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  1. Not sure how much the latter factor will have a major effect. The demographic who attend festivals are much less likely to be at risk of dying should they catch the coronavirus, and of course there’s a lot of festival goers who will be reassured of their safety purely by the fact it’s allowed to go ahead. Financial concerns may be a factor if there’s mass unemployment, but on the other hand a lot of people may have money to spend after a long period of not really going out, going to festivals, cancelled holidays etc
  2. I never once said R&L should go ahead this year, I just said I’d go if it did
  3. A lot of these excess deaths are due to: - People not going to hospital when they should (for non-covid reasons) - Suicide due to the stress of the lockdown
  4. 90% of those who died had underlying health problems and of the 10% who didn’t, the vast majority were very old. Those who are dying from this were very close to death anyway, people aren’t just randomly dropping dead.
  5. Risk what? The sniffles?
  6. Coronavirus really is just a cough and a fever for the vast majority of victims. Of course there’s a tiny chance you could get it worse, but if we lived with that attitude we’d never get out of bed. If the festivals were allowed to go ahead I would definitely attend them.
  7. I’d imagine the kooks/wombats day will be more or less repeated
  8. If this happened I’d say Foals/Courteeners would be a co-headline. Courteeners the far bigger band in the north.
  9. Germany I think report deaths slightly differently. So in the UK (and other countries) anyone who dies after testing positive for corona virus counts towards the total number of deaths. Germany on the other hand excludes those with underlying health conditions (as those conditions are deemed the cause of death, not the covid itself). So it has 11/12 deaths of people who were perfectly healthy aside from getting covid (and many more who died of underlying conditions but don’t count in their figures)
  10. And apologies likewise, I was clearly misinformed about a few aspects of this and made some insensitive comments that were guided by fears that I'm about to plunge back into my worst mental days. Rest assured the last thing I and anyone else wants is this spreading.
  11. This would absolutely be the plan if the trains are still running.
  12. The idea of being holed up in my little one bed and not being able to spend time with any of my loved ones sends me back to the darkest time in my life which is why I’m so afraid of house arrest, especially if it was to go on for 6 months or a year. But it seems I may have been misinformed about Italy.
  13. Maybe I’ve misunderstood exactly what’s happening in Italy. I was under the impression that all transport was off and the police were forceably making people stay home.
  14. Have I been misinformed about what’s going on in Italy? I was under the impression that the government ordered the northern region to stay indoors and then rolled it out to the whole country earlier this week?
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