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  1. mandolin

    Campervan hire company recommendations

    I that doesn’t work out - though I really hope it does - we’ve used bmvleisure (second on the list above posted by Clarkete) before and can highly recommend them. I assume you are aware that you need a campervan pass if you are planning to use the campervan fields and that you are in the lucky position of having one already? If not, some kind soul on here (sorry I don’t remember who) usually goes to a huge amount of trouble to organise the passing on of unwanted ones - at face value - closer to the festival but obviously there is no guarantee. Hope you have a wonderful festival.
  2. mandolin

    Happy Xmas all

    Hope you all have the loveliest of Christmas times and the very best of New Years. For those with tickets, I hope Glastonbury 2019 is the best one ever. For those without, I wish you luck in the resales. Thanks for seeing me through a fallow year.
  3. Another Horslips fan!!!! That made me happy, was beginning to think I was the only one left. (The rest of your favourites aren’t too shabby either) I was brought up with the Beatles in the background, mixed with a bit of Elvis, Cliff (who, at the age of 4, I was definitely going to marry). Mum and dad loved Jim Reeves but were overruled by the seven kids by the time I came around. First single I bought with my own money was Boom-bang-a-bang by Lulu which was only because I knew it would really piss off one of by brothers. My first hearing of Bowie completely changed my life. Since then, I will listen to pretty much everything. There is some I just don’t get (EDM, I’m looking at you in particular) but that doesn’t mean it’s bad, my ears just don’t hear it right.
  4. mandolin

    Thursday Night

    I’ve read through the headliners thread, the (now invisible) non-headliners thread, the what I’ve done to get ready for Glastonbury 2019 thread and so many others. This is the one thread that has made me really, really sad that I don’t (yet) have a ticket for next year. Friday to Sunday of the festival are amazing but the Wednesday and Thursday are absolutely the best days. No matter whose advice you take from here - or even if you take none - you will have the time of your life. Enjoy!!!
  5. I really didn’t enjoy the Friday and Saturday of 2016. Then I realised I wasn’t enjoying it because I was trying to pretend that it wasn’t difficult but it really was and partying like it was 2010 was just an impossibility for me. By Sunday, I decided that the ‘must-sees’ were actually the ‘oh shite I can’t be bothereds’ and spent my time between Avalon and West Holts. Had an absolute blast watching stuff I would never normally have considered. Would much prefer 2010/2017 weather every year - though I would happily accept 2011/2016 muddyness again if I was to be lucky in the resale.
  6. mandolin

    New Quechua "Fresh & Black" Tents

    Bought one of these (5 person one for 3 people) to survive this summer’s festivals. Really easy to put up, inflatable bits inflate much more easily than we ever dreamed they could and it all packed away with ease - even with our normal end-of-festival stonking hangovers and general grumpiness. Wonderful to be in; we had a great sleep every night and slept through to 10 am when others had been unable to get to sleep until silly o’clock and awake since not much past daylight. Plenty of room in the one we had but we never had to sit in the tent to hide from the elements. I can’t say anything about how it would manage in really wet weather - a light dew was the most ours had to put up with - given how good it was in all other areas, I would hope that it would be just fine. Only downside, if you can call it that, is that you absolutely must have head torches or the like with you - you’ll never find anything if you don’t. If you can afford it at all, and you have faith that we might get decent weather next year, absolutely go for it. If you can get it in the sale, frankly you’d be daft not to. PS: I don’t work for them.
  7. mandolin

    Being kicked out - avoidable or not??

    This, exactly this. Why let in more people than you can deal with? Wouldn’t have made a blind bit of difference to me as I never got past the holding page. As disappointed as I am, I don’t feel as though something has been stolen from me but surely if you get through to entering registration numbers you should be safe if you’re doing it fast enough? I have to admit that I was slightly perplexed as soon as I heard about the 6 minute thing. Why would that even be thought of? Were they aware that their systems weren’t going to be as they should? If you are applying for tickets normally, you know you have to have the relevant details to hand - usually it’s your name, address and method of payment. For most people that just requires making sure that you have your bank card to hand, the rest being easily remembered. In this case, the registration number, postcodes and method of payment were required. The first two would be difficult to remember; though not difficult to have to hand. It doesn’t take 6 minutes to type that lot in unless you have some physical difficulty (and, frankly, there should be a more accessible way for people with physical/cognitive difficulties to get tickets too). In short, I feel the problem was with See - whether that’s due to the price they or the festival are willing to pay or not I don’t know. I also don’t know whether the post-ticket day controversy damages the festival or adds to its cachet.
  8. mandolin

    For Those Who Have Missed Out In The Past ...

    We missed out in 2014. I was completely heartbroken. Spent the months between then and the festival lurking on here like some sort of stalker but never felt able to contribute. Felt bloody miserable. First « proper » day of the festival got on iPlayer and watched the first live act (Royal Blood in the JP tent in case anyone’s interested). Saw the joy on peoples’ faces and felt happy, truly happy that there was a place in the world that could make so many people dance and smile like that. One of my favourite ever festival moments and I wasn’t even there. We’ve not been lucky this year either and may (if we can) either work it or glamp it - both would be difficult for very different reasons. We will (probably) try for resale tickets in April - though with our work patterns that isn’t easy either. But in answer to the original question, I felt most miserable during the build-up, missing the festival itself was only about 10% of that.
  9. mandolin

    Friend or Foe? - Glastonbury festival volunteering.

    As someone desperate to go to Glastonbury (and actually considering volunteering at other festivals too) ... what would make them not your first choice?
  10. mandolin

    Record number of people trying .

    We didn’t manage to get tickets this year despite every effort and learning more about IT in the run up to it than I have ever previously thought was possible. But I can’t really see a way of making it fairer. Less frustrating, perhaps, but not fairer. As a complete aside .... if I manage to find a way to get to Glastonbury 2019, I’ll be the first to start the “Get the one armed Slovakian bag pipe player to Glasto” thread.
  11. The only one of 10 bits of kit that had the holding page consistently was a Mac. The second most successful was an ipad tethered to an iphone. Didn’t help us get past that stage mind you.
  12. mandolin

    Resale Club 2019

    Hi everyone. Where do I sign up? 6 people this morning trying on 10 different devices, two locations, all differently connected to See. I got through to the holding page at 9.00 on the dot and never moved off it despite refreshing at a steady 55 per minute. No-one else got even that far. Gutted doesn’t even begin to describe how we’re feeling
  13. That is shit. Have a virtual hug. And console yourself with the fact that there seem to have been more unsuccessful people than lucky ones so you may have just saved yourself from extreme tiredness to go with the misery. Sunday is going to be a frigging nightmare.
  14. mandolin

    Coach ticket vs standard

    Not what I wanted to hear but thank you.
  15. mandolin

    Coach ticket vs standard

    The fear is really setting in and we’re considering trying for coach tickets on Thursday which we’ve never done before. Trouble is we need to have the car with us at the end of the festival as we’re travelling on elsewhere so at least one person wouldn’t be getting on the coach. Has it always been the case that the coach tickets are handed out to the lead booker or has there ever been an instance when each individual has had to get them? I understand that things might be different this year than previously so there are no guarantees.