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  1. So sorry to hear that. Just poured a glass in her honour..
  2. We went last year and stayed at Cherry Hinton - it was great. Didn’t miss having showers even though the weather was really hot. Just had a bit of a wash with a flannel and a bit of water in a basin every morning and washed hair - organic shampoo obviously - outside of the tent in water with we’d left to warm up in the sun. The walk from the car park to the site was maybe 10 minutes though we pitched our tents really quite close to the entrance. Probably wouldn’t do that again as it would have been better to be a bit closer to the loos (though not too close obviously). There was quite a long queue to get in on the first day but we were in and the tent up in about an hour and a half - then we went to get our wristbands etc. It is important to get the tag for your tent and make sure it’s visible to security; they do remove tents without them (assuming the same rules apply this year as last). The chairs are less of an issue than I had thought they might have been. Yes, there are rows and rows and rows of them - god knows what time people get up to select their spot but the fields were full by the time we got there each day - luckily we didn’t have chairs with us, so really didn’t care. There are no chairs allowed in the tents and that rule is strictly enforced so they didn’t spoil our enjoyment of any of the acts we went to see. Overall, we thought it was a really lovely festival. Great selection of both drink and food and, mostly, really friendly people (some notable exceptions but maybe they stood out so much because they were in such a minority). We would definitely have been there again this year if the line up had been more to our taste - there isn’t enough else to do there if the line-up doesn’t suit. Hope you have a fabulous time.
  3. I was wondering while watching Kylie who they could possibly get for next year - they’ve done most of the obvious ones now. I didn’t like the others that I could think of (eg Robbie) or thought them unlikely to accept anything other than headliner (eg Elton). Pet Shop Boys is a great shout - they were brilliant in 2010 - and certainly have a catalogue of well know singalongs.
  4. mandolin

    Janelle Monae

    Just caught this on iplayer. Wow!!!! Really wish I’d been there to see it.
  5. For me the best bits have been those that I probably wouldn’t have gone to see if I’d been there - which will be something to think about next year. Absolute loved Stormzy (chance of me seeing him if I was at the festival about 15%), The Killers (45%), Kylie (5%) and Mylie (0%). If I’d been there I would have spent most of my time at West Holts and the Park - nothing from either stage has come across brilliantly to me from the TV but I haven’t caught up with everything yet.
  6. Wednesday and Thursday hurt really badly but between iplayer and you lot I’ve actually managed to have a cracking weekend. Thank you all so much.
  7. mandolin

    Miley Cyrus

    You in need of some attention babe? Here’s a virtual hug.
  8. mandolin

    Miley Cyrus

    Me too - she’s incredible!
  9. Yeah, I know. I hate hats too but they keep the sun off and lessen the risk of sunstroke.
  10. I’m doing this while screaming at people to put hats on! I may be drinking as well.
  11. Been watching it on iplayer and found myself screaming at the TV about people not wearing hats! Take care folks. I know that the water is free but please consider soft drinks or fuit if the water becomes difficult to get. (Grandma rant over) Hope you are all having an absolutely amazing time.
  12. The only trouble with what you’ve said there is that I too watched it on TV. I absolutely loved the set (the Chris Martin bit aside). What SW (whatever his name is) said was just just someone being offensive and looking for attention. I hope you’re having a wonderful time on the farm.
  13. So those who listened to it are “mentally retarded”? Nice one, well done. I happen to work with people with learning disabilities. I happen to like smoothies - not partial to those with shit in them however. I don’t like trolls either.
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