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  1. Oooooh! The ones that got away (along with SOAD)! Must be the arena in Sheffield? And Glasgow hydro? Now, can I find some aging nu-metal fan friends in Glasgow by 2020....
  2. The first single I bought was Cotton Eye Joe I thought Purple Rain was by Jimmy Hendrix until an efester told me otherwise at Boomtown last year (although this isn't as bad as my sister who though Jimmy Hendrix was the guy who invented the Muppets) I absolutely adored nu-metal (even the shit bits) and still do...I have no shame in admitting that I thought Limp Bizkit were amazing at Boomtown It's not that I think the Beatles are shit, it's just that every time I think I like a song by them, it turns out to be The Kinks
  3. I didn't even realise this was something I needed to be ashamed about thinking! Even if he is talking about having a w*nk.... Surely not in a par with crying over Coldplay!
  4. Sasperella

    The Rock Slot

    Aaaaaah c'mon, Quark....everyone loves a bit of a sing song to In Too Deep, and you know it!
  5. Sasperella

    The Rock Slot

    Not that I want to objectify anyone (obviously), but Trent has aged considerably better than MM, in many respects! Much as I used to love them both, NIN are the dream. I can't see them in the Pyramid rock slot though. Has to be an Other headline slot or nothing, no?
  6. Sasperella

    The Rock Slot

    Tbh I want a ticket enough that I'd maybe take a few Coldplay slots in a trade-off with the ticket gods. I'd probably even watch one if they requested it!
  7. I just realised this morning that there are only three weeks to go!!! I really need to get my shit together and investigate the lineup.... EDIT: Weather leading up to and during looks pretty amazing. My weather app is even describing a couple of the days as "delightful".
  8. This looks so cool!! A month or so in, and Glasgow is ace 🙂 I loved Sheffield, but Glasgow definitely bats it out of the park in terms of musical offerings
  9. Sasperella

    2020 headliners

    Urrrrrmm...weren't you one of the guys who was quite vocally doubting Stormzy's ability to perform and questioning why he'd been given a leg up? *Checks "So Stormzy then...." thread*
  10. I've been waiting for this. And you have not disappointed. Particularly with that cheeky Tina addition.
  11. Someone once suggested Rammstein on Arcadia....if we're going to go different, I'm all for that. Especially with it's new super industrial look! (Obviously never going to happen though, before I get told off)
  12. Sasperella

    2020 headliners

    My sentiments pretty much exactly
  13. Sasperella

    2020 headliners

    I've never heard of Bon Iver outside of this forum! I don't know if this makes it more or less likely that my Mum will have
  14. I have a few exes who seemed to love Neil Young. None of them were anywhere near the age of 50.
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