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  1. Half serious shout but Gerry Cinnamon has just sold out an arena tour and 2 nights in Brixton, any chance he could be very high up?
  2. Where are you seeing this? BBC has it being pretty dry
  3. It's because everything has to be yes/no. Say it comes right down to the last minute and the EU refuse another extension and the final two options are to approve a no deal or unilaterally revoke article 50, you could run either option through the commons and get a no answer both times. There's no allowance in the commons to offer MPs a straight choice of "would you rather do option A or option B"
  4. Billie Eilish, Sam Fender, TDCC, Catfish
  5. James Arthur, Sigrid, Vampire Weekend, Pale Waves, Harvey, BMTH
  6. Stormzy, Ellie Goulding, Rita Ora all announced
  7. Bastille are more popular than ADTR, the reason they’re so low down on this is because they’re up against the biggest act that has been booked by R&L for a few years.
  8. Kinda proves my point that Bastille are completely wasted on the R1 stage opposite Foos. They should switch with ADTR, with ADTR buried in the tent and Bastille an ideal Foos sub.
  9. Of course a “double” in Spain is significantly stronger than in the UK
  10. Five minutes per song is the rule of thumb. An hour long set will have roughly 12 songs, etc
  11. Actually George Ezra will almost certainly play on Sunday because he’s in Latitude on the Friday
  12. The1975 are subbing Lana on the 18th in Portugal and that’s only a short distance from Spain so I expect that pairing to be repeated at Beni on the Friday. Franz Ferdinand playing at a Norwegian festival on the Thursday and supporting KOL in their UK gigs, so wouldn’t surprise me if they are the Saturday sub. Fatboy, George Ezra and Jess Glynne don’t seem to have any other commitments on any of the days but worth noting that Ezra/Fatboy share the bill on one of the days at IOW so I wonder if it might be the same here (except Ezra is headlining IOW with a Fatboy closing set, whereas Fatboy is headlining Beni, potentially subbed by Ezra). If this pairing is kept together it could either be Thursday or Sunday. Kodaline playing a festival in France on the Saturday and Germany on the Sunday so have to be on one of the first two days (possibly Thursday would be the likelier of the two since Lana Del Rey and presumably The 1975 are both Friday) If Kodaline are the Thursday sub then that probably means the Fatboy/Ezra pairing is more likely to be Sunday. So my best guess is that we’ve still got a Thursday headliner to come who will be subheadlined by Kodaline, with The 1975/LDR, Franz/Kings and Ezra/Fatboy being the other three pairings, in that order. That leaves Jess Glynne who could fit in as the third down act on any of the four days.
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