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  1. Covid-19, claims another name. David Greenfield played keyboard with Stranglers. Credited with writing Golden Brown. Fab song, brilliant band.
  2. Good evening Yog. On quick reflection, you're probably right about visiting the Tor later. Kind of doesn't sit well with me to just walk up look around, sit down for a bit and bugger off. Disrespectful. Anyway. Cornwall. Yeah, very spiritual for me, especially the far west of the county. Have been lucky enough to take a week down there for the past decade or so. Small village, with a inn and small basic campsite next to it. Perfect. Know that it's the sights, sounds and smells that I absorb during my walks either along the coast path or inland over the moors and ancient woodland that leave my soul full to bursting. Spiritually, its the best high ?. I plan on 'dropping off my surf board' for 16 hrs or so. Best wishes, Paolo.
  3. Thanks Yog. Will have to take a trip up the Tor. I was tempted this year, as I passed it on my way home. I didn't. I was bolloxed. I do get what you're saying about visiting though, and may well take a detour on my way home from West Cornwall next week. This for me is another beautiful, spiritual hub. Blimey the stories those Quoits and standing stones could tell. p. s. I'm definitely a smiler. Paolo.
  4. Hello to all who frequent this forum. Just a few lines to say "i'me tired". I first went as a stary'ed eyed 16 year youth in 83.Brilliant and horrendous at the same time (my fault for the horrendous). Vowed, I'd never go back....... However. Years pass by, courting, marriage, children and a routine life set in, all the while, still luckily enough to stay friends with those you attended. with,albeit living in different parts of the country /world. We as a group have been fortunate enough to get tickets for the last 6 festivals and have had a blast, catching up and reliving our youth (without the added stimulai). This last festival being a highlight, musically wise. HOWEVER, and this is my own personal opinion only. I feel like the festival has lost its way. Its now a 24 Hr carnival. I appreciate that it has to appeal to all, and I may be older (not wiser), but I feel like the majority are there to tick a box, they don't realise that they are in the Vale of Avalon, in a hub of lay lines and a truly beautiful, spiritual place. I don't know. Maybe i'me a idealistic hippy, who's time is up and should realise this. I think at the end of the above drivel, is that I, we have been blessed with visiting a very special, sacred place. Forget the music, did you feel the spirit. I certainly did again on my last festival. Love Paolo x.
  5. Expand pic, and to the right.... New for 2019 "Jim's freshly showered haemorrhoid. Jim (with the careful) help of Jane, has been carefully cultivating and crafting the haemorrhoid to now resemble, one of the entrances to the 'famed' Rabbit Hole....... If venturing into CV East / West, make sure to bring carrots ?. Proper ones with the green attachment ? ?
  6. Least you ended up at a decent stage... Band. Joking aside. I had an absolute amazing time using psychedelic drugs. Never had any horrors. Fortunate? Maybe. Was always as I mentioned above, in a good frame of mind. Just in my humble opinion believe Glastonbury is NOT the best place to explore and experience, what can be a life altering (for the good) sensual experience. Blimey, I sound boring and even worse morale. Ime not, boring that is (hopefully)..... Paranoia setting in now..... That would be all the hash I smoked.... Aaaaargh. To bed ?xx
  7. Hi. I don't post very often, but am a daily reader of the forum. As regards this thread, i felt I needed to post a comment, with particular emphasis on the use of psychedelics. LSD in particular. During my early twenties through to my late twenties, I was a frequent user of LSD. I absolutely loved the feeling of coming up (a sigh, yawn) then the lovely liquid visuals, heightened perception and clear thoughts..... HOWEVER. I would never dream of dropping acid at Glastonbury, or any other place, where there were a large amount of people. It would completely overload the senses and in my opinion lead to a bad experience. Just my opinion. For anyone intent on trying psychedelic things, I would offer the following advice. 1.Only take if you are in a good frame of mind (no niggling worries, issues). 2. You are amongst a good group of friends (good friends). 3. Drink Tea or water, soft drinks. LSD is enough. Alcohol will NOT add to the experience. 4. Come up in a calm environment (not in the middle of SE Corner). Start off with plenty of space around you, then judge your level of interaction with public. 5. DO NOT EVER THINK ABOUT TAKING ANOTHER TAB / WINDOW PANE / PAPER for at least an hour or two after ingestion of first. It usually takes effect after around 40 minutes NORMALLY. But we are all different, with differing tolerances. SUMMARY. I wouldn't take a trip at Glastonbury. Much rather take a trip TO Glastonbury and have a lovely week. See you in a couple of weeks and hope the above wasn't patronising. Paolo xx
  8. Quick update. Rhubarb and Ginger is the way to go. Still a couple of weeks to get this ready for Glastonbury. Couldn't be easier. 1 x bottle of Gin (Aldi's Cromwell) is ideal. 400 grams rhubarb. 3 x 2cm slices of root ginger. Cut rhubarb into 20 cm chunks (unboiled) and peel ginger and slice, as above. Shove, all the above in a 1,5 litre empty bottle of coke / Pepsi. Add the gin. Stick in a dark cupboard. Shake every couple of days. Leave for a minimum of two weeks. Have a little try ?. If happy with flavour, decant though a filter into Plastic bottle. This for me is the dogs for flavour. Really drinkable, but has a massive kick. p. s. Drink responsibly (with ginger ale as mixer ).
  9. Phew. That's two of us then.... ☺️
  10. Would anyone feel aggrieved if B52's turned up at for me any stage! Just happened to notice that their playing in Spain, weekend before Glastonbury.... I for one would love to catch them live, as were a big part of my adolescent years. More importantly some real party songs that never fail to put a smile on me face ?
  11. IntoTheWhite

    Pete Shelley RIP

    Am genuinely gutted about this news. Pete Shelley along with Joe Strummer were the antipathy of punk. Clever lyrics with a POINT to make. My personal view is that both were not punk, in essence, but modern day poets.... Time will tell. Really annoyed that great people pass on to early.
  12. IntoTheWhite

    Pete Shelley RIP

  13. IntoTheWhite

    Pete Shelley RIP

    Sad, sad news. Another one of my all time favourite lyricists passes on.
  14. Hey Nal. I always love WH, as you never quite know what you're going to get on a Friday afternoon. Folk, Euro pop. Bed wetting awful bands. God only knows ,and haven't had the guide to hand... Appreciate your comment above...... But have seen some fantastic groups previously.. 2016. Dhakrabhacka Underworld 2015. Run the jewels Hot Chip Yeah, these were later in the evening and fab, but for a lazy afternoon I would still stick with my above post. Would like to know your thoughts on Friday afternoon? Group /Band. ☺️
  15. This lot were absolutely fantastic in my opinion, in the JP 2016............ Explosions In The Sky.. Hope their playing again in 2019. I do like a few electric guitars playing at the same time... ☺️
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