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  1. Set times and what not are out! Only half hour for IDLES and 75 minute headline sets unfortunately but no mega clashes!
  2. Bring Me The Horizon last night, wow. What a headline set, they nailed it. Really great day, much busier than expected too.
  3. Paid £5 total for Bring Me, Mumford and Bon Iver, madness. Glad I held out on the 2 for 1's. Hopefully this festival is still around next year after all this.
  4. Totally overpaid at 2.50 myself! Trying frantically to get someone with an O2 number so I can get Bon Iver tickets lol
  5. This has shaken out really well if the clashes follow last year’s formula, Friday and Saturday are pretty stacked then a pretty light Sunday for me after three big nights.
  6. Would make sense to just shift Mac DeMarco into that slot
  7. Was never ever going to this for 60 quid but I’m now going for 2.50 lol
  8. You'd imagine they'll play newer stuff and bigger hits to the main stage crowd and a set more geared towards long-term fans while everyone else is seeing the Foos
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