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  1. Yes. But it's sadly as not as prolific as you (and definitely I) might like
  2. I thought it was about a guy called Jason for years. I assumed Jason was a bit of an asshole.
  3. Sasperella

    2020 headliners

    After a quick check it seems that other than 2009 (Bruce Spingsteen, Neil young and Blur), two of the three haven't been solo artists since the early 90s. I can't work out if there's ever been three solo artists because the shitty article I'm reading gets a bit hazy pre 1990 Conclusion: there will be at least one band!
  4. I am in no way an expert on this...but I now work with a lot of Scottish people, almost all who say they voted to stay in the UK last time and are reconsidering. Very much how I say flippantly stuff like "i want out of this tory hell-hole", now they do too....but also potentially can. I hope you're right, but again, it's not really up to me
  5. Sasperella

    2020 headliners

    Obvs RHCP are old school as fuck (Am I a gammon if I like Green Day? a lot of the recent chat on this thread is making me question my identity)....but there surely has to be at least one band? Kendrick, swizzle and macca is just one too many solo artists. Does the thingy know the last time this happened?
  6. Sasperella


    Aaaargh, I know.. I can't believe I was faffing about looking to try and get lucky elsewhere when it was posted! Bang goes my productivity (and social life) for the next three weeks!
  7. Sasperella


    Damnit! Was typing this and then went on Twitter to have a search when I got a twickets alert!!! It feels somewhat impossible....
  8. Sasperella


    Cool! If I somehow end up with an extra ticket it has your name on it 🙂 Will check out Amyl and the Sniffers too as I've not actually heard if them before
  9. Sasperella


    Whhhaaaaat! Oh man, I need to start thinking outside the box
  10. Sasperella


    Cool thanks! Gonna give this a go today.... I'm getting desperate!
  11. Sasperella


    I got Twitter in my phone due to the suggestion in this thread but I haven't seen any notifications of idles tickets going on there.....am I missing something? Is it not on the main page?
  12. Sasperella


    Don't steal the spare Barrowlands ticket from me 😛 if we both end up getting one though, let's go for a pint! I've been checking it whenever I can like @2020 Vision suggested. At one point yesterday an Ally Pally came up before I'd received text alerts for it, so in theory it could work. Seems to be a shit load of those coming up in general, but haven't had any barrowlands notifications for a while
  13. I also had a dream last night they were headlining. And the whole crowd were doing coordinated dance moves that I didn't know....
  14. We have this particularly crazy idea of going as a virgin pendelino service. My mate has a bit of a thing about trains....
  15. I have been also observing the amount of rain but thinking to myself* "didn't it rain a lot in winter 2015-2016?" 😕 *Only to myself as my friends have banned me from talking about Glasto weather this far out. Headliners and fancy dress outfit ideas that we inevitably never wear only at this stage.
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