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  1. We are taking personal responsibility. And a large degree of social responsibility. Caring for others rather than the more selfish point of view. Other than that, I’m not biting.
  2. https://www.thelancet.com/journals/laninf/article/PIIS1473-3099(21)00075-X/fulltext Don’t think it’s me that’s lacking the understanding.
  3. No “you can’t go shutting society down to protect a small group of people when the jab is working relatively well for this group”. Trouble is “relatively” isn’t good enough when there is a 26% chance that the vaccine won’t work for you (using your figures). And the virus is as widespread as it currently is. And you have family who have to enter the opened up society to, y’know, work and travel to work. And you have to live with that family because you are not sufficiently healthy to care for yourself. And you need them to work because you cannot. And if you were to catch Covid, it wouldn’t be like a bad cold. It would be like death. It’s all great suggesting that the “small group of people” should be made more vulnerable because others want their freedom to get shit-faced in a place of their choosing, with whatever number of strangers, and without any level of restriction … but probably only if you don’t have a loved one in that position. FYI, I’m not against people having fun. I’m just asking that they do it safely and with proper regard for others.
  4. Jeez, that is some distance. Donated.
  5. Genuine question ... face coverings (they’re only “nappies” if you talk shit) are not ideal, particularly on warm days. But would you rather wear them in enclosed and crowded spaces or have the virus (of whatever variant) continue to spread? i hate social distancing. I really, really want to be able to sit in a field with strangers and occasionally connect with them enough to want to hug them. If wearing a face covering on a crowded train is the cost I have to pay to do that, I’ll get myself a pretty one. Frankly, I don’t see it as being that different to being at Glastonbury and spending more on a pint of crap lager than I would normally consider reasonable. We all have to make compromises.
  6. I did! Though Dick Van Dyke and his son stopping me from murdering Dita Von Tease was not the worst dream I’ve ever had. 🙂
  7. Only just less anecdotal, I work with kids and adults on the autistic spectrum. The kids have really struggled with adults (teachers and parents) not being able to be certain about any....f***king....thing. This has got to be difficult for all children who rely on the grown ups to “know” what’s going on. And I really fear for those whose family circumstances aren’t the best, even in good times, There’s a lot we will learn in retrospect about the impact of both the pandemic and the lockdown I hope attention is paid to it, though I know the temptation - for me as much as anyone - will be to celebrate the return to “normality” rather than to look back on difficult times.
  8. Underwhel.ing seems to be spelt “shite” in our house! 🙂 Edited to clarify that we thought the song was shite, the mis-spelling of “underwhelming” was an aside.
  9. Listening through the re-runs, I might feel the same. Made me smile .
  10. Nobody in their right mind would watch it sober.
  11. Finland Netherlands Iceland Norway Germany Ukraine Are where I’d place my votes. True story, we were in a bar in Reykjavik watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics in 2016, waiting to cheer on the Irish contingent. Took a while, as these things do. Mr Mandolin got a tap on the shoulder and was asked if we wouldn’t mind if they allowed the live act to play, as that required the TV to be turned off. He said “sorry, of course” and we stopped being so rowdy. The live act was tonight’s Icelandic representative. He was lovely, kept an eye on the opening ceremony, stopped singing and put the TV back on so that we could watch the Irish team enter the Olympic stadium. Should maybe have put him at the top of my list, thinking about it.
  12. We’re working through the early 60s in Sheffield. Me and Mr mandolin both booked in for next week. I managed to book online over the weekend (due to someone mentioning the possibility on here) before the letter arrived today. Give it a go, you have nothing to lose. Just need your NHS number, date of birth and postcode. I managed to find my NHS number by googling “how do I find my NHS number”! (Just in case that’s a missing bit of the puzzle for you, as it was for me)
  13. I have never missed an upvote more than I do right now. Great post. @eFestivalsNeil, if we promise to be really, really good children could we have them back please? Leave us with up votes and remove down votes if that suits, but FFS we need to be able to give support where and when it is warranted.
  14. I think it’s this “this group or that group” mentality that is being really harmful. Both here and more widely. Absolutely not criticising you - your post was just the catalyst for me actually saying something I’ve been wanting to say for a while. I’m 60, Mr M is 64. We would happily and willingly leave getting our vaccines for a few weeks for the sake of the younger people - many 5 year olds (for example) have, after all, spent nearly 20% of their life living in this weird as shit situation, hearing about death and illness at a rate that must be causing some of them nightmares that they may never fully recover from, not being able to learn social skills that might be difficult to learn later, let alone any academic learning they have missed that can‘t be caught up with etc etc etc. BUT We have a 33 year old daughter who is extremely vulnerable (hospital consultant said she would, without question, die if she were to catch the virus) and the doctors can’t agree on which vaccine she should have. I don’t understand their difficulties but know that they know more than we do, and they know more than they are sharing - I also know that they are doing their very best. So she hasn’t had her vaccination yet. I would hope that, if we were vaccinated, we would be less likely to pass Covid on to her. We haven‘t left the house since April other than for isolated walks or me/ Mr M - once a week - going to pick up the supermarket click and collect, every item of which has to be sanitised before it is brought into the house. That in itself is having an impact on our well being (though we are are aware that others have had it so very much worse). Mr M’s mother is 98 (on Monday), She lives in Belfast, us in Sheffield. We haven‘t been able to see her since March. She has now been vaccinated but none of us can take the risk of travelling to her given that we wouldn’t be able to completely isolate on the journey. The risk is no longer to her but to our daughter and what might be brought back into our home. My mother in law‘s health is pretty much what you would expect from a housebound 98 year old who has seen no-one in person apart from 15 minutes, three times a day when she has her intimate care needs addressed (and we are so very grateful - in a kind of strange way - that a physical health issue in January 2020 meant that she has that much support). We Zoom her every day (incredibly proud of her tenacity in learning how to work an ipad!) but she’s not going to be with us for much longer. Obviously, we don‘t know how much longer. Selfish, I know, but I would like me, Mr M and our daughter to be vaccinated soon. The sooner the better. Sorry. There is no perfect fix. There are no generalisations that will work. No matter what happens, people are going to be hurt, people will suffer and, heartbreakingly, more people will die. I just want them not to be those in my family. I’m sure you - and everyone else on here and elsewhere - feel exactly the same.
  15. Yeah, I had it a couple of weeks ago. Was a bit freaked out by the “if you get any side effect other than a sore arm, we really need to know about it” part of the spiel but got nothing other than a pretty sore arm and that only lasted a couple of hours.
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