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  1. I think they just go for what they believe is the best line up possible. Ofcourse they are a Belgian festival and will go for what is popular in the region but ofcourse they are also mindful of the international draw the festival has. The festival doesn’t always go for what is exactly popular in the moment like Mad Cool, Reading Festival or Pukkelpop but they seem to do well with the formula they have. I also feel like they go for artists on the back of new releases, they haven’t booked bands like Alt-J, London Grammar, Royal Blood or Wolf Alice as they’ve not released anything since their last appearance; whereas Mad Cool doesn’t seem to mind. Pearl Jam and The Strokes both have new material coming before this edition, Anderson. Paak has dropped two albums since his appearance two years ago, Thom Yorke, The Lumineers, Liam G, Bombay Bicycle Club and many more all have albums out recently. Ofcourse, SOAD don’t ever have new music but are very popular. The others like Kendrick, Twenty One Pilots etc, haven’t played recently if ever. I think they are slightly tactical about this though. RW have the foresight to save artists for a better time which works with the small number of stages and artists per day.
  2. Johnny Marr was a pretty big late addition last year and we’re expecting one more sub so The Wombats would be a strong one for sure.
  3. They would have to play around 3pm Main Stage right? Like Stereophonics and The 1975 in previous years who are also UK headliners everywhere they go. I guess they’re just not willing to accept that, just like Kasabian.
  4. I hope so! They deserve it and APE is a great festival, but I’d still love a free ticket 😉
  5. Honestly one of the most boring live bands I’ve seen too, The Wombats are much better live. If Kooks go after Wombats like they did at Reading 2018, it will be once again glaringly obvious how dull they are.
  6. Did they even sell out the O2 at like 35-40 a ticket last year? Think Citadel was about the same and that didn’t either.
  7. Yeah I get that these are popular and established acts but is there enough for an average Tame Impala fan to pay that much, probably not. Atleast not for me or anyone I know - not that it’s representative ofcourse.
  8. Depends on the age range. I don’t think many late teens/early twenties will listen to either of those - maybe I’m wrong but Tame Impala and Glass Animals were very popular amongst people I knew at uni a couple years back. Depends on how well it sells to an older demographic but 70+ quid for a day ticket is super expensive for a younger visitor when festivals like Truck are a full weekend at 120, for example.
  9. Big Moon played to a small crowd in the Jagerhaus, it was fantastic really. Other highlights that day were Sea Girls on the tiny firestone stage, Magic Gang on main and Frank Carter killing it on the North Stage.
  10. Anyway, can’t see that Tame Impala day selling out now seeing as there are likely a lot of unknowns on that line up to the bulk of Tame’s UK fan base, I’m sure the artists are great but most people I know that are Tame Impala fans probably only also listen to Glass Animals out of the rest, even Caribou is a stretch. If free tickets are on the cards that’s amazing for me though, and I’m looking forward to getting into some of these other artists booked.
  11. And the same year they ran Catfish, Blossoms, The Hunna and The Neighbourhood - last year Bring Me The Horizon headlined albeit a strong undercard (great day), it’s really nothing new and I wouldn’t be surprised if they went into this year planning to do an indie rock day - atleast they can guarantee sales knowing the popularity of events like Community and the better ‘Rock’ line up day last year (Bring Me), clearly didn’t work, so mainstream indie it is. Really don’t see this as a downwards turn for the festival, clearly they know this day is of a ‘lower quality’ considering the ticket prices and the ‘co-headliners’.
  12. Inhaler, PUP, Bombay and Gang of fucking Youths yes
  13. Who knows really! Second album did better than the first which is a good sign! Don’t Delete The Kisses is arguably their biggest song. I’ve got faith that they can deliver but even a slot in the dark like Royal Blood had last year would be awesome.
  14. I hope Wolf Alice avoid this, get a new album out and take a sub slot next year.
  15. I know they’re not around at the minute, there’s really no excuse to have never booked Florence + The Machine to headline or Paramore since After Laughter either
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