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  1. It's all about these sentence. If you put people under pressure to buy tickets, they will buy them more easily. It's the same with regular concerts, where they say "last tickets", although they sometimes only sold 75% of the tickets.
  2. Think Ni&Co meant that Oscar was on Lokerse and Cactus last year 😉
  3. No way Pkp is going to book such an alternative headliner (Slipknot). The most alternative they're going these days are acts such as Bon Iver and Tame Impala. If I have to make a prediction of the headliners it would be something like: Macklemore - Dua Lipa - Die Antwoord Foals - The Weeknd London Grammar - Bon Iver
  4. That's too bad, hope the line up won't be as bad as 2018, but I'm starting to fear.
  5. Why wouldn't they play PKP? It's a Belgian band who did only 2 Belgian shows last summer, so I'm expecting a lot of Belgian festivals that have booked them, including PKP.
  6. Bit odd then to announce Volbeat with 11 other names, when they're a headliner.
  7. Hi Ken, I just made an account to tell you that we appreciate your posts. If your name pops up on my screen I immediately check what you write, just because I love the way your posts (doesn't matter if they're right or wrong) always starts a discussion about the festivals we all love so much. Those people who're saying that you're an attention seeker can be counted on one hand. I want to ask you to keep posting, because most people on efestivals and Festileaks really appreciate what you're doing. Thanks for all the information you already shared with all of us, we love you dude!
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