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  1. aaaand I’m back ?? 3 of us got through to the reg details page and no further. Heartbreaking ?
  2. I was at V Festival at Weston Park in 2017. Got my tickets 241 I think through Wowcher? Or one of those type sites. There was a McDonalds on site blasting out music and a giant screen showing selfies of people eating McFlurrys. The queue was enormous! ... funnily enough V was cancelled that year ??‍♀️
  3. yeah there won’t be much of a queue Wednesday evening. Ah, ok. It’s a much different atmosphere on the family camping fields so hopefully if you get to know your neighbours the kids will feel pretty comfortable ? I’ve never had any issues in the years I’ve been.
  4. Cockmill fills up really quickly, usually by about 11 I’d say. I’ve heard good things about the other family camping though (Wickets I think). There will still be space there later on the Wednesday ? use the lock ups for anything valuable, they’re free and easier to get to than your tent if you’re camped quite far out x
  5. I think I might just suggest this to the husband! Sounds like a lovely start to the festival! Thank you ?
  6. Friday - Frank Turner Saturay - The Killers/ Wu Tang. (Tough call) Sunday - The Cure Lucky I like the Magic Numbers cause it looks like we’re gonna need to be in early for Frank!
  7. amytamsin

    Resale Club 2019

    ??‍♀️ I won’t win any parent of the year contests today!
  8. Seems odd being able to get into it so easily! There are lots more options than I imagined there would be this close to the festival.
  9. Hi ? So we’re new to the campervan side of the festival this year. I’ve noticed that most people on here seem to be aiming for first thing Tuesday morning to arrive on site. Checked the Glastonbury page and it says any vans arriving before noon will be turned away? Does it normally say this and just not go through with it?
  10. amytamsin

    Resale Club 2019

    Good luck everyone! It’s been a long wait since October. I’ll be back on to help out if I get my 4. We’ve got this! ?
  11. I absolutely love the kids field! We took our daughter in 2017 and she had the best time. Just the simple task of getting tickets in Sunday’s resale and we’ll be taking a 5 year old and a 1 year old! Can’t wait to show her the line up if we’re successful Sunday. ?
  12. amytamsin

    Resale Club 2019

    This club is the worst. I’ve missed out on tickets twice before in the main sale and then got them in resale. Fingers crossed for April! I’m devastated today. Got through to registration page and it wouldn’t progress. We’ve got this guys.
  13. Pretty please help us, can send money straight away or call me and I’ll give you my details 078552 16852 Amy - 3495510786 - TF4 2GP Steve - 4153691837 - TF4 2GP Laura - 3896587461 - TF3 5HW Dave - 3485025884 - TF3 5HW Thank you ? xxx
  14. Good luck everybody! I’m getting nervous for you all and I’m not even trying for tickets til Sunday.
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