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  1. Omg yess, I would add Foster The People, Kaytranda, Blackbear, Sigrid, Keane, Little Dragon, Little Simz, Sevdaliza, Riles. And very likley to come back imo are Slowthai and Mabel. I just want to see Glass Animals on the lineup, I'm dying to see them live 😩
  2. So... no Calvin Harris in 2022? 😔 shame...
  3. How do you know that tickets are on sale this Friday? 0.o I mean that's great if we are getting new names in 2-3 days 🤞 Edit: Sorry, I read that wrong, I was too excited, lol
  4. How soon are we talking about? 🤠 I guess in 2-3 weeks maybe 🌞
  5. I'm afraid that we'll might get Marshmello, I think he's supposed to play at Fm4Frequency in Austia (next year, he was announced for this year tho) and he was announced for Volt festival in 2020, and Sziegt always mix artists between Volt, Balaton Sound and Sziget all the time 🙇🏼‍♂️ For example, Kygo was at Sziget in 2018 and at Balaton Sound in 2019 Mashmello was at Balaton in 2019 and was announced for Volt for 2020 Martin Garrix was at Balaton Sound in 2018 and at Sziget in 2019 I really have no idea at this point about EDM artist and my head is full of names and artists these days 🥴 I just hope Sziget will keep Calvin Harris 🤞🏼
  6. I just found out that Guns N' Roses have Europe summer tour in 2022. Last date in Europe is July 15th and the next date is 18th November in Australia. What do yall think, is it possible for them to come to Sziget? 🤷‍♂️❓😬
  7. Yeah, it's not rock music, his genre is Psychedelic rock-pop 🤷🏼‍♂️ And I still think we're getting Kings of Leon as a "rock" headliner 🤠
  8. No♥️ thank you, I'm good 🙂
  9. For me 3 Nick Cave concerts in one year, considering that I don't know a single song by him, is too much 🙃 And Tame Impala is great live + all the confetti at the end of the show, laser show and trippy visuals in the back... 🥳
  10. I wouldn't mind seeing Tame Impala twice next year 🌞
  11. What a shame 😔 I was really hoping for RHCP... I hope we'll get some news soon
  12. We can rule out Gorillaz, they will be in Australia at the end of July next year 🤠
  13. Do not forget that in 2020 both Sziget and MadCool Festival shared some artist (like Khalid, Kings of Leon, Major Lazer, Diplo, Foals, Sigrid). I assume it will be the same for the line up for next year. 🌞 I think Sziget will keep Kings of Leon and probably Dua Lipa too (she did good in 2018 and sold out that day) 🤠
  14. The weeknd has a concert in Budapest in November next year and I don't think Sziget will bring back Ed Sheeran so soon
  15. LMAO But for real, it would be a great thing to hear live 😯 I wouldn't complain
  16. This is why I call Dua Lipa, Dula Peep, it's so funny to me 😆
  17. So I did a quick research and collected names from festivals that are familliar to me... Primavera Sound (Spain) - 2-12 June Lineup: Massive Attack, Pavement, Tame Impala, Beck, The National, The Strokes, Gorillaz, Jora Smith, Tyler, the Creator, Nick Cave and the bad seeds, Dula Peep, Interpol, Megan Thee Stallion, Lorde, Phoenix, Yeah Yeah Yeahs PinkPop (The Netherlands) – 17-19 June Lineup: Metallica, Pearl Jam, Twenty One Pilots, Nothing But Theives Rock Wretcher (Belgium) – 30 June-3July Lineup: Metallica, Faith No More, Twenty One Pilots, Pearl Jam Mad Cool (Spain) – 6-9 July Lineup: Metallica, Twenty One Pilots, Placebo, Imagine Dragons, The Killers, Muse, Faith No More, Kings Of Leon, Pixies, Alt-J NOS Alive (Portugal) – 6-8 July Lineup: The Strokes, Metallica, Imagine Dragons, Two Door Cinema Club, Glass Animals, Faith No More, Royal Blood Electric Castle (Romania) – 13-17 July Lineup: Twenty One Pilots, Deftones, Gorillaz So... my toughts for Sziget’s lineup is that they will keep Dula Peep (she sold out that day in 2018) and Kings of Leon, I doubt that they will keep The Strokes (They have show in Australia in middle of July next year), I would like to see Calvin Harris but honestly I have no idea if they will keep him. My guesses for other names that we could get are Imagine Dragons, Metallca, Faith No More, Tyler, the Crator, Gorillaz,... I don’t think we’ll get Twenty Pilots Again back so soon, but they are doing a lot of festivals next year so idk. I have my fingers crossed for Tame Impala and Galss Animals. And I still think we might get something big and outstanding that is not annonced at any other festivals like Coldplay (I’ve stated my theory here already). Other "smaller" names that I think we can get that I saw somewhere or that they were already announced for Sziget 2020 are Slowthai, Caribou, Cigarettes After Sex, Foals, Sigrid, Mabel, Keane, Fever 333, Alt-J, Mø, The War On Drugs, Royal Blood,... 😬🤷‍♂️❓
  18. Maroon5 rarely do shows outside the US and I wouldn't even consider them coimg to Sziget, idk about Lizzo tho. About Khalid... I really would love to hear him live, but he's not on Mad Cool line-up anymore and I think he won't be on Sziget's eather, idk about the rest. 😬
  19. I can agree with this, I think Dula Peep and Kings of Leon will stay on the lineup, I hope Calvin Harris too. I think that Major Lazer and The Strokes are cancelled (The Strokes are in Europe in first half of July next year and in the second half are in Australia, and I haven't seen Major Lazer announced for any other festival). I still think there is a chnace for Coldplay to come (I stated my theory here already). Maybe we can get Lorde (????) insead of Dula Peep or as a co-headliner, maybe Tyler, the Creator as a rap headliner... and what I would love the most is Glass Animals to stay on the lineup 🌞
  20. Here's a tought, I had this on my mind for a few days and I wanna share this with yall and see if this theory is possible. Sziget will let 1-day and 3-day tickets on sale in Autumn (I saw this in the comments on multiple instagram posts, so.. somewhere between September and November), and they can't let tickets on sale if there's no lineup. Other thing we know is that "According to Támas Kádár, they'll surely manage to book biggest name we expect". And also another thing I saw in the comments on instagram was "We're working hard on shaping the lineup for 2022, but we can promise it will be bigger than ever" So, my theory is that, one of headliners could be Coldplay, they will release new album on October 15th (which is in Autumn), and before or after that tour should be announced. And I think that's why Stiget is waiting for Autumn to announce part of it's lineup along with other ticket options. They are for sure a big name, and imo it goes pretty well with desciprtion "biggest name we expect". 🤷🏼‍♂️ Toughts?
  21. I saw multiple times on Sziget's instagram posts on instagram in the comments that "The general ticket sale will start in Autumn" so I assume that they will start selling 1-day and 3-day tickets as well, and they can't put them on sale if there is no lineup. So.... I think we'll get first names soon, in Autumn 🤞🏼🤠
  22. I hope we will find out soon 👀
  23. Or maybe Tyler, the Creator? 😅😁
  24. I really hope that this will turn out to be a false info 🙇🏼‍♂️😵
  25. I'm not sure, look at what they commented on their last post on instagram
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