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  1. I'm currently trying to motivate myself to do some exercise. Sunday is usually climbing day.... However hungover I am, I can force myself to go to the climbing wall. It's much harder to bring myself to go to for s run!!
  2. Is anyone else confused a out Christmas? Am I right in thinking they've said we can have bubbles of three households over five days...? But there's not be an official announcement? I noticed on a Scottish article that Sturgeon was saying there would probably be some kind of travel restriction on that, but there doesn't seem to be any indication of what that is. Or have I missed something?
  3. And because for lots of people, it's the only place they go. For those people, it is of course the most likely place they'll catch it...
  4. Aye, I'm 35 and my Glastonbury crew range from 28 to 40, with the majority probably 33-38. If it's on next year, against the backdrop of a vaccine that's protecting the most vulnerbale, I can't see any of them deciding not to go....even though none of us will likely have been vaccinated by then.
  5. Ooooh what a cutie!!!! Little Fizgig is getting in well here. Potentially the most spoilt cat ever, but such a sweetie.
  6. I'm confused though. Why do they keep saying it will kill Trump as he needs to win the state, but that it doesn't mean Biden will win the presidency??? I get that they have to get to 270, but if Trump can't make it, surely that means Biden has to...?
  7. It's beautiful. Cheese and mayonnaise, and a touch of BBQ. Was how I always ate chips until I discovered the life altering delicacy that is chips and gravy. And frankly, fuck all the other condidments. And not that I doubt @Ayrshire Chrisand his map, but ive barely ever seen anyone eat curry sauce on chips. And I've been around in all of those curry sauce places.
  8. I love this. Only discovered chips and gravy when I moved to Sheffield. Assumed it was a northern thing. Imagine my horror when I got to Glasgow and found that everyone thinks is a total abomination.
  9. Actually a bit relieved to know that he is a legitimate hottie (even for a 35 year old) and it's not that Covid has totally recalibrated my taste in men
  10. On CNN who is the man who keeps poking the virtual map so informatively? I think I'm in love with him. I'm my defence, I am also a bit drunk, but who isn't into men who know their way around interactive election results.
  11. Aye, I mean, it's good obviously.... But I think in the last few days it's really become obvious we're in this shit for the looooong term. That BBC article someone posted about it being four years until 2019 normality seems not so far fetched. Can't imagine what kind of world we will have after that. Christ, that was a bit bleak wasn't it??? In other news, I have four days off work, just had my hair cut (as these things are still allowed in Scotland) and heading home to spend a few hours playing with my kitten and eat chocolate. Boom!
  12. I definitely had brain fog. A "woozy", disorientated sort of feeling. Like being hungover from some sort of intoxicant that I'd not tried before. A very odd feeling! Hope you get your results soon
  13. How are you doing?? Your symptoms sound pretty much exactly like mine, so sounds likely you have it! Glad it's not too bad 🙂
  14. Haha, well, I'm somewhat relieved! I do much better with someone shouting at me. Or at the very least, a bit of good old fashioned peer pressure! These 4x a week zoom exercise "classes" with my friends have been great for that - they know of I don't show up. Plus they're all men, and it makes me go harder cuz I don't want be the slow girl! Covid has eaten right into my exercise routine this week. Not because I felt particularly ill, but because everyone made me promise that I'd rest my body incase it hit me hard on day 7 (it didn't). First day tomorrow that I'm allowed back into society,
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