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  1. Glad to hear it, Neil. I've not been on efests much of late so had no idea until a few days ago.
  2. Currently over the five days themselves it's looking like 19/20 degrees and mostly sunny with some cloud. Looks bang on perfect... Although, thunderstorms and flooding predicted this week, and a lot of rain at the start of next week. What fun we'd be having on this thread right now if it were happening! (Just realised we'd only be nine days out.... Sigh)
  3. I wondered when this thread would creep up. Last year the neighbours and I had a very small fake Glastonbury in our garden. This year, we're going a little bigger 🙂 in the communal garden, some decks under a gazeebo and A LOT of cider. I'm quite excited 🙂
  4. Can someone remind me when the next festival lineup announcement is expected? Is it RW....?
  5. The last 12 months have been such a blur that I can't even remember if any announcements were ever made about Glasto 2021. Nothing official I think (I obviously checked the Thingy) but we're there any sniffs of confirmations....or had no one actually even booked?
  6. Presumably normally the would announce much later, after the festival season was over? I've completely forgotten what life was like in the before-times it seems, as have almost no grasp of when all this madness used to start. Does this mean we might get an announcement earlier...? (Sorry, I should probably take myself off to the Lawks! thread)
  7. Wait? Really? Is the queen doing something important....? One weekend might be affordable. Hmmmm. I'd love to see what Primavera is like!
  8. My friend lives abroad (in DRC, very much red) and is coming home for dental treatment. He's returning via a holiday in Florida (amber) and needs to quarentine. But he's also had both vaccines (and Covid before that actually, although I appreciate that that's probably irrelevant). He will be staying with me for quarentine period. But weirdly, I don't have to isolate. Not much about that makes any sense to me, but ok.... I'm also getting my jab today 🙂
  9. It's my birthday over the weekend so we're having a BBQ in the garden. Normally quite pessimistic about the Scottish weather, my friend just excitedly sent me this.... and it reminded me so much of Glasto 2019. Is that an Azores Finger I see before me???
  10. This thread makes me really wish I was watching Eurovision
  11. Aye, this is mega cool! Never been into his stuff would be tempted to go and see him live now. Presumably he always has the brass band...?
  12. Feels that way to me too! I guess Liam 2017 and 2019 and then Noel on the 2020 poster just seemed a bit much. That and the fact that in the last few years at least one of them seems to have been on approx 50% of yer mainstream UK festival posters.... I am Gallagher'd out. And I've never even seen either of them 😝
  13. Aye, I guess that's the question. Is it different to See? We argued about it, I told him he wasn't in a queue and should refresh. He insisted it was different. I obviously think I'm right 😄
  14. A little off topic, but this announcement had got me talking about ticket-buying with a Glasto virgin... He was saying that Ticketmaster changed the system and now have a holding page that auto refreshes and it's taken all of the "skill" out of the refresh game. He thinks you're in a queue, so refreshing would take you back to the beginning. I've never seen this Ticketmaster holding page, but it sounds like the one we all know and love. Anyone know if he should still be refreshing himself???
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