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  1. If you're interested, it's probs worth grabbing a ticket anyway if you're happy to not have the ticket money spare until August. They posted this on their socials last week, saying that a cancellation will result in a refund.
  2. Don't think it'll be AFI because they have literally no other shows booked atm. It's probably Deftones and The Offspring
  3. Faith No More are playing Mad Cool that weekend, are they too big?
  4. After suggesting it in the APE thread and being told by Neil he was a Creamfields exclusive - Deadmau5? No idea if he's actually big enough or popular enough in the UK but would definitely be different.
  5. Looks like Deadmau5 is gearing up to announce a London date soon - reckon he could be the final headliner?
  6. Could equally see them doing APE alongside Big Weekend and Glasto and then doing a full tour in the summer. Album release date lines up quite nicely, and they've said they're doing festivals.
  7. Yeah that was me -- not sure if it's happening anymore, thought it would've been in the first announcement if it was. I think it's still the most likely, especially now that he's subbing Bombay at APE but I'd still rather the other two 😛
  8. The Killers Taylor Swift Kings of Leon Twenty One Pilots Alt-J Royal Blood Billie Eilish Mumfords Faith No More But I'm only going on the first three days so don't get KoL or FNM. T-Swift would probably be first but The Killers are just incredible live.
  9. Really hoping for Everything Everything or Glass Animals as the last sub
  10. Could see him as a second stage headliner, similar to Mac DeMarco at Bon Iver last year
  11. +Biffy, +Royal Blood, would've thought Four Tet is a bit too small to headline
  12. The dot between them is pretty telling. I imagine we'll get a few more letters tomorrow that'll make it obvious what combination of Pet Shop Boys/Strokes/Mumfords + Royal Blood/RHCP/Rosalia we get. Purely a guess but I reckon it'll be PSB + RHCP. None of the -S's seem all that convincing to me though, maybe we'll get someone a bit left field. Do Spanish festivals tend to share headliners? Would rule out Strokes and PSB. Part of me is desperately clinging on for the 0.0001% chance of it being Radiohead. Thom and Ed are both doing solo stuff but are both free on the Friday... 👀👀
  13. The Strokes might be too short a name for the poster dot position
  14. Ah, I've already made my 3 day purchase in the time since my last post. Oh well, there's not that much for me on the Saturday anyway. Cheers anyway
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