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  1. http://e-edition.metro.news/html5/reader/production/default.aspx?pubname=&pubid=d9333e50-b372-44c8-98e3-91b0afa8651b
  2. Metro has confirmed Tay Tay, so that'll be tomorrows announcement
  3. Reckon this'll be the Kraftwerk day since that's the only real info we've got at the moment? EDIT: Nothing in the Metro.
  4. Not super familiar with the festival but looking to go next year, is this likely to sell out before the new year?
  5. Can't imagine they'd really be the type of band that BST would book, but no chance this is a/the MCR date? The clue kinda gives me Black Parade vibes
  6. Been told the headliners - I'm not entirely sure how accurate my source is (I do trust it though), but if it's correct two of the main headliners and the Thursday headliner haven't been mentioned in this thread yet.
  7. Tame Impala, Saturday 23rd of May according to the Metro. No supports as of yet but presume we'll get em at 9am tomorrow.
  8. Give Sam Fender another album or two and he'll probably be in the mix. Seconding Tame Impala if this next album goes well, were my favourite act this year and would do great on the pyramid.
  9. Agree on Bombay Bicycle Club, can defo see them headlining it.
  10. y0ungtitan


    New album's knocking about online in the usual places. It's good, prefer it to part 1. Wash Off is probably my favourite, but Neptune is a beast.
  11. I'm sure there's gonna be something fairly glaringly wrong in my logic, but wouldn't there be more of an incentive to return a cup if the "deposit" for it was higher? If you're gonna be selling pints for a fiver, make people pay a tenner and they can get the fiver back if they bring the cup back later on.
  12. Hello lads, gonna be a long six months
  13. Dunno if they'll be over this way in the summer, but any chance Angels and Airwaves would be headliner sized/fit the vibe of the festival now that they're active again?
  14. Praying there's a chance that indie one could be Tame Impala, but I imagine there would be bands that would go down much better
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