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  1. y0ungtitan

    TRUCK 2019

    Oh wow, that's looking great. Can't believe Truck has my favourite UK festival line up so far this year.
  2. y0ungtitan

    Vampire Weekend Confirmed

    Always assumed they'd be Pyramid subs but yeah, would absolutely much rather they headline the Other one of the nights.
  3. y0ungtitan

    2019 Headliners

    I'm sure they could probably do both but I kinda feel that JC and the lads being announced for APE takes them out of contention for Glastonbury.
  4. y0ungtitan

    2019 Headliners

    So assuming The Strokes are playing a UK festival, where else does that leave them to play other than Glasto? Just APE/Hyde Park? Could they do a Finsbury Park date?
  5. y0ungtitan

    2019 New Music

    Yeah, I quite like it. Nothing earth shattering but wasn't really expecting it to be, interesting they've kind of dialed back down on the bigger rock sound they had going on their previous album. Chorus is pretty catchy but it defo feels like he's trying to fit too many words in where there's not enough room for them.
  6. y0ungtitan

    2019 New Music

    New full tour dates coming in the next 15 minutes or so but Foals are playing Ally Pally on the 22nd of June so they're almost definitely gonna be about and in the UK around Glasto weekend.
  7. y0ungtitan

    2019 New Music

    Really enjoying the new whenyoung single, saw them soundchecking this song when they supported Blossoms and was super impressed, really solid live vocals. Would like to see em as a JP opener on one of the days I think.
  8. y0ungtitan

    2019 New Music

    Not sure if it's dropping today, they deleted the Instagram story teasing news at 3pm once the teasers dropped and obviously nothing's out yet. Looks like the whole "part 1 & 2" thing is a 2 albums/a double album!
  9. y0ungtitan

    2019 New Music

    Would be super happy if Foals headlined the Other but feel like it's not all that likely. New Catfish is decent, way better than anything off their last album. Could see them headlining the JP or a high Pyramid/Other slot?
  10. y0ungtitan

    2019 New Music

    Foal's Instagram story showing they have news inbound at 3pm tomorrow, very very excited
  11. y0ungtitan

    Albums of the Year 2018

    Yeah, I think it's great. They're in Europe just after Glasto so I'm really hoping they make it to the farm.
  12. y0ungtitan

    Albums of the Year 2018

    Think I've settled on this for my top 20. Nothing super blew me away but I found everything on here pretty good.
  13. y0ungtitan

    2019 Possibilities (Non Pyramid Headliner)

    Wonder if we'll get any more hints!
  14. y0ungtitan

    Download full sets from iplayer

    Hate to drag up an old thread -- but does anyone have: The Killers 17, The National 17 or Arcade Fire 14 they'd be willing to share/PM me? Thanks in advance!
  15. y0ungtitan

    The Strokes

    They'd definitely suit a Killers-esque John Peel secret slot. I'm reading into it as Bilbao being the first announced show rather than the first show of the tour, but even if Bilbao is their first proper show back I could still see them kicking things off with a Glasto warm up before that.