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  1. In 2020 Major Lazer were announced for Mad Cool and Sziget, and they aren't on the lineup for Mad Cool in 2022 anymore and Calvin Harris was announced for Creamfields and Sziget in 2020 and currently there's nothing out for Creamfields, so we don't know anything about him yet 🤷🏼‍♂️ I still hope he will be announced 🤞🏼
  2. Well, I was very wrong 🙃
  3. I would love to see Jungle again, but they were at Sziget in 2019, idk if it is possible for them to come back next year 😕 And what I would like to hear at Sziget next year is: -Glass Animals -Foals -Beach House -Cigarettes After Sex - Parov Stelar -Cage the Elephant -Chet Faker -Keane -ZHU -Foster the People -Of Monsters and Men
  4. That would be awesome, they are great live + they make a great atmosphere 🤠
  5. I'm probably wrong... but... I have a feeling that romorrow Sziget is going to post that they are announcing their first names on Tuesday, they are teasing us for over 10 days now on instagram 🙃 and I'm getting very impatient. If not, I'm expecting to get first announcment in first week of November, scond at last ☹
  6. I bought my ticket back in 2019 for 2020 and I rolled my ticket over. 🤠 Also there were 2 sales this year and both were for 48 hours only (early bird tickets and szitizen prime). Sziget should announce first names very soon and regular tickets will go on sale then (I suppose). ✌🏼
  7. Here's another lineup that was announced today. I believe that we'll get Stromae at Sziget I just hope not as a headliner, but as a co-headliner 🤞🏼
  8. I was just about to post this too I can see Stromae coming to Sziget, and personally I would love to see Madness
  9. He's playing at Mad Cool Festival on July 10th, and Sziget share some names every year with Mad Cool, so I thik also it's very likely for him to be at Sziget 👀
  10. They are really playin' with us 😶
  11. I don't think that Sziget will announce anything tomorrow, they always make an instagram/facebook announcement "New/First Names Tomorrow" before droping the actual names 🙃
  12. I mean, he's doing stadium tour now, tbh I would like to hear him at Sziget, but I think it's just not possible, but I was thinking about it too 😶 that would be a surpise tho
  13. I mean, Dula Peep is coming back next year and both Kendrick Lamar and Dula Peep were at Sziget in 2018 🤷🏼‍♂️ I would like to see Tyler, the Creator more tbh
  14. From headliners I would like to see Calvin Harris and Kings of Leon back (but we know already that KoL are coming back) From co-headliners: Khalid, Foals, Stormzy, Diplo, Foster the People, FKA Twigs From "smaller" names: Glass Animals❗, Kaytranda, Sigrid, Of Monsters and Men, blackbear, Keane, Danzel Curry, Little Dragon, slowthai, Bob Moses, and some others Imo 2020 lineup was awesome, I hope I won't de disappointed with the announcement 🤞🏼🌞
  15. Marshmello was announced for Fm4Fequency festival in Austria for this year and he will probably be sawpped to next year, and dates for Fm4Frequency for 2022 is 18-20 August. Mashmello was also announced for VOLT festival in 2020 so Sziget might take him off the Volt's lineup and switch him to Sziget 😶 (I hope not 😬🤞🏼)
  16. I needed to check again to be sure.. so Tame Impala is currently on tour in the US, that tour strated in September this year and will end in a month (November). First date for tour in Europe is June 2nd (Primavera Sound) and last (currently) is August 27th (Rock en Seine) He's going on Australlian/New Zeland tour in October next year. So we know for sure that he's not leaving Europe from early June - end of August. So I'm pretty sure he will be at Sziget next year 🤞🏼 As for EDM act, I wouldn't mind seeing the Chainsmokers again, they can make an awesome show (they were great at Exit 2019) but I'm not a fan of Marshmello 😕 I still would love to see Calvin Harris on the lineup tho 😶
  17. There is actually a chance for Tame Impala to play at Sziget. He's playing at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, which is in begining of June and at Rock En Seine which is at the end of August, so... he will be in Europe, or at least I think he will be
  18. Looking at their lineup I have more hope in Glass Animals being announced for Sziget 2022 🤩🤞🏼 They were announced for both Sziget and Mad Cool in 2020 😗✌🏼
  19. I think we'll eather get more artists per day or bigger/better names 🤷🏼‍♂️ beacuse if Sziget is one day shorter budget should bigger? Right?
  20. So... I did a quick research on instagram and looked up on what day of the week Sziget usually posts announcments for new names/artists. Turns out it's mostly on Tuesdays 🌞 The other days were Thursday (When Ed Sheeran was announced for Sziget, but that's because he also announced a tour) and Monday (when Arctic Monkeys were announced for Sziget 2018, and as much I remember that was also separate announcment because they were also announcing their tour). Could we get first names for 2022 on 19th? -I think it's too soon. Or maybe on 26th? 😬
  21. Sziget2022_Leaks already told us that returning headliners from 2020 lineup are Dula Peep and Kings of Leon, so there won't be Major Lazer and Calvin Harris in 2022 lineup. And I think we won't get Khalid eather beacuse as much as I know he doesn't have any dates for next year. And also he was announced for both Sziget and Mad Cool festival in 2020, and he's currently not on Mad Cool's festival lineup for 2022. 🙃
  22. He was never officially announced for 2020 🙂
  23. But A$AP Rocy will support RHCP in June when they play in Budapest. Do you think he will go back again to Budapest to play at Sziget? 🙇🏼‍♂️
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