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  1. Who wears flip flops to a festival, like ever? This is a major faux pas
  2. Has Becky Hill dropped out? Swear she was meant to be in that gap between Jax Jones and Mabel Also, does anyone know why Calvin Harris and Sam Fender’s sets aren’t on iPlayer?
  3. Rumours going around that fake SAGE are about to disband.
  4. Getting rid of testing is absolutely the correct decision.
  5. Not sure this argument really applies anymore. England first removed face nappies almost 7 months ago (albeit they did get reinstated for a couple of months within that). Scotland has NEVER removed them.
  6. It’s not the job of the JCVI to make decisions in order to make it easier for international travel. The 2 things for them to consider: 1. Does the evidence show that the protection offered against covid outweighs the risk of severe side effects that the vaccine occasionally causes? (bearing in mind the incredibly low risk kids are at from covid) 2. If yes, does it do so significantly enough to indicate that the benefit is strong enough to justify the enormous costs of a widespread vaccination programme. If the first answer is No, don’t vaccinate kids. If Yes/Yes, vaccinate kids. If it’s Yes/No you have a more difficult situation. In this case I’d say don’t bother with an NHS sponsored vaccination programme but allow parents to purchase it privately for travel like you would with any other travel jabs.
  7. Happy freedom day 2.0. May your face nappies be binned and your vaccine passports be unused.
  8. Are you travelling on a specific date? Most likely there is engineering work so the trains are either speed limited or travelling on a different (longer) route. I travel this route twice a month and trains still take anything from 2:06 to to 2:20ish
  9. This makes all the sense in the world with Labour wanting to appear as the government in waiting. Let’s be honest, Boris and his government have handled the pandemic near perfectly for over a year now. The last major fuck up, in my opinion, was sending the schools back for a day in January 2021 only to close them and lock down the country that night. Lockdown 3 came too late and cost thousands of lives. However, since that point: - They designed a roadmap that was perfectly calibrated to the ongoing Alpha wave - When Delta came along and led to high case rates and increasing hospitalisations, they sensibly hit the pause button and pushed freedom day back a month. This was a fair compromise between the hawks who wanted to push ahead with the reopening and the doves who wanted to actually go backwards and lock down again. The one month pause allowed for more jabs and better understanding of Delta. - When it became clear the NHS could cope with Delta they rightly went ahead with freedom day on July 19th. Not only did this restore freedoms and boost the economy, but it allowed us to get the Delta wave out the way before the tricky winter period. - When Omicron came along, they smartly instituted plan B measures as a precaution but resisted the pressure to lock down. Plan B measures look set to be repealed appropriately on the 26th of this month. Labour can’t oppose the government on pandemic strategy at this point because the strategy has been executed perfectly for a year now. Starmer’s strategy should be to support the government but question their competence based on everything that happened in 2020.
  10. “When ill or potentially infectious” doing a lot of heavy lifting there. This idea that East Asians are masked up 24/7 and have been for two decades is a myth.
  11. Looking at the replies to this would indicate fake SAGE are finished
  12. Covid doesn’t really “outcompete” flu in the way that omicron outcompeted delta, or that delta outcompeted alpha etc The reason omicron outcompeted delta is because it spreads through the population very quickly and gives people antibodies that then stop them getting delta a few weeks later, effectively meaning delta is reduced to insignificance. With the flu, there isn’t really that cross-immunity that we have between different variants of covid. So having covid today won’t stop you getting the flu in 2 months time. The reason the flu has been insignificant for the past 2 winters is because of behavioural changes (either mandatory or voluntary) that inhibit flu’s ability to spread. Obviously the lockdown last year was the key driver of this but this year it’s working from home, masks and some people generally choosing to stay apart. With flu you really don’t need much in the way of NPIs to push the R number below 1. Flu is nowhere near as transmissible as covid and in a standard winter season, the R number is just slightly above 1. This means that pretty much any covid measure that’s implemented will be enough to suppress the flu season as well.
  13. This is another point I disagree on. Hybrid working in practice has meant the city of London being an absolute ghost town Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays with most people choosing to attend their offices on Thursdays and/or Tuesdays. This will probably correct itself in time when companies downsize and adopt hot desking, necessitating a rota system on what days people go to the office.
  14. Disagree - mass working from home is very bad for the economy. A few behavioural things I’ve noticed: - In London at least, people spend £6-£10 every day on lunch when they’re in the office. Only a few people are organised enough to meal prep and bring their own lunch, so Pret and their peers make an absolute killing from office workers. People working from home don’t tend to nip out to Pret at lunch time though, they’ll just go to the kitchen and cook something. Economy loses out. - People aren’t going to pubs in the evening with their colleagues. Economy loses out. - People aren’t meeting up with friends who work near them. I live out in Essex and most of my friends live in various Home Counties around London, we often go for drinks in the evenings after we all leave our respective offices in the city at 5pm. With everything working from home, these rendezvous just aren’t happening at all. Economy loses out. I know you work in events and it’s true that uncertainty is the main reason these are being cancelled rather than WFH, but the hospitality sector loses out massively from WFH guidance.
  15. Sturgeon saying she thinks face masks might be mandatory in shops forever. Which devolved leader is a bigger moron? Drakeford or Sturgeon?
  16. So Gove has had a glow up into an anti-lockdown hawk and his other lockdown lover buddy Hancock isn’t in the cabinet any more. Just need Nadine Dorries to shut up and we have the dream cabinet of hawks.
  17. Long covid, or as I call it, the latest self-diagnosed bollocks outbreak mainly suffered by whoever fancies some time off work.
  18. So either Djokovic has faked a positive PCR in order to try and circumvent Australia’s vaccine requirement (only to later find out that the Aussies don’t accept natural immunity) or he genuinely had covid and failed to self-isolate and attended a children’s event. What a tosser.
  19. There is no chance that the restriction skeptic Tory backbenchers would allow Gove to make the ballot. It’ll be Sunak and Truss, both of whom are even more hawkish than Johnson.
  20. Why not? This is due to happen in the spring I believe. Already has in South Africa
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