on page 18 now, and before "the blip" we were on page 54 😅 but nevermind, I'm glad that forum is back😄
  22. Where is a "sad" reaction button when I need it 😔
  23. Kings of Leon are coming 🤠 it has been confirmend here 🌞 Also Disclosure aren't headlining at Primavera Sound, I think it would be same at Sziget
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