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  1. Thinking about this has really ruined my afternoon. Thanks Neil 😛
  2. I'm not sure about that last bit. This is a pretty dynamic situation. Why would they take a decision as big as that two and a half months before the festival is due to take place? There's definitely a possibility of a cancellation, but I doubt it would a decision that was taken quite that early.
  3. Today and the rest of the week are going to be pretty hectic at work, and as I'm in the London office, sneaking a look at my phone seems even more not allowed than normal. Thus I predict it coming before Friday at 5! If that were to be in an 8am slot, it would be marvellous
  4. I'm hopeful! Maybe not for Rage (although that is obviously the dream) but for something that slipped through the radar. Like a Katie Perry but, you know, good... We can't have worked it all out, surely? It seems like it's been too easy this year
  5. We haven't done a sweepstake in a while.....
  6. Yeh I enjoyed it when I didn't know if it was serious or not. Now it's just another troll...
  7. Yessssss this is definitely a sign!!!! Late Feb still seems optimistic, but I reckon early March could definitely be a goer
  8. Haha.... Rather predictably, my middle name is also Louise! Are all the guys just called Matt down your way? That's the real killer in my home town.
  9. We all have a bit of a soft spot for it, don't we?
  10. This is also interesting. After all this time, have you just got bored? Who are you...?
  11. Oh my gosh, where is this? I've been feeling like I need to widen my selection of frequented pubs and bars. This looks ideal.
  12. Are you also called Tom? Because that would be classic Tom
  13. The plot thickens. To be fair though, basically every other guy in their 30s is called Tom.
  14. That Day N Nite tune really is an absolute banger. I forget it exists sometimes and then always get mega excited when it turns back up.
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