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  1. This is the correct approach and should have been done months ago IMO. Instead of faffing around waiting for people to get naturally infected, they should vaccinate a bunch of volunteers and a placebo group and then immediately try to infect them with covid deliberately. If the placebo group catch it and the real group don’t then we are on to a winner.
  2. I’ll download it... seems like a better way to pick up our “hidden” contacts than manual contact tracing (e.g. the person you sit beside on the train)
  3. Saw a rumour that they had broken up.
  4. Some initial optimism that the rule of 6 might be working.... of course, these rules are as much about re-emphasising that the virus remains a thread as much as anything else.
  5. That reminds me of my current pet hate which is people calling it "Track and Trace". "Track and Trace" is a royal mail term.
  6. West Ham United just had to pull two players out of their starting lineup for an EFL Cup game during the warm up because their tests came back positive. Manager David Moyes was also positive and is self-isolating.
  7. Whoa, slightly outlandish claim. Got any evidence of that?
  8. Actually thought that was one of his better speeches.
  9. I did read that 60% of the population worked from home in the lockdown though. So that's a full 1-in-5 workers that have returned to the workplace since lockdown ended (the remaining 80% are split equally between those who never stopped working in person, and those who haven't gone back yet) I think it will have a big impact, more so than the curfew.
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/sep/17/more-than-60-back-in-their-workplace-uk-traffic-figures-suggest-ons-covid-19 This to me reads like it's 60% of all people, not just of home workers
  11. No worries, always good to be educated. It was false of me to assume that all office staff can and will WFH. Although I maintain that the percentage of office staff who should be able to is very high and in very many cases the only barrier is laziness of the employer.
  12. Can we fact check that? I heard the stat the other day but I assumed it to mean that 60% of the entire workforce is now working at a physical workplace (i.e. including those who cannot WFH and were working in person or furloughed all along) and the remaining 40% is working from home. If you are correct and 60% of people who were previously WFH have returned now, then it could make a huge difference.
  13. My employer, my old employer and the employers' of several of my friends completely closed their offices when the first lockdown was announced (and in most cases, 1-2 weeks before that). Some have reopened partially (although will be closing again with the updated advice) but most have remained closed with no plans to open again for at least the rest of 2020. I had no idea this wasn't the norm. I know some offices have reopened at partial capacity, but my impressions was that all office work was being done remotely in the first lockdown when the advice was to WFH, and that this wou
  14. Okay that's a fine example. But I'd imagine the genuine proportion of office workers who have a valid reason why they cannot conceivably work from home is tiny. Less than 10% for sure. And by "valid reason", I don't mean that your employer can't be arsed to pay for a VPN or doesn't trust the new grads to actually do work instead of jerking themselves off all day.
  15. Hang on, are there office jobs that cannot be done from home? I thought the implication was that office people WFH, but factory workers, construction etc should still go to work.
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