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  1. Catfish are much bigger than the vaccines have ever been, that’s a dreadful comparison.
  2. Dave/CATB (Dave closing Reading and Catfish Leeds) Billie Eilish MCR
  3. As an aside has anyone ever done R&L in the same day before? I remember Jess Glynne playing at a capital radio event at Wembley in the afternoon then supporting the spice girls in Edinburgh at night, so would be interested to find out if anyone’s ever played both Reading and Leeds on the same day.
  4. Isn’t he a rapper? This is an indie thing
  5. Their keyboardist is a woman called Elina
  6. That’s not right because there’s a woman in the Courteeners and they weren’t on that poster.
  7. Gerry will sub, I think of 2 obvious candidates to play before him: Frank Turner and the sleeping souls: Frank played R&L for 10 years in a row but has now missed the last 3. He will surely return at some point and playing 3rd down makes sense. DMAs: Maybe a slight stretch to put them 3rd but they are playing Brixton and Ally Pally this year which puts them on par with 3rd down regulars like the Vaccines, Blossoms and the Wombats. With LG and Gerry playing, the dark fruits brigade will be out in force on day tickets so adding DMAs would make sense.
  8. APE sold horrendously last year (BMTH had reportedly sold less than 5k of a 40k capacity a week before the gig) to the point that radio stations were doing competitions to “win” free tickets but actually gave all entrants a pair of tickets.
  9. LG is too big to co-headline. It’s 3 individual headliners this year.
  10. Are Courteeners just going to sub every 2 years for eternity now then? I was thinking they’d pocket them for a co-headline slot in 2021 (closing Leeds)
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