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  1. With Johnson looking to focus on the Environment don’t be shocked if a big name gets that role. I think Jeremy Hunt might get that role.
  2. Depends who you talk to. Half the country think she’s the greatest PM since Churchill and the other half think she’s sub-human scum
  3. If the vulnerable are vaccinated then why do you even need mass testing? Surely if those who are higher risk to be hospitalised have been vaccinated then you can take a much more relaxed view on the virus spreading in the community
  4. I’m hearing: Kit Malthouse to home sec Raab to Gove’s old job Sajid Javid to Foreign Sec Patel to party chairman Williamson and JRM sacked Jeremy Hunt brought back in to cabinet Gove to health secretary Hancock to leader of the house
  5. I’d have assumed that but I read on this thread someone saying it was back before the lockdown formally ends. I’m supposed to meet a friend for a socially distanced coffee in the park on Sunday and was wondering if we can now invite our other friend or if I should just see her afterwards
  6. Did I read somewhere that from tomorrow (Wednesday) we can meet outside in groups of upto 6?
  7. At the risk of pre-empting what TD will say, I read something earlier that seemed to suggest that giving a full dose first risks provoking such a strong immune response that your body effectively rejects the second dose so you basically end up with only one dose, whereas with the other way you get 1.5 doses which is stronger than only 1.
  8. I'm a centrist myself but it doesn't mean that I think the far left are as morally reprehensible as the far right. I'm a centrist because I support centrist policies (e.g. mid-level taxes, controlled immigration, progressive social values) but I think commies are at least trying to improve people's lives more so than fascists and racists. I'd always feel more comfortable leading a centre-left coalition from the right of it than a centre-right coalition from the left of it.
  9. Think it’s to do with letting the MPs in who are down on the list to ask him a question
  10. Bet Phil Taylor and MVG could vaccinate 10,000 in an hour by launching the needles at people from a distance
  11. This is a good post and I’d give you a Charles if I could. I’ll add to it that from a moral “protect the NHS” standpoint, it doesn’t matter whether Joe Bloggs caught the virus from his best mate or from some randomer stood next to him in the pub. But when you start looking at individual risk tolerance, Joe himself is more likely to draw a distinction here. He might feel more comfortable avoiding crowded spaces, but he’s not going to stay away from his loved ones that he’s not seen all year.
  12. Fair enough. I just tend to see that argument wheeled out whenever people realise that “save all the grannies” isn’t a strong enough argument to persuade young and healthy anti-lockdowners to follow the rules.
  13. Has “long covid” been proved to be anything other than the post viral fatigue syndrome that many people get after having the flu?
  14. Surely they still vaccinate every 2 mins though, you just sit in the waiting room for a bit once you’re done to make sure you’re grand
  15. I just realised that 100m doses at 1.5 doses per person is pretty much enough to vaccinate every person in the UK.
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