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  1. Yup, they just announced on instagram that Elrow is coming back on the last day of the festival 🥰 and they will announce the theme and names on May 22nd
  2. Does anyone know what is this about? Does this mean that we are not getting Elrow this year? 😬
  3. yeah.... sorry about that 😔
  4. I think there is no way but there is still small part of me hoping that they will announce Glass Animals 😔
  5. Yup, it was a bug 🥴
  6. I am so confused, they announced that this year Sziget will be shorter (6 days instead of 7) and now there is 7th day of the festival on the website. And they are still selling 6-day tickets and day tickets from 10-15. And there is not anything about August 16th mentioned anywhere. Like... what's going on??? 🥴
  7. What you need to do is add what you want to buy in shopping cart and go to the check out, and on the second step they will ask you to make a festival account if you don't have one. If you do have festival account you can log in there then and there will be an option at the bottom where you can choose how much money you wanna take from your balance. It should work like that idk if it's gonna be the same for you but I tried add different thing to the basket and it works 🤷‍♂️
  8. I guess we will get new announcment today. They usually put new names out on Tuesdays or Thursdays 🤠
  9. I completely agree, they still need to announce names for Europe stage, Colosseum, Urban stage, more names for Party arena, Elrow, Mastercard and even Main Stage 🙃 not to mention names for all other smaller stages and events
  10. It was okay, I am not huge fan of techno and electronic music but I do know some bigger names. What I know from new balaton sound announcmet is, Jamie Jones, Loco Dice, Paul Kalkbrenner, Sven Vath, Meduza and one guy I was hoping to see at Sziget.... Fisher 😩 he's so fun and crazy and I like his music, but I guess not this year
  11. New names for Balaton are coming tomorrow, I hope we will get new names for Sziget next week then 🤞
  12. I think we'll get Elrow at Sziget also, for one night, like before, of course 🌞
  13. I still have my fingers crossed🤞🏼 for Glass Animals 👁💧👄💧👁
  14. I feel like we should get new names soon, it's been almost a month since we got 2nd round of artists... At least names for colosseum or some other stage 🙃 just a thought
  15. I just went through instagram posts and we had a schedule at the end of April for the main stage, but names for like Music Box and Global Village were announced in May, soo... idk really for this year
  16. As far as I remember we should get Elrow this year
  17. I mean Lewis Capaldi is subbing Calvin Harris 🤷🏼‍♂️ those two doesn't go together imo eather
  18. Day splits are on the website 🤠
  19. Kevin Parker is literally a Music Jesus. I've been listening to his music for a few years now and I've been waiting for so long to see him live and finally this year I'm seeing Tame Impala at both Primavera Sound and Sziget festival. I watched so many videos from his concerts and can't believe I'm finally gonna see everything in person. I'm sure it will be out of body experience 😆 Sorry everyone, I'm just a little too hyped 😬
  20. I am so fucking happy with Tame Impala, I will see him twice this year and I can't wait!!! He will be on August 14th
  21. I'll do the same, Glass Animals, Foals, Calvin Harris, Mabel, zhu, Maneskin, fever 333, denzel curry,... (Wolf Alice, Wallows, Tame Impala, beach house, cage the elephant...?)
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