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  1. So 2020 has found a way to get even more frightening ....
  2. Thanks all. This roller coaster would not have been the same with you (or John King!) Time to celebrate.
  3. Now feeling that Trump is more to be pitied than laughed at (well, if he weren’t so f**king dangerous he would be). He’s truly in need of a good doctor and a family who would speak the truth to him.
  4. It’s John King - and I saw him first!
  5. Nope, not just you. Been driving me, and Mr M, crazy all day.
  6. CNN - slightly hyper but much more informative
  7. Seconded! I was about to go to bed with watching BBC - switched to CNN and have opened another bottle. Thanks guys
  8. Biden ahead in Texas by 6% with 50% of votes counted. I know you’re probably watching it at the same time as me but it eases some of the Florida pain.
  9. Thank you! Was due to meet a really close friend on Friday. I haven’t seen her in a year because she’s been really ill (non Covid related). Would have hurt badly if we couldn’t meet.
  10. Can anyone tell me if people from different households are allowed to meet outside - like meeting a friend for a walk? I seem to have spent my time swearing at the spaffing rather than listening to it!
  11. There’s plenty of call in Sheffield for St John’s Ambulance during normal times - two well-supported football teams, a few open air festivals (of varying sizes but including Tramlines), music venues etc, etc. We’re not in normal times (obviously) but hopefully will be closer to them by the time you feel settled-in enough to volunteer.
  12. I went to Amazon to buy masks for personal use back in March. Plenty were advertised but any that most people would consider buying (ie. those with more than a 3 star rating) were not available to buy as they were being held for NHS use - I can’t remember the exact wording. While there is an expectation that the NHS has centralised supplies, these are often at hugely inflated prices and not always readily available to those who in that moment are not considered to be in the greatest need. Each department/service within the NHS has to budget for their own equipment though access priori
  13. When I went on to Amazon to try to buy masks in March I was told that most of those appearing on the site were no longer available to anyone other than the NHS, so it appears that Amazon was one of their suppliers.
  14. Sorry haven’t read the last couple of pages. I decided instead to write to Bozza himself seeing that he doesn’t appear to be taking seriously the comments of his fellow MPs about how inundated they have been with correspondence and the level of anger that correspondence has contained. Thought that he could let his office deal with some of the busy-ness rather than my writing to my local, Labour, MP. This is what I’ve said (Included address and proper salutation in case anyone else feels an urge to do the same). Want to stress, however, that I do not read the Daily Mail, just couldn’t be ar
  15. And Bar Steward Sons of Val Doonican on Facebook, Saturday at 8.
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