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  1. Haven’t read through all this thread but thought I’d pop up to say that whenever I’m now in a situation that requires me to move from what I was intending to do to do something that means more to someone else it’s called ‘I’m doing a Kalifire’. Oftentimes that means that I’m being kinder than I otherwise would have been. I feel like a better human being because of what you did that year. The rest of my immediate family, who are not on efests (for reasons beyond understanding) but with whom I shared the story of your generousity of spirit, also do ‘Kalifires’. You have become a noun. We have all become better people. Thank you.
  2. We have the awkward five so would be happy to make you the sixth. PM me your details and we’ll do everything we can. Only able to try for tickets on Sunday though.
  3. They can pay with their own card. As long as the payment goes through (ie. there is money in the account to pay for it) all will be good - at least that’s how it’s worked in previous years.
  4. mandolin

    Campervan 2020

    Being in Florida is no excuse! 😉. Just make sure you’re up (and sober enough to see) and you’ll be grand. We would have had tickets from Boston, Mass. if i’d been awake enough to remember my daughter’s postcode.
  5. Got to say that we’re seriously thinking of not trying for tickets in October. Since we first started going in 2010 it took on a huge level of importance and we were gutted the three years we failed to get a ticket. The first of those three we went on holiday which was a complete waste of money because we sat in the most beautiful place I’d ever been to and just talked about what would have been happening at the festival at that moment. The second time, we decided to pay an extortionate amount to glamp it and get the hospitality tickets. This past year, when we yet again missed out in October, we thought about going the glamping route again but decided that it would have too great an impact upon the rest of our lives. It felt weird making that decision, a bit like I was betraying a good friend, but it was the right decision for us. It’s had a really strange effect though. Wednesday of the festival this year hurt like hell. Reminiscing about the packing up of the car, the driving down to site, collecting various people as we went, the constant worry about queues to get in, traffic etc etc. Lordy, the excitement involved in all that! But by Thursday, that hurt was all over. I watched most of the festival from the comfort of my home and felt really happy for the people enjoying themselves. Thought a couple of acts were astonishing and then realised they were acts I wouldn’t have chosen to go to if I’d been there. So my mind was actually broadened more (musically at least) by being at home than it would have been if we’d been at the festival. Then we went to a tiny (by comparison) festival last weekend and had an absolute ball of a time. It was like all the things we love most about Glastonbury Festival but without the things that make it difficult or not-quite-as-enjoyable-as-you’d-like-it-to-be. I’ve realised that equally great times can be had elsewhere. Though we’ve enjoyed some great acts at Glastonbury over the years, after 2010 we didn’t go for the music and missed as many ‘must-sees’ as we actually caught. The ‘other’ stuff - the friendliness, the kindnesses, the chatting with random people, the dancing as if no-one is looking, the laughing - were actually more readily available at the smaller festival. So we spent more time doing that stuff and that’s the stuff that I love. I’m not saying that we definitely won’t be trying in October but it’s less likely than it was a little while ago. And I’m definitely not saying that I’ll never go to Glastonbury again - in fact I would love to volunteer one time so that I could give something back to a place that changed me forever and, I hope, for the better.
  6. I’ve never seen more changeable weather anywhere! Last time we were there (a couple or so years ago) it was warm enough for a t-shirt one minute, then colder the next, then rain the next then dry and hot enough to want to take even the t-shirt off the next. On repeat all weekend. Got more exercise trying to get my body comfortable for the weather changes than I did with everything else combined. Still a great weekend though. Hope you all have a ball - decided it’s not for us this year.
  7. Gave you a quick like earlier as I didn’t have time to write anything. I had, in fact, taken your earlier post as acknowledgement that my sentiment was appreciated, so no worries on that front. Also, you picked my favourite version of one of my favourite ever songs to post so now I think you’re even greater! Hope the writing goes well.
  8. And this is why that, despite never having met you, I think you are a wonderful human being. I’ve thought that for quite some time but couldn’t find the right moment to say so. Thanks for giving me that moment. Thanks too for allowing me to post something (vaguely) meaningful for my 1,000th post. Recent trolling (on here) had made me think that it was going to be wasted on telling some dickhead that s/he is, in fact, a dickhead. Other swearing may have been involved. Glad it turned out differently. 😊
  9. So sorry to hear that. Just poured a glass in her honour..
  10. We went last year and stayed at Cherry Hinton - it was great. Didn’t miss having showers even though the weather was really hot. Just had a bit of a wash with a flannel and a bit of water in a basin every morning and washed hair - organic shampoo obviously - outside of the tent in water with we’d left to warm up in the sun. The walk from the car park to the site was maybe 10 minutes though we pitched our tents really quite close to the entrance. Probably wouldn’t do that again as it would have been better to be a bit closer to the loos (though not too close obviously). There was quite a long queue to get in on the first day but we were in and the tent up in about an hour and a half - then we went to get our wristbands etc. It is important to get the tag for your tent and make sure it’s visible to security; they do remove tents without them (assuming the same rules apply this year as last). The chairs are less of an issue than I had thought they might have been. Yes, there are rows and rows and rows of them - god knows what time people get up to select their spot but the fields were full by the time we got there each day - luckily we didn’t have chairs with us, so really didn’t care. There are no chairs allowed in the tents and that rule is strictly enforced so they didn’t spoil our enjoyment of any of the acts we went to see. Overall, we thought it was a really lovely festival. Great selection of both drink and food and, mostly, really friendly people (some notable exceptions but maybe they stood out so much because they were in such a minority). We would definitely have been there again this year if the line up had been more to our taste - there isn’t enough else to do there if the line-up doesn’t suit. Hope you have a fabulous time.
  11. I was wondering while watching Kylie who they could possibly get for next year - they’ve done most of the obvious ones now. I didn’t like the others that I could think of (eg Robbie) or thought them unlikely to accept anything other than headliner (eg Elton). Pet Shop Boys is a great shout - they were brilliant in 2010 - and certainly have a catalogue of well know singalongs.
  12. mandolin

    Janelle Monae

    Just caught this on iplayer. Wow!!!! Really wish I’d been there to see it.
  13. For me the best bits have been those that I probably wouldn’t have gone to see if I’d been there - which will be something to think about next year. Absolute loved Stormzy (chance of me seeing him if I was at the festival about 15%), The Killers (45%), Kylie (5%) and Mylie (0%). If I’d been there I would have spent most of my time at West Holts and the Park - nothing from either stage has come across brilliantly to me from the TV but I haven’t caught up with everything yet.
  14. Wednesday and Thursday hurt really badly but between iplayer and you lot I’ve actually managed to have a cracking weekend. Thank you all so much.
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