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  1. Sasperella


    Need to check it out again. The vocals seemed not loud enough. Found the same words repeated too much a bit annoying. But that was one listen in...I didn't like Mr Motivator the first time I heard in, and now I LOVE it. Grounds and A Hymn are also so both clearly bangers that it doesn't even warrant discussion.
  2. Sasperella

    Kate Tempest

    Ah sorry yes, I meant "persons that menstruate". So is it more for people that now identify as men but still menstruate, or cis women? Maybe both I suppose. I think the elimination of gender probably would benefit women in general, so it is odd that I still get stuck on being defined solely by biology. With you on the Twitter arguments. Definitely better to stay away from those rabbit holes. I've seen some mud slinging from both sides of the debate and it gets horrendously dark even within that character limit.
  3. Sasperella

    Kate Tempest

    I'm cool with being referred to as cis (although it does seem to be used pejoratively a lot of the time). A thing I'm a bit conflicted about, which is horribly controversial, is being personally referred to as a "woman that menstruates" or similar (granted no one has ever personally called me that to my face). I'm genuinely a bit internally troubled by this, as I have absolutely no problem with transwomen being called women. I wish there was a better definition I guess. Edit: even writing that in a way that doesn't cause offence is difficult.
  4. Did the classic thing of thinking this meant Pet Shop Boys (despite how completely ridiculous that would be) and thus being slightly underwhelmed when I went back up the thread and saw the poster
  5. Ok, so under the north lockdown rules I could go to the pub with my current "bubble"? That's a bit better I suppose...
  6. Haha, this thought had crossed my mind.... just can't really be doing with all this dating app business. Also rather depressingly, my current "bubble" (two friends who live in the west end) are emigrating at the end of the year. So I guess I really should think about getting the other kind of "bubble buddy" before that happens!
  7. Yeh, this is just nuts isn't it? Saving capitalism.... *sigh*
  8. I know this isn't really the point you're making, but I think the new rules in the north really suck for single people. I'm sure I read that you can't gather in other people's houses, and while you can continue going to pubs etc you can't do so with people outside of your own household. So, what, I stay in or go to the pub/to dinner by myself? I'm getting a bit depressed about the thought of a lockdown winter that's along those lines tbh. The summer was fine, as I was able to sit in the garden and meet my neighbours, and to go to the park when the restrictions eased a bit. In the winter that's all not going to be an option...
  9. Sasperella

    2020 New Music

    I have no idea what this means, other than it clearly being a pejorative. Hipster as fuck, but actually massively bland? As for Fontains DC. Im on my third go. It's good...but I would be lying if I said I liked it as much as Dogrel. Doesn't seem like it would be nearly as much fun live either.
  10. Sasperella

    2020 New Music

    Corey Mother Fucking Taylor??? Jesus wept.
  11. Sasperella

    2020 New Music

    Ah yes, Antichrist is immense (as is Sweet Dreams). My 18 birthday at Download in 2003 seeing MM was (at that point) my most seminal musical moment. Shame he churned out such a crock out shit from there on out... I can't even bring myself to click on this video. @FloorFiller - aye, this has only become apparent to me this week. I had listened to that slipknot album last year, but had sort of forgotten about it. After getting stuck into a bit of old school Korn and Slipknot over the weekend I ended up doing some googling, I discovered that Korn are a) still releasing music and b) it's (apparently) a damn sight better than the garbage they released from 2004 onwards. This along with new rammstein, tool, slipknot etc etc is all very exciting. Still can't really bring myself to listen to any of it yet though. Not sure I can do it to that bit of me who is currently loving the resurgence of the old classics and may well end up just being crushed by disappointment 😕
  12. Sasperella

    2020 New Music

    Wow. So bad. What is he thinking? I'm at the end of a week where, for reasons yet unclear to me, I have re-submerged myself in nu-metal to a level I haven't done since about 2004. I'm loving it, to be honest. But even despite my current giddy nostalgia over Corey and his ilk, fuck me this is terrible. CMFT? Dare I ask.. ?
  13. Sasperella

    Refund emails

    Same, I heard a story of a guy having a ticket cancelled by a spiteful ex..but for the life of me now I can't figure out how that would happen. I guess she must have registered them both with her email address at the beginning??? Otherwise I don't think it can happen.
  14. Also, FWIW, they were absolutely amazing at Boomtown in 2018. And I'm not even really that much of a fan!
  15. Of all the fucking ridiculous, pointless answers Bojo has ever given, this one might just take the biscuit... I presume what he means is "Are you kidding??? Obviously this a cluster fuck and everyone knows it"
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