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  1. Sasperella

    Nine inch nails london show.....

    Were any other efesters there last night for the Albert Hall gig? Jeeeez....it was a bit good wasn't it I also ended up going to their Meltdown gig too. Amazing how the same band can deliver two amazing yet completely different gigs in the space of three days. So much love.
  2. Sasperella

    Nine inch nails london show.....

    I think I got two arena tickets Essentially I just want to be as close to Trent as is humanly possible. That's perfectly normal, right?
  3. Sasperella

    Nine inch nails london show.....

    yes yes yes!! Except for two problems 1. I'll be somewhere between Lima and houston during this time and 2. does anyone know if the whole venue is standing only???? or does the arena are open out for standing for some gigs??
  4. Sasperella

    Nine inch nails london show.....

    I was refreshing like a crazy person this morning, thought my luck was in when got straight in at 10am, clicked on to seats on the front row, but as soon as i hit proceed "something ha gone wrong" and i guess someone else got then, After another refresh...nada :-/
  5. Sasperella

    Boomtown 2018

    @bennyhana22 - my friend and I got Boomtown Volunteer places!! Woohoo :-D
  6. Sasperella

    Nine inch nails london show.....

    People on Drowned in Sound suggest not, but I will be checking back tomorrow with my NIN pre-sale code anyhow
  7. Sasperella

    Meltdown 2018

    Can't decide whether its worth going for daftones or not now...
  8. Sasperella

    Meltdown 2018

    Fuck! Sold out of NIN five minutes before I got through!
  9. Sasperella

    Meltdown 2018

    I've been on Skype with them for an hour and got nowhere...maybe they're biased against people phoning from abroad :-/
  10. Sasperella

    Meltdown 2018

    some dude on drowned in sound went to the box-office and got a front row NIN seat and MBV **SIGH**
  11. Sasperella

    Meltdown 2018

    i really think it might have made more sense to release the different gigs on different days....but then, what do i know about organising such things :-/ Are you refreshing?
  12. Sasperella

    Meltdown 2018

    to clarify...we think refreshing = bad in this case, yeh?
  13. Sasperella

    Meltdown 2018

    Yep same, haven't even logged in...1424 in the queue :-/ honestly, couldn't he have made a slightly shitter line up :-p
  14. Sasperella

    Meltdown 2018

    YES! Even from the Brixton balcony (where I really didn't want to be), yes!
  15. Sasperella

    Meltdown 2018

    Has anyone had much success with Meltdown tickets in the past? I just purchased a membership purely for NIN, but I've read on Drowned in Sound, that the site generally crashes for hours and the only real hope is to camp outside the box office from about 4am....is this for real??? It is disturbingly believable... I'm in Peru and tried posting a plea on facebook for any of my friends to go and wait there for me, but weirdly, no one seems up for it. Also, NIN kindly emailed a password for their pre-sale, which is the day after the venues presale. So, fat lot of good that will be.... If by some sort of sheer luck I get through, I'm sooo tempted by Placebo and Deftones also!