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  1. Now that I’ve had my second dose I might become one of those “fully vaccinated” reply guys on twitter for a laugh
  2. They are PCR home tests. You need to swab them and then drop them back off to be tested.
  3. Of course it isn’t more deadly. The aim of a virus is to spread as widely as possible. Killing more of their hosts actively inhibits that. They mutate into more transmissible but less lethal forms. And covid already isn’t particularly lethal.
  4. Does anyone have some moral issue with going to the pub now or is it crack on as you please?
  5. Apparently some of today’s cases are a backlog from April 2020 🤨
  6. Piss off. You have no idea how much very real pain and suffering the lockdowns have caused.
  7. Yeah I’m going to be testing myself twice a week
  8. It’s because when we are in a lockdown, the NHS cancels all non-urgent care and prioritises covid patients over non-covid patients whereas when we are not in a lockdown, other care goes ahead as normal. They could have used the nightingales for triage and kept covid patients out of the normal hospitals entirely IMO, with the military used to staff the nightingales.
  9. One dose largely DOES stop covid. The vast majority of your protection comes from that first shot.
  10. Fucking hell, had my second Pfizer yesterday and I have the worst fever I've ever experienced today. Glad to be fully vaccinated though.
  11. All legal limits on “social contact” I took to mean that you can have all your mates round for a party etc. Not necessarily that mass events would get the go ahead.
  12. Still not really ideal that it’s illegal to meet inside in small groups tbh
  13. Highly unlikely to get it twice in quick succession
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